[INTERVIEW] 161231 With gratitude towards his fans in his heart, heading for military enlistment JYJ Junsu

Note: This interview was taken by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, (T/N: shimbun meaning newspaper) which is widely regarded for its journalism as the most respected daily newspaper in Japan.


[Prepare the time to always answer the various requests from the audiences at the concert. The conversation with the fans became enjoyable = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Kim Junsu of the South Korean artist group ‘JYJ’ in December held, going to become his last before enlisting, solo concert ‘BALLAD MUSICAL CONCERT vol.5’ (T/N: in the source the concert title was written like this) in Saitama and Osaka. In total around 60,000 people were mobilised and during the tour he greeted his 30th birthday as well. Junsu, who went from an idol to an adult artist and added an year to his age, talked about his celebrity activities of till now and his thoughts before his military enlistment.

In February you will be enlisting into the military, this past one year with what thoughts have you been (doing your) activities?

In the remaining 1 year, formed a clear plan and worked with it. It was an extremely hectic and busy days as compared to usual. When I go to military, my activities as a singer and musical actor would be suspended for a while. Feelings of wanting to securely organise the last of the 7 years (as JYJ) and to adorn the ‘Crowning glory’, came about working hard exhausting my utmost best.

If I do proper activities till the end then the 2 years while enlisting, I also had this thought that wouldn’t then the fans wait for me. As I still have one more month, I will work hard securely till the end.

Debuted in South Korea and Japan as ‘Tohoshinki’ member in your teens, big group in Asia. In your twenties, on one hand you withdrew from the group and on the other broadened the width of your activities with solo activities and appearing in musicals. Was the 12 years of celebrity activities [feels] like a blink of an eye?

It wasn’t like a blink of an eye. The activities of the time of ‘Tohoshinki’ were like a blink of an eye but the activities after that were challenging towards new things or overcoming things, there was a lot of pressure. (Circling the celebrity activities) there were various trials as well. To the point of thinking were there any other celebrities in their twenties who experienced through that. However, from overcoming each one, you can feel that no matter what comes you are endowed with the power to overcome it. In that meaning it also made me think, ‘it was a good experience’.


[The last stage in Japan before military enlistment. Let us hear his singing voice filled with various thoughts = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Changed your agency and with the three formed a new [group] ‘JYJ’, believe that there were various barriers in South Korea as well as Japan. ‘I can’t endure any more’, (ever) thought of it as well?

There is, there is. Because I am a human being as well. Honestly there were many times when I thought of giving up.

Even with that you continued your activities, what was the ‘driving force’?

That is well, the existence of everyone of the fans. Because everyone was there, I definitely did not want to loose to the various obstacles. Even when my heart wavered, from the power and courage I received from the fans, power sprang out again.

These 7 years your television appearance was close to none, on the other hand you’ve continued activities to connect with your fans directly in lives or musicals. Was there any change to your attitude in music or activities?

Having the opportunities to appear on television decreased is sad but in exchange it has become so that I make by matching the whole of the performance in the live. Even at the time of composing music, I have come about composing while thinking about the performance I can do onstage. I believe hasn’t that change had a good influence on my performances.

A few years ago I began standing on stage of musical and so have broaden my ways of expression. I believe by mixing the musical performance into the stage of a live, I was able to show a stage of even more charms. I believe that hasn’t such a stage in itself become my ‘signature’.

This time’s concert is also composed with focus on musical and just before enlistment you will be appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ as well right.

To me right now musical is really important. After the period of resting from activities, to once again having to stand on stage was in musical. Once again I sang was in musical as well and received an award was in musical as well. In the award ceremony I appeared on television in a long time as well. It made me think, ‘it’s good that I didn’t give up,’ and I received a new life, a new dream. That’s why for ‘the Last’ activity before enlisting I wanted it to be a musical.

To put into words the charm that can not be known from singer and idol activities would be?

Musical, be it standing on stage for 20 or 30 times, each is totally different. Everything is ‘Live’. That is totally fascinating. For example, watching a movie even after 10 years is the same but the same musical can not be seen a second time.

The difference with ‘singer’ is that acting, singing, expressions, everything is needed right. In musicals, the lyrics become the script and you sing with feelings. The actors while exchanging various emotions, together go (about) making it (T/N: making the story/musical). The time when singing while exchanging emotions is really enjoyable. And in the last the sound of the applause received from the audience, that is really amazing!

