[TRANS] 160625 CJeS Naver post, “NAVER Sole Reveal: XIA’s fan sign meeting A to Z!”

Note: There may be some discrepancies in the translations.

[NAVER Sole Reveal] XIA’s fan sign meeting A to Z!

Just Yesterday!
That moment when you and Kim Junsu faced each other!
Aren’t you curious about that hot place?

That. is. why!
Filled with ambition, prepared Kim Junsu’s fan sign meeting A to Z!
Everyone are your perparations done keep up ?ㅎㅎ

Before the fan sign meeting Kim Junsu is
as expected what was he doing?

In order to convey everyone a ♥thump thump♥ video
He is enthusiastically taking a self video right!

Will meet in a bit~

Today as well surely boasting meott bbeum (T/N: cool and pretty) Kim Junsu!
now to even talk about saying how splendid he is
mouth is in a hurting condition!!!!!!!

Today as well exploded in the so called coolness Kim Junsu!
365 days splendid Kim Junsu is
saying that he met really special people!

Ta da!!!! that is surely everyone~~!!

Already seems like throbbing
In Kim Junsu and fans form a mother’s smile is 🙂

Before the beginning of the actual sign meeting!
Today as well without mistaking an eye contact with the camera
making cuteness captain Jun jjang!

Oh? it’s a camera!

Discovered the self camera and
Like this like this personally the camera’s position
adjusting it Kim Junsu! keu eu~ certainly he’s a pro!

While doing that quickly greeted the fans once!
It is still before the fan sign meeting start and might be nervous
like dispirited showed a smile Kim Junsu!
Jun jjang can not communicate>_<?

Now the time to meet the fans!
Other than the selected fans in actuality numerous people
came to the fan sign location!

Really getting closer! Junsu’s expression kindness!
Met the fans and harmoniously
the state of the fan sign meeting under progress!

Earnestly closely listened to the fans speaking
Screaming “Fighting!!!” Kim Junsu!

Certainly Fan’s love and Kim Junsu!
Speaking of Kim Junsu is fan’s love, it’s wrong!!

Came together with the mother child fan enters as well!


Greeting the child fan cutely as well
handing the gift given by the child fan Jun jjang!
eu a a ang~ both are really cute!

At this time!!!!!!!
To oppose ‘MC XIAwar’ showed up
Filled with hip hop Feel fan has entered!

To the form of the fan who performed her own written rap
laughed hard Kim Junsu!!!
The atmosphere of the venue became much more hotter

The form of everyone viewed with Kim Junsu’s gaze!
To about the throbbing hearts of everyone
Jun jjang’s back form as well looks like totally throbbing!

Putting a check on the post its given by the fans as well~
Diligently signing as well
Before one knows the fans sign meeting has entered it’s halfway!

In then middle of the fan sign meeting for a short while in order to communicate with the fans
Held a mike Kim Junsu!

“I believe it’s the first time to hold a fansign meeting at Coex~
not in a concert, the seat opened it’s been a long time,
right now like that can you see without any constrain?
still enjoyably there is a feeling of liveliness
though it’s short it would be nice if it became a good time~
Thank you very muchㅎㅎㅎㅎ”

To the fans who came to the fan sign meeting
did not forget the greetings of thanks Kim Junsu!

After break time ended
progressed again fan sign meeting!

At this time entered Squirrel!!!!♥
As it’s too cute, revealing a solo photo of the squirrel fan!

Nevertheless to the steamy hot fan sign meeting place
dyed with cheers, cutie!

Kim Junsu too automatically wears a father’s smile!
with a gaze dropping honey towards the squirrel fan
looking form captured!!!

Though it was really hot,
baby squirrel had many hardships! o geu o geu~ (T/N: o geu o geu means ‘you are very adorable and I want to take care of you.’ via open slang)
(It is said that Coex is the workplace… praying that it does not come out till the endㅎㅎ)

The costume of Kim Junsu’s 1st Full Album ‘Tarantallegra’
a fan who wore and come in the end
the Fan sign meeting ended in the midst of success!

At this time’s fan sign meeting that progressed for about 2 hours
many of the domestic and international fans came!
Everyone Thank you very much~~>_-

Proof shot of a cute heart with everyone of the fans!

The word pretty is insufficient [for]
the form of Kim Junsu and you
warms and softens the heart rightㅠㅠ

Special meeting with Kim Junsu!
Everyone did you spend a happy day~?

Thanks to everyone, was really happy~
Love you! Heart pyong pyong!!♥

#김준수/KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #4thfullAlbum
#XIGNATURE #ReleaseCommemoration #FansignMeeting #Coex #Cjes

Source: CJes Naver Post
Kor-Jap translations by MY ONLY XIA
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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