[TRANS] 160613 Talk Star: Sechskies Kang Sunghoon, “Kim Junsu’s fan, to the extent to go see all the concerts”

[Sports world = reporter Yoon Kibaek] Sechskies Kang Sunghoon self appointment himself as an ardent fan of singer Kim Junsu.

Kang Sunghoon on the passing 12th, attended “2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul (2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL)” held at the Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Arena and, at the time of the Genie time event came up on stage and had time to talk together with Kim Junsu.


Firstly, Kang Sunghoon said, “DBSK Junsu, JYJ Kim Junsu and until solo Kim Junsu, parting with being a senior singer, actually was one of the fans,” he disclosed, ” before for (something to do with) my brother I went to Japan, right (at that time) there was a JYJ concert in Tokyo dome. After finishing my work went to see the performance directly, to that extent I am a fan of Kim Junsu,” and caught attention.

Especially Kang Sunghoon opened up regarding his and Kim Junsu’s special connection. Kang Sunghoon, “after Sechskies reunited and did comeback, frequently exchanged contact with Junsu. Together with that, there is something we promised each other. When each (of us) held a concert, will go to see each other’s concert directly and also cheer [each other] on,” and, “normally Kim Junsu’s songs that I like and enjoy singing is, ‘Love is like a Snowflake’ (T/N: Drama Nice Guy OST), ‘Reach’ etc., I like. More than anything, want (you) to give lots of love to the new song released this time ‘Rock the World’,” he conveyed these addressed words filled with affections and received big cheers from the fans.

In the end Kang Sunghoon regarding Sechskies’ activities, he disclosed, “as Sechskies has returned as singers, we are preparing a good concert and album,” and he added, “as today is Junsu’s concert, want you to see and listen and have lots of fun. It would be good if it became an enjoyable time till the end,” and received hot applause.


Source: Sports World
Kor-Jap trans: XIA Wonderland❤시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video Credit: XIARU 시아루


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