During concert several times you have talking about, ‘I want act in a musical in Japan as well’.

Umm,  I really want to do it. Some day in Japan, together with the Japanese actors, in Japanese, I want to do a musical. I’m not sure if it will become reality of not but the performances that I have done in South Korea till now, ‘Dracula’, ‘Elizabeth’, be it those is okay as well and I want to challenge in a new thing as well.

After the enlistment has ended with what form do you want to appear in front of your fans?

(Distancing from activities) I am worried. However, even if when I return from my enlistment and the fans in front of my eyes are no longer (there), till now the love that I received from everyone was an unbelievable ‘miracle’ is what I think and thus I have only feelings of gratitude. A few years ago I thought that ‘I may be finished now’. Thus, till now having continued doing activities like this was a miracle and I am only grateful towards that. When I return, I believe I want to with those feelings I want to again work hard.

During the enlistment while thinking about the feelings I received from everyone inside my heart, acquiring the composure as a single human, I want to return back. And when I return it would be good if I challenge into a further more new genre.

As the Korean artist Junsu, cann you once again put into words about the meaning of activities in Japan and/or the existence of the fans?

Japan to me is like a second home country as it’s a county that has given me lots of love and ardent support, after a while when I come to Japan they always give me the same warm reception, it is a place like a home town which shows unchanging love. That’s why I can not do even if i’m thankful.

I am a foreign singer right. That’s why in Japan especially if you do not appear on television, the hearts of the fans becomes estranged. In reality in these 7 years such a thing happened and it is obvious. However, undeterred by that too within the 7 years the fans have supported with all they’ve got. Regarding that I can not find the words but……. in various meanings I am grateful.

Till now the half of my singing life was in Japan. The time in which I’ve matured till now, the time I spent with the Japanese fans, it was in the memories of Japan.

Truly, Thank you very much.


[Personally planned a style of reenacting the musical program with the accompaniment of an orchestra. The result of having done the trial and error on [making] his own stage = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Kim Junsu, born in 1986 in South Korea. In 2004 debuted in the celebrity world in South Korea and Japan as a member of ‘Tohoshinki’. In 2010 with Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, the three changed their agency and [started] activities as a new [group] ‘JYJ’. In the same year, began his activities as a musical actor with ‘Mozart’, in 2012 received the award for the Best Male Lead in the ‘Korea Musical Awards’. From January 3rd to 26th he is appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ in Seoul.

During the interview, Junsu said the words, “these 7 years” several times.

Separating from the two members and ‘Tohoshinki’, changing the agency and did his activities, of these 7 years, the harshness of this journey is indicated.

In reality, he experienced several lawsuits concerning activities as a celebrity and after changing agencies, he confronted, ‘adverse wind’ such as the rapid decrease of television appearances.

In South Korea in 2015, with the proposal of the Members of the National Parliament who viewed, the ‘circumstance’ of JYJ not being able to appear on television music programs, as a problem, the stipulation of prohibiting the broadcast company from stopping the appearance of particular artists was incorporated into the Broadcast Act.

In “these 7 years” in the substitute of being unable to appear on television, Junsu and JYJ what they poured in their energy was in the live etc., in the venue of the ‘Live’ they delivered their words directly to the fans. It was not the period of Internet, as much as the television appearance decreases the popularity becomes in danger as well, it was such the usual state of things in the world of show business. With just that, the form of in various (ways) talking about the gratitude towards the fans during the interview was impressive.

In the greetings of the last concert, he said this to the audience, “when I was about to give up, every time who grasped our hands was everyone. If everyone was not here we couldn’t do anything. Thanks to everyone I was truly happy.” Continued to savour the contradicting two, the difficulty of having to continue living in a complicated world called the celebrity world and the enjoyment, perhaps it was a special “7 years”. ([Writer:] Nami Hamada)




Source: Asahi Newspaper Digital
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[TRANS] 160405 Dramatic voice that charmed the world; Singer, Musical actor Kim Junsu’s Interview!

