[VIDEO + TRANS] 160611 Jaejoong mentioned by Mother of Long jump runner in ‘Japan Medal Story’


From 10:07 ~ 10:17

Narration: listen to Yuki kun’s thoughts about Tokyo Olympics 

Yuki: since it’s a place that my parents have not experienced, surely I believe I want to repay them by winning a medal there. 

Note: Both of Hashioka Yuki’s parents are former athletes who have held Japan records. 

From 12:56 ~ 12:00

Narration: Long Jump runner Yuki kun who said, “want to win a medal and repay my parents.” By the way, what is the number one repay for the mother? 

Mother: When you become famous, often don’t they ask like do you have any celebrity that you want to meet, at that time please say Jaejoong. (Giggle)

Naration: The mother is actually a big fan of Hallyu star Jaejoong.

Mother: This is the new album. Should I give it to you?

Host: Is it okay? To take something that is like a treasure to you is..

Mother: It’s okay, because I have 5 of them. 

Host: you have 5 of them?

Narration: The time can come when Yuki will win a medal and his mother could meet the star who she admires?

Studio host: I don’t really think those two [things] are connected.

Video: why hot
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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