[OTHER TWITTER] 170111 Yoochun starring Dramas ranks in top 4 in Kandoradaijiten App 2016 Review Ranking

Note: Kandoradaijiten (The Great dictionary of Korean Dramas) is a search app for Korean Dramas


#KoreanDramaDaijiten 2016 Review Ranking
1 #RoofTopPrince 105 cases
2 #Healer 93 cases
3 #TheGirlwhoSeesSmells 86 cases
4 #SungkyunkwanScandal 84 cases
5 #Heirs 82 cases

Source: @kandoradaijiten
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[TUTORIAL] 170106 Vote ‘XIA (준수) – CAKE LOVE (PROD. BY 검정치마)’ for SBS Ingikayo!

You can vote for XIA (Junsu) – Cake Love (PROD by The Black Skirts) for SBS Ingikago.

First need to make an account so click here


Change the language to english.


Follow through and sign up.


Now, to vote click here, and follow the instructions below.

First login



Click and vote for Cake Love!


Apparently, you need to click in total three options so pick any two and scroll done and click [Vote]


Message like below will appear, click [OK]


And you are done!


This is voting for the Third Week of January. Voting can be done once per day. Voting ends on 9th Jan 2017. So remember to vote everyday!

Tutorial by XIA Wonderland
Translated & edited by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 161212 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan – Official Goods


Introducing the official goods for 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan.

<Saitama Performance>
Each show 12:00~ / Sales planned to be in a specially set tent outside venue.


<Caution points>

  • Please confirm the selling price of the items at the venue.
  • Depending on the situation, there may be a restriction on the amount of each item [being bought]. We ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • There is a limited amount of each item so on each day sales will end once sold out.
  • The actual product may differ in design or color so we ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • Return of goods or refund will not be accepted. Please necessarily check at the place regarding the items you want, the quantity, change etc.
  • We will not deal with any enquiries regarding claims made after moving away from the selling place or on a later day.
  • Payment is only accepted through cash. Credit card will not be accepted for use.

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[VOTE/TUTORIAL] Vote for Junsu in 2016 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA)

Kim Junsu along with Musical ‘Dorian Gray’ and ‘Dracula’ are nominated in the 2016 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA). Courtesy of the tutorial created by XIA Wonderland, I have translated the information for International fans.

Voting Period: 1st Dec 2016 ~ 11th Dec 2016

2016 Musical Male Lead: Kim Junsu (For Dorian Gray and Dracula roles)
2016 Original Musical, New work: Dorian Gray
2016 Best Licensed Musical, Reenactment: Dracula


First need to register, click Here and follow the instructions below.


NOTE: It appears that Japanese cell phone number works however, I think it is because they are in the form of 000-0000-0000 (i.e. 3 digits-4 digits-3 digits), if your phone number is in that form I believe it should be able to work.


NOTE: The ones without a tick mark beside is not required to answer. For the 3rd and 4th click [선택] button and you will see like below, just click any option. Additionally for 3rd question you need to select both the [선택] button, it being something like ‘first choice, second choice’ and thus you need to select different options for each of them.

and you are done!


Now to Vote! click Here

Start filling in as below.


Now on to voting. Voting is done for all of the categories in sequential order. The first few had nominations that I was not aware of at all so, as directed by the original creator of the tutorial XIA Wonderland, I chose the option in red ‘잘 모르겠다’ (I don’t really know).


Keep clicking this in the bottom for the next page.


I’ve added the screen shots below for the all the important categories to vote for.

Vote for Original Musical (new): Dorian Gray


Vote for licensed Musical (reenactment): Dracula


Vote for Female lead (musical):
Im Hae young (2nd from left) performed with Junsu in Dracula’s reenactment
Jung Sun ah (3rd from left), fellow Cjes musical actress, performed with Junsu in Mozart, the first Dracula and Deathnote.
vote for your choice ^^


Vote for Male lead (Musical): Kim Junsu (for Dorian Gray and Dracula)


Vote for female supporting role: Gu Won young (for Dorian Gray, Lord Brandon’s wife)


Vote for Male supporting role: Choi Jaewoong (for Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward)


Vote for Female new comer (musical): Hong Seoyoung (for Dorian Gray, Sibyl Vane)


Vote for Male new comer: Jin Tae hwa (for Dracula and Dorian Gray)


Vote for Best ensemble: Dorian Gray


Lastly fill as follows.


And you are done!


Source: Stagetalk
Tutorial by XIA Wonderland
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 161129 “Welcome back JAEJOONG” Fanmeeting (for JP fans) to be held on 31st Dec 2016!