Japanese Translator’s note: It seems it is an  interview inside the company magazine of a cosmetics company called Amore Pacific.
xiahjunjjyu’s note: I do not want to and like to translate source in Korean through the Japanese translations, but this time I wanted to share this so I went through the effort. Many thanks to the fan who translated from Korean to Japanese. Forgive me if there are any discrepancies in the translations.

Dramatic voice that charmed the world

Singer, Musical Actor Kim Junsu

Kim Junsu turned 30 years old this year. After debuting as the member of the K-Pop group ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ in 2003, is independent as the group ‘JYJ’, right now does activities as a solo singer and musical actor, and is meeting the fans through various works. Kim Junsu who uses the name called “XIA” in the time of doing activities as a solo singer. From Xiah Junsu to Kim Junsu, then to XIA. Unstoppable by the constant new transformations, the world’s fans who are enchanted by his unique voice even now send hot praises.


Recently, how are you spending your days?

I finished the performance of Musical <Dracula> a few days ago and am taking a short rest. Though it was the second performance to go up following in 2014, the cast called Dracula is a role for which you have to manifest the power of imagination and at the same time it is a role who passionately loves one woman so to be 100 percent absorbed in it, I concentrated a lot of energy.

Recently you successfully finished the fourth ‘Ballad & Musical Concert’. Though it was 3 performances on weekdays, all seats were recorded to be sold out in 5 minutes. How was the performance?

Orchestra of 60 people and also 30 people chorus participated, more than the previous performance was able to show the musical element far more grandly and richly. Seeing the fans who fill up the hall, during the performance energy appears all the time and I believe, I appeared on stage with more of my utmost effort. Inside the cold winter, hot atmosphere I was able to finish off the year with the fans, there was deep meaning (to it).

A performance called, ‘Ballad & Musical Concert’ is not familiar, how did you come to start it?

In the middle of watching small theatre performances, musical, galla shows etc., various performances, this idea came to my mind. Different from the performances where I meet my fans after releasing an album, ‘I want to try and do a performance where only the music and my voice completely exists,’ I had such a thought. Concert done together with a band or possibly furthermore an orchestra. Differing from a performance stressed show, I dreamt of a show where the vocals could be focused on. ‘Ballad & Musical Concert’ is not just the songs performed on the musical stage, but normally the songs I liked, the OST songs etc. that I wasn’t able to perform on live stage, I was able to have people listen to it, it is a concert again with a different charm than my existing music performances.


Kim Junsu, who in 2010 through the Musical ‘Mozart!’ attempted to transform into a musical actor, simultaneously with his debut set up a record astonishing the world. Each respective show recorded sold out and his vocal merit was known widely, to the extent that audiences from Japan gathered. Encouraged by popularity, he became qualified to be called, ‘the only actor who sold out all 3000 seats of all the shows’ of Sejong Arts Centre, a domestic theatre which accommodates the most number of audiences. After this, Kim Junsu starred in the works, ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘December, the unfinished song’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Death note’ etc., and stood towering over others as the musical star who firmly defended his ticket power.

In each of the works performed, a unique character is unfolded right. While selecting a musical what is Kim Junsu’s only criterion?

There is also [that I] draw the whole picture while looking at the script however, decisively what moves my heart is music. While listening to the ‘numbers’, the songs compiled in the musical, I also imagine myself on stage singing the song. No matter what kind of work it may be, even if the number that moves my heart is one song, in that case my mind becomes that, ‘I have to do this musical’.

Do you think that you want to learn more deeply about musicals and want to work in musical works oversees or do you have any dreams towards a global stage?

In the stages oversees there are far more genres of music than domestic has, as there are many works that I still haven’t attempted, I do have the thought to try and do it if there is an opportunity. A good opportunity will come if I steadily build up my career through the various works domestically no? (laugh)

Few days ago ‘Death note’ received the popularity award in the ’11th Golden Ticket Awards’ right.

It is an honour that every year through musicals I have become able to receive excellent awards. So that the audiences return satisfied with my performance to that extent, I keep on continuing and become determined to show an even better form. Especially since the popularity award is an award selected directly by the fans, it has a furthermore meaning to it. As much as the many love I received, this year as well I will repay with a good stage.

Kim Junsu left from ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ which was a 5 membered K-Pop group, started activities as a 3 membered group ‘JYJ’ together with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong in 2010. After this, with JYJ’s name started to rise to oversees stages in Japan, China etc., their songs earned popularity in the global market as well, and also achieved the result of being the first amongst K-Pop groups to successfully finish a tour concert comprising of Europe and South America.

