[TRANS] 160908 Rapper and F.C.Men member J. Hwan (J-BRO) mentions JYJ Junsu

Note: Rapper J.Hwan and member of J-BRO is a member of F.C. MEN and was seen participating in the ‘MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN’ held on 12th Aug 2016 in Tokyo.

J.Hwan, you have activities with “FC MEN”, will you be becoming a new member?

In the beginning, I was contacted multiple times by Yongpil, with whom I did activities together as M.E.N but it was at the time when I was not playing soccer and because I thought I was not good at it, so I did not want to (play) and declined (T/N: i.e. to join), I did not go twice in the beginning. However, when I went once, I was told by Junsu san, “next week is from this time at this place,” and I was like, “yes?” and from then on before I came to know it myself, I was entered in the team (laugh).

As the next schedule was announced by Junsu san and you were joined into the team.

I believe Junsu san didn’t know about me very well but from my point of view since it was the first time that I received the contact information of a famous celebrity. (laugh) I was asked by Junsu san, “what is your phone number? tell me!” and, “next week is here from this time so come.” For the time being, I replied with “yes,” but Junsu san as well, doesn’t really remember people well and as he didn’t remember that in the past during the trainee times we had met before, while thinking that this time as well he is just saying it like lip service, the night of the day before he contacted me with, “tomorrow it is from this time,” there was no helping it and I ended up going, from there on it became so that I went every week (laugh).

What kind of person is Junsu san as the captain of the team?

To the extent of thinking is he okay, he is seriously playing soccer. Though I play seriously as well but Junsu san is a person who works hard in (playing) soccer as well to the point that [makes you think] isn’t he gonna get injured (T/N: i.e. while playing like that), he hates to lose. Before there has been (an occasion) when he played with professional (soccer) players but he is not a ‘soccer player’ but an ‘artist’, he is a person who works hard to the point that the people watching become worried. Game is also like that but he is a person who does everything properly, inwardly I think that is amazing and I admire him.

He is serious to that point, before a match what kind of words does Junsu san give to the team members?

He says, “if we lose I will do something something,” “you know (what will happen) if we lose right?” And, during the match when the opposite team scores a point everyone looks at Junsu san’s expression. Then, that we need to work even harder (laugh). Especially, I too hate to lose and since I am (playing) defence and the bruises are quite a lot, so before the match I was called separately and was told by Junsu san, “the bruises are more so don’t get hurt,” but when I answer him with, “you hate to lose right?” he says, “but don’t get hurt.” That’s why I never know whether he is properly thinking or not (laugh).


Is Junsu san your senior? or your friend?

In the beginning he was my senior but while going out for coffee and having fun with everyone we became close, in Korea there are times when we are invited by Junsu san to his house to come and play (T/N: it could mean ‘hang out’ as well). However, certainly thinking not be careful at work is not correct, so I do not talk to him much at the work place. I do not go near if everyone is there. Reversely, playing at like home we play game together, it is a bit different. I separate it so that at work he is a senior, in private he is a friend.

Is there some part of Junsu that you admire or that you want to follow?

It is about the music. I too in the beginning sang in the car but Junsu san as well always with a big voice sings. He sings while driving, sings at the work place while waiting, forgetting about the place he is always singing. I as well need to become to this well, is what I think. Junsu san as well, if you include the trainee time, it has been about 15 years I believe, but he still loves singing (T/N: the literal translation is ‘song’, but i think in this context ‘to sing’ suffices better), him always singing is amazing. Even when we go for karaoke, he is serious to the point that would shock you. He sings with such emotions that the veins on his neck stand out, even when we say, ‘over here is not a concert,’ he sings seriously (laugh). His passion for singing, his concentration, is the part that I admire the most.

Source: Korepo
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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