[PICS + TRANS] 160302 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store’s display message for “XIGNATURE”




Pink Chick note:
❤️ XIA Junsu ❤️ ❤️
Had been waiting~!
Long awaited album
From here on as well more more
Flap your wings~
Cheering you on Saranghae~ Junsu ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Yellow Chick note 1:
Won’t go out
It lighted my heart
The kind light
that you gave
without any reason
the light of love

Yellow Chick note 2:
In the valley of the building
Buried dreams
Will bud someday
The flower shall bloom
The dream you believed in
doesn’t choose the place to bloom
(T/N: lyrics from the song ‘Tsubomi’ which Junsu previously sang in 2014 XIA the Best Ballad in Japan concert and he said that it is one of the songs he likes.)

Yellow Chick note 3:
The flow of overlapping time as well
Surely surely surely
The day we surpass it will come
(T/N: lyrics from ‘Tsubomi’ again.) 

XIA 4th Album

“To show new songs and form, that is my manner towards fans.”
Junsu always, at any time shows us a new form
In an album too, in a musical too, in the concert too.
Even if that was assuming how short the preparation period was, he absolutely does not let us feel that. He absolutely does not show his figure of working hard.
He can’t appear on TV, there are less opportunities to meet the fans
For this reason, he gives each one of his stages importance and he will definitely not draw out his hand.
He always shows us something that is beyond our imagination. For this reason we seek for him. Want to be emotionally moved by his music.

Junsu who redid the opening
Moved around in the hall which is said to be definitely impossible, Junsu
(Note: This is referring to the Tokyo Intl Forum Hall for 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD concert in Tokyo, the passage way in the audience is very narrow and the hall is very small, and thus for an artist to be moving around there is said to be impossible)
One day concert of over 7 hours, double encore’s incredible
(Note: refers to the two concerts held at 12 PM & 5 PM for the Tokyo show on 31st March for 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD)
Junsu always says, “my fans are fine” and acts to that.
When Junsu sings there is no sounds, the hall falls silent.
Played by fans, toyed by us, our genie laugh but when talking about important things till the time when Junsu with his words talks by no means will anyone talk.
Suddenly out of nowhere it starts always perfectly coming together the encore voice of “Kim Junsu”
It is not a rule decided by someone, it is not a definite. A really comfortably good space, the treasure that we built ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
It is not something (that will last) forever but Junsu is there, Junsu’s music is there, we are there.
Want to grow old together with Junsu
Want walk together with Junsu  



XIA’s 1st album. Solo after 8 years
Junsu worried a lot, lost his way,
Discovered by himself, beginning of a World just of Junsu’s (T/N: i.e. a world belonging only to Junsu)
a World that only Junsu can create
The first time when I heard, the shock when i saw it
I can’t forget even till now
Not seen till now, not felt till now
taking you along to such a World
That is XIA Junsu ❤️



XIA’s 2nd album
POP more than before, like summer, a refreshing album
In a LIVE if everyone is to hype up surely it’s incredible!!
Suddenly (appearing) out of nowhere from the hall
Oo Oo Oo O Ooooo laugh
right hand -> both hands -> right hand -> both hands
If it’s not in this order, Junsu sama will get angry (T/N: sama; honorific like his majesty) Come O—-N
If this is not there incredible
can’t end laugh



XIA’s 3rd album
Always laughing eukyang kyang,
Only saying trivial things, toying with everyone… laugh
With just a Junsu like that
is properly holding his own thinking,
In the heart there is one secured core, which will never shake
Either of them is the real Junsu
Junsu’s “Flower” is kind and strong. Junsu himself
Junsu’s heart’s cry is expressed by songs and dance
It is such an album



The signal for the beginning of XIA’s spell
Shaking the world, our genie (T/N: Alt trans can also be “rock the world” i.e. The title track)
One and only
XIA Junsu 4th Album


Pink Chick note:
Please wear the “Flower hat” take a picture and play with it ❤️
by the way this is hand made by the staff in charge… laugh
board is at the bottom


XIA TSUTAYA Sangenchaya Store

💙  Like! 12151004 
(T/N: 1215: Junsu’s birthday 15th Dec, 1004: read cheonsa천사 in Korean, it is read same as the word meaning Angel)

#KimJunsu #XIA #Junjjang #Jjunshu #JUNSU #JYJ #Ginja(T/N: Ginza)
#Harazuku(T/N: Harajuku) #Blacktank[/top] #Sunglass #
#chick #Smartphone_samadhi (T/N: samadhi: absorbing oneself in something) #Even_if_he_cant_use_the_TransportCard
#Even_if_he_mistakes_the_name_ofthe_station #Even_if_he_wears_aunty_pants
#Even_if_he_cant_make_sunnysideup_friedeggs #Onthe_stageis_charisma
#One_and_Only #Reason_to_love #XIGNATURE

Note: The mark “_” were added for clarity and refer here, for background of Ginja and Harazuku

Pic credit & Source: @T_SANCHYA + @figue141 + @xiahkokumi
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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