Airline ticket package course
Course A: 28th Dec 2016 (Wed) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 4 nights 5days
Course B: 28th Dec 2016 (Wed) ~ 31st Dec 2016 (Sat) 3 nights 4days
Course C: 29th Dec 2016 (Thurs) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 3 nights 4days
Course D: 29th Dec 2016 (Thurs) ~ 31st Dec 2016 (Sat) 2 nights 3days
Course E: 30th Dec 2016 (Fri) ~ 1st Jan 2017 (Sun) 2 nights 3days

★Military discharge visit (Option[al])★     12/30(Fri)
※However, those arriving [to Korea] on 30th Dec cannot attend.

★Fanmeeting★ Plan to hold in between 12/31(Sat) 00:01~12/31(Sat) 04:00
※There is a possibility for the timings to change.

★Tour point★

1. Able to participate in Kim Jaejoong’s greeting after discharge from military
2. Visit Kim Jaejoong’s military discharge (option[al])
※Depending on the course might not be able to attend.
3. View Kim Jaejoong’s photo exhibition
4. Taking group photograph
5. Gift Jaejoong’s silk scarf
6. Gift Jaejoong’s Bluetooth speaker
7. Gift Jaejoong’s blanket
8. Gift Jaejoong’s photograph framed
9. Gift 3 specially made goods
10. Offer one meal
11. Money exchange service (with fresh bill and special envelope)

※There may be changes to the above contents due to [some] circumstances.
Please note before hand.

Admin note: This fanmeeting is part of a tour package, which is very common in JYJ Japan fanclub. Similar packages are introduced for concerts in Seoul, so far i’ve seen for Junsu’s B&M concert in Seoul and Junsu starring musicals. These packages are overpriced so not many fans go though they always come with many gifts are etc. bonuses.


Source: Look Korea + jyjjapan.com
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[VIDEO] 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan CF across Japan

ALTA vision in Shinjuku, Tokyo

OPA Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Namba Donbori station south, Osaka

Source: @tomocha1210 + @MYONLYXIA

[INFO/VIDEO] 161122 Junsu in special edition and special film for Harper’s BAZAAR Japan!



Appeared in the special edition of the latest volume Junsu, in movie as well.

Junsu’s appearance in a special movie as well!


Have you checked HARPER’S BAZAAR January and February 2017 combined volume’s special edition as well?

JYJ’s Junsu appears in the special edition’s cover page and an 8 page special, on the Web site moving Junsu can be seen as well, this is a must-see as well!

Strong gaze, beauty of the side profile’s face line, the sensual expression he sometimes shows when seen in the video has a different effect than a still picture. Like mentioned in the interview article as well, feel the extent of the width as an expressionist with this video as well!

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Japan FB Harper’s BAZAAR Japan
Video credit: Harper’s BAZAAR Japan
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NOTICE] 161118 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 to be the last concert in Japan before enlistment



It was announced by the agency that this concert will be the last concert in Japan before [Junsu’s] enlistment.
As there are no plans on having an additional concert domestically in Japan here after, please certainly make sure of this last enthusiastic singing.

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[VOTE/INFO] Kim Junsu’s “Most loved Cover Song Search”


Kim Junsu’s “Most loved Cover Song Search”

Kim Junsu year end concert
“Most loved Cover Song Search” voting information notice

  1. Voting method
    – From amongst the cover stage Kim Junsu performed in the year end concert from 2012 till 2015, please vote for your most loved stage!- Vote for one song is too regrettable. At most voting for 3 songs is possible!
  2. Voting period
    19th Nov 2016 (Sat) ~ 25th Nov 2016 (Fri)



Please select Kim Junsu’s Most loved Cover Song. (3 several selection is possible)

Vote for Most loved Cover Song / 3 several selection is possible


2012 – 지금이순간 / This is the moment

2012 – I believe

2012 – 그런가봐요 / Perhaps it is

2012 -정말 / Really

2012 – 내여자라니까 / Because you are my woman

2013 -오르막길 / Uphill Road

2013 – 蕾 (Tsubomi) / Flower bud

2013 -아버지 / Father

2014 -그날들 / Those days

2014 – Something More / (To the unknown place)

2014 -살다보면 / When you live

2014 – Lover’s concerto

2014 – 桜色舞うころ (Sakura iro mau koro) / When the cherry blossom color flutters about

2014 – 지나간다 /  It will Pass

2014 -엄마 / Mother

2015 – 오늘따라 보고싶어서 그래 / It’s beacuase I am missing you today

2015 -그 남자 / That Man

2015 – 오래전그날 / A long time ago, that day

2015 -혜성  / The Comet

2015 -참 예뻐요 / So Pretty

2015 -12월 32일 / 32th December


Source: Naver Office
Video credit: ohmyjumcom + hana xiajyj + blackSKYjuiceXIA + JYJ_eeei + myheart1027 OeO + . 바다바람 + video MDB + riverricecool + iroha 1215 + 김홍옥 + withxiahcom + destinyjun xia + XIARU 시아루
Jap trans: @0120blessing
Eng trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER