[OTHER TWITTER] 161230 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store Twitter Update – Welcome Back Jaejoong! 


Welcome home ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Last Talk after encore


Note: After finishing the encore stage, Junsu came out again.

Everyone. I knew that today everyone wouldn’t leave. Thank you very much.

For one, really today, really I cried, with the event as well.

Well, a bit, about 2 years we’ll be separated but they say that the me who will be inside (T/N: in the army) feel it longer.

but the audience who are outside don’t (feel it) so long. When I look at Jaejoong and think ahh that’s quite fast, Jaejoong says IT’S NOT FAST! IT’S SLOW! The time doesn’t seem to move, he said. He said it felt like twice or thrice (the time). For me maybe I will feel it’s long but i think I will come faster than what everyone thought. (Applause)

In those 2 years, if you were not able to do things like dating, umm studying, hobbies, while doing those. Me? ah, Junsu is your hobby? 

When I return make [your hobby] again me, increase it one more (T/N: I’m assuming increasing your hobby) Other artists is prohibited. Honestly, over here all the women, go to and fro with KPOP, but honestly I am fine with that. I am quite fine with that. It is okay to go (T/N: to other artists). You can go, but when I come [back], going back and forth, ah. going back and forth is not allowed. But other artists.. well… umm.. it’s okay if you go (to them). But the time when I return, you have to Paaa! (T/N: in Osaka con day 1, Junsu used Paa to illustrate break up, so I’m assuming that’s what he means here). There is No Problem then! (Applause)

xiahjunjjyu side note: This is very true, in Japan at least. Most of the fans are essentially KPOP fans, they support many other KPOP artists as well though there will be many of those who only support one artist. Junsu really knows many things.

Ah, this Paa is nice, everything can be conveyed. A conversation this long, with Paa! everything with just Paa! (laughs) Ya, because I will become like an idiot. 

Anyways, but well the concert has ended, but the real last work is the Death note musical work, it’s now very soon, from January 3rd for only 3 weeks, When that ends, I will immediately go, well really I will go all in and do it. 

If you want to meet me, please come to see it. I will come back quickly, I will return quickly so please wait for me!

Marriage is also okay. it’s okay to have children, If you have children come together with them. If you get married come together with your husband. I will be a bit jealous but.. If you date then come with your boyfriend. 

Bye Bye. Please return back safely. Let’s meet quickly [again]

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[FANCAM + TRANS] 161226 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Ending ment


Umm.. (hesitating)
Here, on this stage, today till this moment, always.
Always sang songs. Always sang songs, the reason for this miracle is i believe thanks to the many love that everyone gave. (Applause)
From here on, a bit for 2 years we’ll be separated. I will soon return healthy so after 2 years, from here so that I can answer back (T/N: return or repay back) the love, I will be grateful if you could give me the opportunity (to do so). (Applause)

Will you wait for me? (Fans: Yess).

2 years is quite, if you think it as short, it’s short and if you think it as long, it’s long?
If you think it as long, it’s quite long but.. it’s quite long!
To say why, even in Korea couples who are dating, if the guy goes to the army, then it’s quite.. Paa!! (T/N: sound effect word)
they break up. More than 90% break up. (Fans: ehhh??)(Fan: it’s ok, it’s ok)

I feel uneasy (Fans: it’s ok!)
But, the love I received till now I was happy enough, when i return even if a bit of everyone are left. (Fans: ehhhh)
Ahh um but whichever me, I will work hard. Right now’s everyone, i believe before falling asleep I will remember. (Applause)
Always everyday I will think (about) [everyone].
Thank you very much!

The last song is from musical Dorian Gray. The lyrics of this song has the contents that I wanted to say to everyone so I choose this song. I would like to bid goodbye with this song. Please listen to it, requiem.

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[TWITTER] 161226 Junsu Twitter Update – I am okay so dont worry!

[PHOTO] 오늘 고마웠어요~그리고 나 정말 괜찮으니까 걱정마세요^^きょうありがとう~そしてぼくほんとうにだいじょうぶだからしんぱいしないでね^^あしたあおう!!!! バイバイ。


Thank you for today~ and I am really alright so don’t worry^^ (T/N: in Korean) Thank you for today~ and I am really alright so don’t worry^^ lets meet tomorrow!!!! Bye bye.

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[NEWS] 161221 Collaboration with Kim Junsu behind story told by The Black Skirts

Singer songwriter 검정치마(/The Black Skirts) (real name Jo Hyu-il) revealed the inside story of his collaboration with JYJ Kim Junsu.


On the past 20th, while Kim Junsu’s new song ‘케이크 러브(Cake Love)(PROD. BY 검정치마/The Black Skirts) was revealed through several online music sites, The Black Skirts, who composed and produced this song, spoke about the collaboration work’s behind story, “It is not a song which I made thinking about someone from the beginning. There was a bit of distance from the music style I want to do and did not feel like directly singing it (myself).”

