[FANCAM + TRANS] 160618 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT in Nagoya (Day 1) Genie time

Day 1 Genie time

First wish: Life after life (Dracula musical)


wearing this [cloak] on and

though it’s songs


ah sorry, without realising I said it in Korean.

Since I am wearing a Dracula like costume I will sing a song from the Dracula musical
Life after life
It is the last song from Act 1
woken up the dead humans and say
lets go!
Lets rule over the world!
Right now was amazing right?
“Rule” was amazing right?
Right now while saying it myself, I was surprised. (laugh)
while saying it, ‘yah, rule, you’re good!’
(T/N: that he knew the word ‘rule’ in Japanese he was really proud of that)

~Life after Life~


Second wish: Q&A on Nagoya
Original video here


Third wish: I believe, 지나간다 (It will Pass)


all of sudden

~I believe~

ah, it’s made into a musical
then, since it’s been done into a musical [I will do] one more
One track

which song is it?
this maybe wrong
Is it the starting track? is this the first track?
I think the song is wrong, probably.

~지나간다 (It will Pass)~

Note: Unlike in previous concert genie time, the music played through the usb given by the fan was recording of the fan playing the piano by herself.

@cima_cima12 病気で活動を停止して8年ぶりの演奏でした。ジュンスの歌に励まされここまで来ることができました。感謝の思いを込めて弾きました。伝わっていたらよいのですが
Trans: [..] due to sickness I stopped my activities and it was a performance after 8 years. Encouraged by Junsu’s songs I was able to come till here. Filling it with feelings of gratitude I played [the piano]. It would be good if it got conveyed..

Video Credit: ohmyjuncom
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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