Last year they received lots of love from the domestic and foreign fans with their regular album and mini album. Recently you were also able to meet 80,000 fans through the Asia Tour but what kind of response do the oversees fans have?

When I go for oversees performances, they excessively come to receive me at the airport. Because after all we do not meet so much, in proportion to that it seems like they have a fervent heart. The other day at the Taiwan concert, before the translator translated, the fans gave a response of understanding my words, I was really surprised. Because of me they started learning Korean (language). Although it is an oversees concert, like a domestic concert the fans immediately respond on the spot, I believe I attended to an enjoyable concert full with energy.

Even though you haven’t broadened to any special activities, what do you think is the secret to have acquired hot popularity?

Nonetheless I think it is music. From the beginning they liked my music, right now, it seems like they love my form on stage just the way it is. When you look at the fans who visit Korea from oversees in order to see my musical, I always vow to my heart that I have to repay them with the best stage.

It seems there is a special corner in Kim Junsu’s concert. Please introduce it briefly.

It is ‘Genie time’. It is a corner in the midway of the concert, it is a corner where I listen to three requests that the fans wish for. In the beginning it was to the degree of ‘please sing this song’ , ‘please dance this dance’ but
the fans requests are increasingly progressing and right now directly editing the songs like a karaoke medley and putting it in a USB, fans who make the music sheet of the songs they want to hear has also increased. Right now, what kind of requests the fans will bring, is a bit to the degree of being startled. (laugh)


In the time when you don’t have a concert or activities, mainly doing what do you spend it? Do you have a hobby or activities you find enjoyable.

Sometimes, I improve my stamina while playing soccer. There are also days, to the point that, I leave to go play soccer after finishing my schedule. The time I take a day off, I spend by going to travel with my close dongsaengs as well as also go for gourmet (food).

This year you turned 30 years old. In your tens and twenties you broadened active activities as a singer and as a musical actor. How will Kim Junsu’s thirties become like? Do you have any new field that you would like to challenge?

There are words that I often say since I entered my thirties. ‘Man is from his thirties!’ (laugh) Though if given the opportunity I want to challenge drama and movies as well, still I want to focus meeting the audience as a singer, as a musical actor on stage. From now on, I will slowly show a charm again different from the Kim Junsu in his twenties, so please anticipate it furthermore.

Before anyone knew it is the 13th year since debut. From now on, as what kind of artist does Kim Junsu want to be remembered as? He in one go said, “not betraying the time and trouble of the people who come to my concert, I want to remain as an actor who showcases the best performance.” If you remember, when Kim Junsu is on stage, the sensitivity placed on the faintly shaking low tone and the roughness put into the high-pitched tone which overflows like it’s about to explode, you can guess to what degree the efforts regarding his music are. Kim Junsu added, “‘vocalist who loves music’ and ‘artist who musically believes and listens’, these words make me most happy.” He, who is trying to be an artist who constantly unhindered by a given position, opens to new ventures and progresses, his dream is becoming a reality on the stage.



Trans: Everyone of the employees of Amore Pacific who guides Asian Beauty, Fighting!



Kor-Jap Translations by XIA Wonderland❤시아원더랜드
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[AUDIO][TRANS] 151031 FM Yokohama 84.7 Radio HITS Radio – Junsu’s exclusive interview


To the listeners of Fm Yokohama Radio HITS Radio and Snoopy san 
Hello, I am JYJ’s Junsu 
Snoopy san thank you very much as always.
Well then, please listen to 必ず昨日 [kanarazu kinou] (Yesterday) by Junsu.

