[TRANS] 160622 Bnt Photoshoot Behind, Full of can not sneak away from XIA’s fatal charms!

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.00.22 AM

Full of can not sneak away from XIA’s fatal charms!

It’s come~ It’s come~
XIA’s pictorial photoshoot location behind has come~

Began at a certain tree garden that day’s pictorial photoshoot
Today Junsu’s condition is? The best!

Exchanged talk about the recently watched drama with the staff people making the photoshoot place harmonious ♥

On the way to the shoot place! Junsu [who found] the tropical rainforest like tree garden was really unusual. Without a rest break in interjection acquired the nickname ‘uwa fairy’!

At that time pulled Junsu’s gaze cockatoo,
Junsu: Anyeong? what is your name?
Cockatoo 1,2: (silence no reply)

Junsu: Become friends with me! come here~ (acting friendly)
Cockatoo 1,2: (silence no reply)(immobile stance)
Junsu who was XIAmoried by the cockatoo again at the shoot location…

T/N: According to previous CJeS Naver post here [XIAmory: 1) Corner XIA Junsu, 2) To make Kim Junsu’s appearance cute and to tease him]

To call a handsome atmosphere is something like this!
Subliming the sadness of the XIAmory transforming to seems to be vain Junsu

While exuding meong mung beauty like this (T/N: charms like a puppy who you want to pat) passionately working Fairy nim…!

Holy visual that reminds you of a water bearer

(Enthusiasm Enthusiasm)
Certainly pictorial genius Junsu! even if shot in nano units a perfect result!

Changed the atmosphere, this time enters with a power visual~
His behind figure that invites a back hug ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) heu mutt..

Wasteful for just me to see staring rumours here and there
the perfect profile….!

Like making you want to go for a holiday we released the vacation look as well but

This time’s photoshoot prop dragon fruit looking at the hole
“What is dragon fruit [called] in Chinese? by the way is this the real thing?”

In order to judge the dragon fruit Junsu’s definite sense of smell insertion!

Sense of smell was insufficient or till the taste mobilised, his deduction is!?
“Un~ Tasty! it’s sweet”
oo jjoo jjoo~ was the dragon fruit that tasty?(T/N: oo jjoo jjoo means ‘you are very adorable and I want to take care of you.’ via open slang)

Continuing photoshoot~
In between the lush green grass till the refreshing youthful beauty…!!
Everyone is your heart okay?

This time’s pictorial is certainly perfect. (Thumbs up)

No… are you the same person as before?
Can feel Kim Junsu’s difference in temperature with just one [photo]

Following the deep red lighting sexy and feast of provocation…♡

In the even even an eye contact!
kyun… (T/N: chest tightening) It was a really beautiful life…. (쥬금)

Everyone till here the pictorial photoshoot location’s behind
did you enjoy it?
In the end of the behind because there is the A cut person merely!
If he was a evil spirited sexy boy

Transforms into a neat and clean boss of the other dimension as well

Everyone self protecting this time’s 1boon!

Hair set up Junsu vs hair set down Junsu
Stole everyone’s hearts Junsu, please inform him through comments!

Next with a futhermore successive grade 1boon
while promising to return
everyone anyeong~☆

Source: CJeS 1boon Post
Kor-Jap translations by XIA Wonderland❤시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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