[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160624 Ikuo Hayashi shares a BTS shot of Junsu recording for Tokyo MX TV Fondue

[PHOTO] 地上波登場!6月30日TOKYO MXテレビで、ジュンススペシャル番組!MXのアプリ落とせば全国どこでも観られます!ジュンスのプロ意識の高さが伝わります。 #ジュンス #xia #junsu #jyj


Airborne signal appears! 30th June on Tokyo MX TV, Junsu’s special programme! If you download the MX app, you can see from anywhere in the whole country! Junsu’s high professionalism will be introduced. #ジュンス/Junsu #xia #junsu #jyj

Note: Tokyo MX TV app download, I’m not so sure if it is possible to download from countries other than Japan.
For Google Play
For App Store

Source: i.hayashi
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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