We delivered 必ず昨日 kanarazu kinou (Yesterday) by Junsu
We will be delivering the interview from now on.
But before that, [regarding the] concert
I went on 2 days ago on the Sunday,
On that cold day, I mentioned it a bit before as well
On that day, Junsu’s mother appeared and in full chorus sang “Blue Light Yokohama”
and it was [like] a perfect copy world, it was amazing.
[Junsu said] because it is Yokohama,
even in the stage place, he even talked about like,
“every time I go to Fm Yokohama, the ferris wheel from there is so pretty,
I haven’t ridden it yet though”
It was three hours but it was really splendid
and as Live performance, [he] showed a really amazing show.
It was outdoor [stadium] and so fireworks went up.
it had an environment that just by being there you feel the excitement
anyhow, ripening of the voice or the amazingness of the performer
and became an adult. He said a bit ero[tic] but
there was a performance like a bed scene,
There was a performance like, that’s right, he is 30 years old now,
but watching without thinking that, [performance] to try to accept that.
As a show, moving around Asia from now on, he showed an amazing show.
There is still Nagoya, everyone would surely be able to go right.
hope that he puts on an even more amazing show.
And from here, lets present the winner of the signed poster.
[..] Radio name waun san, congratulations.
I’m listening every sunday at 2 a.m. by setting the alarm
Tonight my favourite, JYJ’s Junsu.
I am feeling regrettable that I am unable to go to the Yokohama concert as I just had a surgery last week but
to be able to hear Junsu’s singing voice on the radio and for the radio interview, really, thank you very much.
Thank you waun san, from Osaka
Is your body fine? you’ll be able to go to Nagoya right?
I wish you get to go certainly, you won the signed poster, I will be sending it shortly.


Well with that, infront of my eyes is Junsu
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time, this is Junsu.
How are you?
I’m fine.

well then, please give the listeners a proper greeting.
It’s been a long time. I am Junsu, who has come again with a new album.
That’s right. I have it here.
I bought it yesterday.
Thank you very much.
I will do this talk in a bit but
This year. What kind of year has this year been to you?
You had a musical right, death note.
That’s right
and with that there was JYJ as well
and then solo album
and then solo concert
soccer, there had been these things
Yes, that’s right.
Certainly I did various activities, but surely this year will not be able to forget or what should i say 
I was able to appear on a tv programme in Korea after 6 years 
and well I did an album as well.
and i’m sure many people in Japan know this, I did the death note musical in Korea 
the most special [point] was that it was one cast, 57 times with one cast.
57 times, not as double but with one cast
body, managing your physical condition, health
was there anything you were careful of every day?
The thing I took care of the most was that as much as possible i tried to sleep.
that is the most important.
You went home after the performance ended and went to sleep. how long did you sleep in a day?
mostly I tried to sleep more than 8 hours
ah, you slept a lot. that’s great.
Well, I wasn’t able to do anything. During the time I was doing the musical 
didn’t go anywhere, there was no where to go play.
Just eating
yes that’s right, went back home after eating
and then sleep.
and then sleep. wake up and gargle my throat.
I worked hard to maintain my throat condition at that time.
serious and admirable.
but there’s was no choice. 57 times is a long time so, to have to keep on doing that
what did you do after it finished?
after it finished?
on the last day, waa it ended, now i don’t need to be careful
that’s right, like I DID IT! it has ended! 
but after it ended, there were feelings of regret 
that’s right, there were a bit of feelings of loneliness but 
death note was a bit too long so but certainly with feelings of regret 
but really, I DID IT! 
It was a sense of accomplishment.
That’s right
I accomplished it!
Yes, I believe the feelings that i accomplished it was more stronger. 
and after that, I went to Hawaii right after for a photo shoot.
I went to Hawaii, after a long time.
it was good right. you were able to rest a bit?
Yes, I was able to rest. and like palm trees, I really like them. I was relieved/happy
I was not able to surf at all. I was just doing nothing 
hahah the whole time.
doing nothing and sleeping is what’s important.
well, this year there were JYJ activities as well but are you happy when you stand on stage infront of the fans as three [together]?
that’s right, certainly to stand as JYJ is different
the two of them went to the military. I am a bit lonely. I need to go on and work harder for their part as well.
and you’ve released an album, the english title is called Yesterday but what is the lead track called?
In Japanese, it’s called kanarazu kinou.
Because it’s written in Korean, so I am not sure about how the Japanese audience will feel (about) it and how it is conveyed (to them). Compared to the flow of the lyrics till now, it is more like a love letter.

