[NEWS] 161221 Collaboration with Kim Junsu behind story told by The Black Skirts

Singer songwriter 검정치마(/The Black Skirts) (real name Jo Hyu-il) revealed the inside story of his collaboration with JYJ Kim Junsu.


On the past 20th, while Kim Junsu’s new song ‘케이크 러브(Cake Love)(PROD. BY 검정치마/The Black Skirts) was revealed through several online music sites, The Black Skirts, who composed and produced this song, spoke about the collaboration work’s behind story, “It is not a song which I made thinking about someone from the beginning. There was a bit of distance from the music style I want to do and did not feel like directly singing it (myself).”

Especially regarding the opportunity of having chosen XIA(Junsu) for the vocal of this song The Black Skirts disclosed, “from the start I considered someone else singing the song and just [at that time] Junsu ssi heard the demo and decided to participate,” and, “a coincidence or not, in the end of the song, ‘이젠 내가 멀리가도 너무 걱정하지마 (Even if I go far away, Don’t worry too much)‘ as there is this part, this was like as if Junsu ssi is sending a message to his fans, which was mysterious (T/N: alt trans: like a Wonder).

Following which he expressed his feelings of satisfaction, “this song additionally has an other meaning as well, it was my first collaboration. Before while doing co-arrangement together with labelmate Telepathy’s Frants, saw a new possibility for the future.”

‘Cake Love’ is a song, which The Black Skirts completed with composing a 80s LL Cool J style beat, to The Black Skirts’ trendy sensation the unique vocal colors of only XIA (Junsu) interacts, while being dream like as well it is created as a song with a sweet atmosphere. Regarding this after the music release, ‘languid sexy explosion,’ ‘Above expectations collaboration,’ such were the responses.


Source: Ilgan Sports
Jap trans by XIA Wonderland
Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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