Especially regarding the opportunity of having chosen XIA(Junsu) for the vocal of this song The Black Skirts disclosed, “from the start I considered someone else singing the song and just [at that time] Junsu ssi heard the demo and decided to participate,” and, “a coincidence or not, in the end of the song, ‘이젠 내가 멀리가도 너무 걱정하지마 (Even if I go far away, Don’t worry too much)‘ as there is this part, this was like as if Junsu ssi is sending a message to his fans, which was mysterious (T/N: alt trans: like a Wonder).

Following which he expressed his feelings of satisfaction, “this song additionally has an other meaning as well, it was my first collaboration. Before while doing co-arrangement together with labelmate Telepathy’s Frants, saw a new possibility for the future.”

‘Cake Love’ is a song, which The Black Skirts completed with composing a 80s LL Cool J style beat, to The Black Skirts’ trendy sensation the unique vocal colors of only XIA (Junsu) interacts, while being dream like as well it is created as a song with a sweet atmosphere. Regarding this after the music release, ‘languid sexy explosion,’ ‘Above expectations collaboration,’ such were the responses.


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[NEWS] 161216 JYJ Junsu, Touched by 10,000 fans’ Surprise Birthday Celebration

To JYJ’s member Kim Junsu, 10,000 fans, who filled up Japan’s Saitama super arena, presented touching emotions.

On the 16th, C-JeS Entertainment conveyed, “Yesterday (15th), welcomed Kim Junsu’s birthday local fans, who came to the Tokyo performance of the Musical Gala Concert Japan tour, held a surprise event. The 10,000 fans, who filled the hall, holding a placard singing happy birthday song in chorus, to the sudden unfolding spectacle Kim Junsu’s eyes became red with the deep emotions and expressed his feelings.”








Kim Junsu to the unexpected fans’ surprise event, “I was quite surprised. To receive congratulatory words from so many people like this, I am really happy,” and, “I am really thankful and I am truly happy to be doing a concert on my birthday like this. Today seems like going to become a day I will definitely not forget,” he expressed his gratitude to the fans and warmed the atmosphere inside the hall.

Kim Junsu presented a perfect live together with Japan’s orchestra and with high acting of immersion level in each musical character kept up a stage of high degree of perfection. In the Tokyo performance held from the past 13th, 30,000 fans attended and were passionately enthusiastic in the acting and performance of Musical actor Kim Junsu, which had been difficult to get into contact with until now.

Especially, in the encore stage unfolding recent Kim Junsu’s solo album title dance song medley, all of the audiences stood up cheering explosively called ‘Junsu!’ repeatedly and directed making a wave spectacle by dancing together to the chorus of the 2nd full length album’s title song ‘INCREDIBLE’.

On this day after the concert ended, Japan tour team’s surprise birthday party continued as well. As Kim Junsu descended from the stage after the finale performance, the staff persons together with a large cake sang happy birthday song and Kim Junsu as well embraced a futhermore important memory.

Kim Junsu, “today, normally extrememly close people traveled together and even received the presents and feelings of congratulations, continued till surprises of the fans and the local staff, it was an extremely special day. I am truly a happy person,” and conveyed his happiness.

On one hand, sucessfully finished the Tokyo performance Kim Junsu plans to continue “2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan” from the coming 26th at Osaka, Osaka-jo Hall. 

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161216 CJes Instagram Update – Thank you Tokyo, Wait for it Osaka

[PHOTO] 도쿄 팬들 고마워요~ 오사카 기다려요!
東京のファンのみなさん、ありがとう~ 大阪待っててね!

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #연말콘서트#2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #Japan #Tokyo #도쿄 #여러분_고마워요 #오사카 #팬분들_기다려요 #준수가간다 #핑크준수 #혹시_조각이세요? #미모포텐 #씨제스타그램

Thank #U all in #Tokyo & see U #again in#Osaka Stay tuned in the #big shot,#KimJunSu & his upcoming #concert of 2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical Concert w/Orchestra vol.5 in #Japan #Splendid


Tokyo fans Thank you~ Osaka wait (for it)! (T/N: in Kor)
Everyone of the Tokyo fans, Thank you~ Osaka wait (for it)! (T/N: in Jap)

#김준수/KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #YearEndConcert #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #Japan #Tokyo #Tokyo(T/N: in Kor) #Everyone_Thankyou #Osaka #Fans_Wait(for it) #JunsuIsComing #PinkJunsu #Areyouperhaps_aSculpture? #BeautyExplosion #cjestagram

Thank #U all in #Tokyo & see U #again in#Osaka Stay tuned in the #big shot,#KimJunSu & his upcoming #concert of 2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical Concert w/Orchestra vol.5 in #Japan #Splendid


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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161211 Kim Mooyoung/Junho Instagram Update – Hello Hello

