[NEWS] 160916 Compensation ordered for JYJ Goods sales obstruction, Korea’s celebrity production wins lawsuit

Note: During 2014 JYJ Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie concerts in Osaka, C Jes announced that due to some disagreement with the organisers they have decided to not sell the goods at the venue and instead the Osaka goods were sold online through JYJ JAPAN fan club and in Fukuoka the goods were sold at a different venue and not at the concert venue.


As the goods sale at the concert venue was obstructed, Tokyo ward’s event organising company which sponsored the 2014’s Japan tour with the sentence of the lawsuit of request for restitution by Seoul’s celebrity production (T/N: i.e. C JeS entertainment) to which Korea’s popular group ‘JYJ’ belongs to, on the 16th Tokyo district court ordered for the  payment of around ¥140,000,000 (T/N: roughly $1.4 million). 

JYJ is formed by 3 members who separated from male idol group ‘Tohoshinki’. Presiding judge Katsuhiko Okazaki, “It is an infringement of the celebrity production’s right as recognised from the stand point of the contract, it is a highly malignant conduct of extreme betrayal,” and severely criticised the sponsor.

The Judgment concluded, “the celebrity agency holds the right to the sale of goods and the organising company had the duty to cooperate with the celebrity agency,” and judged, “the organising company intentional obstructed the (goods) sale, it was a vicious act.”

According to the judicial decision, in 2014 held a total of 6 days of performances in the order of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and around total of 430,000 people attended.

Tokyo performance’s first day, the party entrusted by the celebrity production held the concert related goods sale. The sponsor side as well sold the item including a capsule that was arranged by themselves, but the celebrity production claimed that it was not agreed by them and the sales were suspended. On one hand, in Osaka and Fukuoka the sponsor did not approve the goods sale at the venue, the celebrity production side unavoidably held the sales at a different location.

According to the judgement, the celebrity agency (T/N: i.e. C JeS ent.) entrusted the venue arrangements for the 2014 dome tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to the organising company. The celebrity agency held the rights to the sales of goods and when they tried to conduct the (goods) sales through a different supplier at the Osaka and Fukuoka concerts, as the organising company did not agree they were not able to do the sales.

Source: Sankei News + Yahoo News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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