It has a feel like writing a letter, like pretending to write a letter to the [opposite] person. It is a special song like that.
It is like a scene from a movie comes to mind. Can feel a really beautiful thing like watching a movie.
I heard from the production crew that there was a terror when you could only live for one day, i.e. today. At that time,
Translator: they used the actual story of fire fighter during the terror time as the motif [of the music video]. 
Fire fighter from the 9.11 (event). There was one such story.
Oh so it’s not just a ballad but is a song with great meaning.
And speaking of ballads, there is one more, “The hare and the tortoise”.
This is also again, a ballad right.
That’s right, ㅋㅋ
What is it?
Ah, this song as well, listen it to it without rushing. It is a calming song.
Interesting or should I say what I found to be unique was “Silk Road”. This song was a bit ethnic like feel. Why did you think of doing this song?
This song has the Sitar. It is India’s traditional instrument. [the song’s] starts of with that sound, it is a song with that skill.
When I was composing this song and putting in the melody on top of the [sitar] sound, the atmosphere made me image the Silk road, like finding it for the first time and so I decided to name the title Silk road and made the song.
This is “OeO”? What is the meaning of this?
This as well, when I was making it, normally you use a guide right,
When I do the guide I put in unbelievable lyrics, I sing by mixing Japanese, Chinese like, English like [lyrics] 
The part where OeO is inserted, only that part I sang O e O over and over.
I thought that itself had a good feeling, so I went forward with that.
So it doesn’t have any meaning, it was like the flow.
Yes, it was just with the flow. It has no meaning.
And then the RnB like “Midnight Show”. Who is the female vocal (in this song)?
She is a Rapper called Cheetah.
Oh, I know her.
I am a fan of her’s as well, and I thought she would suit this song
She’s the one with the short hair.
Yes, Yes.
And then there are acoustic versions included as well.
What kind of concert will this one be? there will be songs from this album and from others as well?
what kind of concert will it be?
Well, of course. Just like what I’ve done till now, I will work hard to show many different performances and let you hear good songs. I have released three albums till now, I released the album with the feel that will be putting them all together[/summarizing them]. So the concert as well thought to try and put it all together.
So the concept is like ‘Best of Junsu’
That’s right, It is like ‘Best of Junsu’ feel
Oh that would make the fans happy.
Yes, for sure, I believe it will become a good concert.
After Yokohama ends, there is one in Nagoya. So is this year, 2015, ending with this ?
2015, will be pretty much with this
be calming down [with this]
What is the objective of 2016?
Well, certainly it will be the after releasing this album activities. Finishing the concerts safely. This is the my remaining dream or should I say objective of this year.
What is the objective of next year?
Next year’s objective? yaa. haven’t decided anything.
you haven’t thought of anything?
I have thought of it but since it’s not decided so 
Then when it becomes next year, we’ll have to ask again.
But whatever I do, I believe I want to work hard.
Anyhow, I’m sure this year has been very busy, but other than work has there been anything you’ve done recently for calming [purposes]?
Recently, I have suddenly gotten into drive
[driving along] Han river straight.
Yes, Yes.
Normally driving while thinking and listening to music. Something like that. It’s just that.
A while back, 2 weeks ago I went to Seoul. there was this amazing fireworks display right?
Is that so? (eukyangkyang) 
It was amazing, it was big.
Is that so. Where?
ah, something tower. Yeouido.
ahh, Yeouido’s, over there.
It was really amazing.
Is that so.
It was regrettable right. that you weren’t able to see it.
I wasn’t able to see.
[regrettable that] You didn’t (even) know

With that I interviewed Junsu.
Anyhow, I am looking forward to the concert. Work hard.
Yes. Thank you very much.
Will we meet next year as well?
For sure.
Lets meet. Yes
for sure
Please take care of me.
Thank you very much.

The interview was held at the rehearsal studio, day before the concert.
I interviewed him before the rehearsal
And of course, he hadn’t done any make up at all,
And the photo posted on the blog and on twitter, even though he is wearing sunglasses
He has a good heart, and took a picture with is photo okay? ok.
This kind of Junsu kun.
Next year as well, there must be many things that need to be thought of but of course, every day looking forward and working hard. Want to cheer him on for later as well with everyone.
Next year again, there will be various things with the military (enlistment) as well so not sure but as much as possible want to work hard and try to meet again.
And with that it’s “Midnight Show” by Junsu.

(T/N: I was in a hurry to finish these translations quickly and 16 mins worth of data makes my head woozy -_-, so please forgive me if there are some grammatical errors.)

Audio Source: OHMYJUN

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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