[PHOTO] 김준수라는 너무 멋진가수의 곡을 그동안 10곡이상 작사를 한거같습니다. 우연히 시작하게된 작사가.. 부담이 너무 커서 앞으로는 작사 못하겠다고 몇번이고 얘기했었지만 준수가 용기를 준덕분에 한곡 한곡씩 기회를얻어 작사를할수있었고 너무나 감사하게도 많은분들이 제가작사한 노래들을 좋아해주셨습니다. 많이부족한 작사지만 제가 작사를 계속해서할수있었던건 준수옆에서 항상 준수를지켜봐왔고 준수가 이 곡이라면 어떤메세지를 전달하고싶을까 이런고민에서 출발을 했기에 다른 프로작사가님들과 조금다른 그런작사를할수있었기에 계속해올수있지않았을까 생각합니다. 한곡한곡 작사한곡들이 준수의스토리와 작사했을 당시의 에피소드가 있지만 직접적으로 표현을안하고 간접적으로 표현한부분들이 많았기에 그런부분들은 얘기해드릴수있는 장소와 상황이없었고 저혼자만의 기억과 추억으로 남아있었습니다. *오늘 준수의 마지막 한국콘서트에서 여러분들이 준수에게 불러주신 ‘Hello Hello’ 이 곡은 제가 처음 음악을 받아서 들었을때 어떤 내용을 입히면 좋을까 스토리 구상단계에서 준수와 팬분들이 2년의 공백을 앞뒀을때의 감정과 하고싶은말 듣고싶은말이 뭘까 생각하며… 준수&팬 분들에게 선물로 드리고싶다라는생각을 하며 썼던가사였습니다.가사를 직접적으로 쓰지않았고 이내용을 어딘가에서 얘기한적이없었는데.. 오늘 마지막공연 이벤트로 준수에게 불러줄노래로 이노래를 선택해주셨고 정말많은여러분들이 합창으로 준수에게 불러주셨을때… 준수의 마음을 대변해서 쓴 이 가사가 팬분들도 느끼셨었구나..준수의 마음이 전달됐었구나.. 라는 생각이들며 너무감사했고 기뻤습니다.

‘Hello Hello’ 이 노래가사처럼 아주조금오래걸리는 이시간 여러분들이 늘한자리에서 응원하고 기다려주실꺼라 믿습니다. 앞으로는 힘든일 우는일없이 준수와 팬분들이 꽃길만 걸었으면 좋겠습니다^^ (아까 공연장의 감동을생각하며 생각나는대로 적다보니 정리가 잘안됐네요..ㅎ 모든분들 안녕히주무세요)

[Eng Trans via Jap trans]

T/N: there may be some discrepancies in the translations.

I believe till now I have (wrote) lyrics for more than 10 songs of a really splendid singer called Kim Junsu. Lyric writing which started by chance.. the pressure was really big that from here on I can’t write lyrics, this talk came up several times but thanks to the courage that Junsu gave me, I was able to gain the opportunity of writing each one song one song and really thankful that many of the people who came to like the songs for which I wrote the lyrics. Though they are lyrics with many insufficiencies, I was able to continue continue writing lyrics because I’ve come along always watching over Junsu beside him, what kind of message would Junsu want to convey with this song, it started off from those difficult struggles, thus I was able to do such lyric writing, which was a bit different as compared to other professional lyricists, I believe wasn’t it because of this that I was able to continue. Each one song, though in the songs I composed there is Junsu’s story and episode of the time of the composition, as there were more parts which indirectly expressed without directly expressing, to talk about such parts I didn’t have a place or circumstance, it remained as mine alone remembrance and memory. *Today at Junsu’s last Korean concert, the song everyone sang for him ‘Hello Hello’, this song when I received it’s sound and listened to it for the first time, making it into what contents would be good, since the phase of organising the story, thinking ahead of the emotions of Junsu and his fans’ blank space of 2 years and kept thinking of what words would want to be conveyed what words would want to be heard… It was the lyrics that I wrote while thinking of wanting to give a present to Junsu & those of the fans. I did not write the lyrics directly (T/N: expressing.. i think is what is meant here), I had not talk about this anywhere but.. today at the last concert event this song was chosen as the song to sing to Junsu, really when many of everyone were singing the song in a chorus to Junsu… these lyrics which were written to speak as Junsu’s heart, the fans also felt it.. Junsu’s heart was conveyed.. I thought of it and am really thankful and was happy.

‘Hello Hello’, like the lyrics of this song in this time, which will take a bit long, from the same place everyone will be cheering and will be waiting, is what I believe. From here on, not being in pain and sad, I will be happy if Junsu and his fans go on and walk on the passage through the audience to the stage ^^ (While thinking about the emotions of the hall from just before I am writing so I am not so organised right..ㅎ everyone good night)


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Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER