[TRANS + HQ SCANS] 2016 NYLON June Issue, Kim Junsu’s Interview

Note: There may be some discrepancies in the translations, I apologise in advance.

Do you know that today we talked about coming or noes or minute dust? 

Originally I am a bit sensitive to the weather. Today there is no dust and the sky is really clear so even while riding the car I was feeling good. Even when I am at home I often look up at the sky but recently because of the minute dust aren’t there many times the weather is cloudy? I don’t like being depressed maybe that is why, thus I like summer. Mood becomes refreshed.


In such a fine summer you are releasing an album. Just now before the filming, I overheard a bit of when you were talking to the staff, it seems the title is a song with good tempo. 

I think it will become a song with a beat. And last time I tried something new by making a ballad as the title song of my mini album. If I try to show something which is becoming of me then I thought wouldn’t it be good if there is a bit more performance.

Full length album is already the 4th one right. To the things that are seeming of yourself, is now the time where you grasped an outline (of it)? 

However, what is called as my color is not something necessarily limited to within only the genres. Though I can not stereotype it into a few words, I want to avoid excessively trendy songs. With a feel separate from the typically common dance songs using the strings or orchestra components or.. Rather not to show the same style every time, I am happy if they feel my music’s different source or atmosphere.


This time as well is there a part that you attempted for the purpose of unique music? 

Last time, “꼭 어제” (T/N: Yesterday) by Shim Gyu seon ssi (T/N: Lucia) was like that and in this time’s album the song composed by Seonwoo Jeongha ssi is also like that and more than the composers whose names frequently appear on the charts now, I like receiving songs from those who are underground. And for featuring as well there are more [instances] of requesting unexpected musicians.

In last time’s album many rappers participated in the featuring camp right. 

And so just by looking at the names of the participants there were also people who thought it was a Hip Hop record. Haha. From some years ago I have gotten into Hip Hop. There was also a time when Kanye West featured in JYJ’s album but unfortunately at that time I was not quite interested in Hip Hop. It is a difficult genre but when you understand and try to listen, it is different. I felt about how much of a great person Kanye West is and while composing with the rappers as well, I admired the part that I do not possess and it is like my musical spectrum has broadened as well.


Is there any song included that you have written yourself? 

Firstly, when composing what ever kind of song omitting too much time itself is already like a situation where a good song can not be composed. Even if it is made simply it won’t do if it doesn’t sound good and I believe it is wrong to forcibly make a not so good song into good. My previous album was made up of many self composed songs, in the beginning the stress was a lot. That’s why this time more than composing i furthermore did lots of lyrics writing.

It seems that you don’t write lyrics intentionally either.

I rather write well when the time draws near. If I try and write in a too comfortable situation it is rather like it’s circling round and round. There has also been a time, recently on the way to going to China at the airport when the fans were taking pictures I suddenly got an inspiration so by scribbling the lyrics were done.

On that note, recently there is also the question of how well you can make it but you can not disregard the method of conveyance right. 

If you question the details of the ratio, more than music, publicity is becoming a big part, I feel regretful (about this) as well. On that note, since I do not broadcast more than that part I combine my focus on a different part, which can become the answer right. Making songs while thinking of the broadcast stage and making songs while thinking of the concert evidently has different parts. If you do music which is easy to listen on broadcast stage or music then it becomes that you make [music while] matching your focus even furthermore on the trend.


As a singer who did broadcast activities, to match focus on the concert, isn’t it tough?

It is more like it is buried than having become skilled in that part. In actuality it is a question of mentality. Because to make it (something) you want to do and (something that) you are not able to do even if you want to are evidently different issues. Of course even if I say that I can do broadcast now, I do not have the confidence to do it like the time when previously doing DBSK activities. Even then there is a time when on broadcast I want to stand on a stage where I can perform my song at least once. And also want to appear in interesting variety programs.


There is also that talk of the likes that you unflaggingly release album in order to increase the concerts right.

Recently there roughly are no albums with more than 10 tracks right? For my previous time’s album as well though it’s 8 tracks I made it into a mini album. That is like my pride. As a singer doing concert, release just one digital music and you can change the arrangement at least of the existing albums. To release album is the only method by which I can express my gratitude towards those who come to see my concert. To those who believe in me, I have to offer so as to feel the value to that extent.

You are busy to the extent that the year’s schedule is filled but among that from where do you receive the motivation?

Even till the very smallest thing to me, all is motivation. If the heart is an engine then in the twenties it was running more faster. On that note, sometimes it also ran slowly and at the time it was like it stopped there was that sense of danger too. Recently while watching Produce 101 my heart beat fast. Although joining among 101 people is tough, within that work hard in order to become 11 people, just with releasing an album for the first time how much happy (it would make you). Once again I vowed in my heart, “my situation is really where I should be grateful. Lets work harder in the time given to me,”


Don’t you want to try and move general masses other than the fans who unconditionally support you? 

Isn’t that a part, in case for an entertainer, anyone would be thinking it? Even so, I have even made music with a form contrary to the fans’ requests and expectations. I do not move while expecting a certain result. If I move while knowing the result, I should be producing a furthermore even more bigger hit. However, what I can say for certain is that at the time of releasing an album therein I am trying to break my limitations.

What kind of existence do you think is right now’s Kim Junsu? 

I am okay with anything. There is no prejudice in the point of view from which fans or the general mass who are not my fans look at me. For the me now who is 31 years old to be seen as an idol at times is embarrassing but it isn’t bad. There is also the amazing power only idols have that musicians or artists do not hold. Reversely, to see me as an artist or musician means that I progressed musically, because it combines the focus on that so I am grateful. Whichever modified [words] it is, as it is an opinion that is a chance for the general masses to be able to understand me, I am pleased with everything.


Debuted in your teens, now already passed 30 right. 

In the ending of my twenties somehow or the other there was the uneasy feelings but in reality when I became 30 (years old), even though the age has come, I don’t actually feel it. More than the musical progress, it is certain that the responsibilities and burden in life has increased. Because the age of being able to be seen with the point of view of, “because he is young such kind of things are there,” has passed.

As a singer who celebrates an explosive fandom, has there been something that distressed you regarding the top?

While doing activities as DBSK, I celebrated immense popularity after which becoming independent though regretfully I couldn’t do any broadcasts activities, I think amongst that I firmly hardened my very own path. It’s not that I was the best, regarding that time I have feelings of gratitude. The rest differ depending on the criteria. As a musical actor as well I want to build a new peak and as a solo singer as well wouldn’t it be the stage to work hard again once more in order to go to till the end of the top?

If you tried to become a person who exists for long, what is necessary? 

The thing called popularity as well wherein there is rise and fall however, isn’t it something that goes up and down. If the time to descend comes, I have the heart to want to go down beautifully. Though having said that I do not have any fear regarding that time. There are people who still want to hear my music. Till I have the thought that, “there are people who are waiting,” I want to release but though having said that as was expected in the time when I feel that such people are not there whether I will be able to stop, I worry over that as well. One thing I can offer to promise. That there is the singer called me, within the hopeful thoughts of becoming a singer who can become a topic (T/N: of interest) for someone, when releasing an album one at a time, I will exhaust to the very best.


Source and Kor-Jap translations by XIA Wonderland❤시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Pic credits: TWINKLINGJ


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