170209 [NEWS] From Nonsan② Kim Junsu, worked hard even alone… 13 years without resting


Kim Junsu will be putting a rest to his activities of 13 years without resting.

Today (9th) morning Kim Junsu will be entered through Chungnam Nonsan Army Training centre. Once the basic army training ends he will be serving at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Policemen Public Relations Unit for the period of 1 year and 9 months. It was a private enlistment but Kim Junsu’s fans visited the Training centre and cheered and encouraged Kim Junsu who had bid goodbye for a while to the fans for the 21 months’ period.

Kim Junsu, as the member of the group JYJ, as a male solo artist and as a musical actor, broadened his without any resting time activities.

Informed of a new start called JYJ starting with the 2010’s first album ‘The Beginning’, ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, ‘Just Us’ in 2014 was released, with the World Tour, Asia Tour etc., met up with the fans from around the world.

The power of solo singer Kim Junsu was also amazing. In 2012 released for the first time. the solo full length album ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ in that year recorded sales of 120,000 copies, that same year successfully [had] his first World Tour as a domestic male solo singer, and left a footprint in the history of the World of Songs and Ballads.

Following which, he released his 2nd album ‘Incredible’ in 2013, with the Asia Tour revolving around 7 Asian cities mobilised 100,000 people and proved his popularity. In 2015 released his 3rd album ‘Flower’, with the Asia Tour gathered a total of 164000 fans. Additionally, appeared on broadcast after 6 years through EBS ‘Space Empathy’ as well.

‘Musical’ is definitely a crucial word while describing Kim Junsu. From his debut work ‘Mozart’ till ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘December, the unending song’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Death note’, ‘Dorian Gray’, in each starring work he is recognized for his perfect thorough understanding of the character and surpassing singing skills and became established as a South Korean representative musical actor.

Began with the 2010 ‘The Musical Award’Korea Musical Awards’ Male Newcomer and Popularity Star, in 2012 ‘Korea Musical Awards’ won the Male Lead Actor Award and even till the 2017 ‘Golden Ticket Awards’ Popularity Award, every year won the popularity award at the Musical Awards ceremony and proved his popularity. Additionally, from 2014 for 3 consecutive years rose to the No.1 musical actor chosen by the audience and secured his seat of the ‘believe and see Musical Actor’.

Since 2004 debut without resting ran forward Kim Junsu, due to the military enlistment bid goodbye to his fans for a short while.

Kim Junsu just before enlisting in the morning of the 9th through his personal SNS, with the short words of, ’13 years of unwavering love. Thank you very much for all the unforgettable memories.’ and, ‘I feel like I haven’t greeted you properly before going. So here’s a proof shot. Be healthy and let’s meet with a smile next time,’ and posted together a picture with the hair cut short and conveyed his greetings to his fans.

21 months is by no means are short period. Additionally, Kim Junsu just before his military enlistment wrapped up in discussion. Farewell for a short while, the 21 months in the military may become a revitalising like time for him. For 13 years doing activities without any rest, Kim Junsu it is a relief period where he can re-prepare himself and is a preparatory phase in order to jump further the distance. Fulfilling the obligation of national defence, gallantly return back, together with the fans, becoming stronger, looking forward to [that] tomorrow’s Kim Junsu.


Source: OSEN via Naver
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Junsu SNS cap trans by @ohmyjunsu

[NEWS] 161221 Collaboration with Kim Junsu behind story told by The Black Skirts

Singer songwriter 검정치마(/The Black Skirts) (real name Jo Hyu-il) revealed the inside story of his collaboration with JYJ Kim Junsu.


On the past 20th, while Kim Junsu’s new song ‘케이크 러브(Cake Love)(PROD. BY 검정치마/The Black Skirts) was revealed through several online music sites, The Black Skirts, who composed and produced this song, spoke about the collaboration work’s behind story, “It is not a song which I made thinking about someone from the beginning. There was a bit of distance from the music style I want to do and did not feel like directly singing it (myself).”

Especially regarding the opportunity of having chosen XIA(Junsu) for the vocal of this song The Black Skirts disclosed, “from the start I considered someone else singing the song and just [at that time] Junsu ssi heard the demo and decided to participate,” and, “a coincidence or not, in the end of the song, ‘이젠 내가 멀리가도 너무 걱정하지마 (Even if I go far away, Don’t worry too much)‘ as there is this part, this was like as if Junsu ssi is sending a message to his fans, which was mysterious (T/N: alt trans: like a Wonder).

Following which he expressed his feelings of satisfaction, “this song additionally has an other meaning as well, it was my first collaboration. Before while doing co-arrangement together with labelmate Telepathy’s Frants, saw a new possibility for the future.”

‘Cake Love’ is a song, which The Black Skirts completed with composing a 80s LL Cool J style beat, to The Black Skirts’ trendy sensation the unique vocal colors of only XIA (Junsu) interacts, while being dream like as well it is created as a song with a sweet atmosphere. Regarding this after the music release, ‘languid sexy explosion,’ ‘Above expectations collaboration,’ such were the responses.


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[NEWS] 161216 JYJ Junsu, Touched by 10,000 fans’ Surprise Birthday Celebration

To JYJ’s member Kim Junsu, 10,000 fans, who filled up Japan’s Saitama super arena, presented touching emotions.

On the 16th, C-JeS Entertainment conveyed, “Yesterday (15th), welcomed Kim Junsu’s birthday local fans, who came to the Tokyo performance of the Musical Gala Concert Japan tour, held a surprise event. The 10,000 fans, who filled the hall, holding a placard singing happy birthday song in chorus, to the sudden unfolding spectacle Kim Junsu’s eyes became red with the deep emotions and expressed his feelings.”








Kim Junsu to the unexpected fans’ surprise event, “I was quite surprised. To receive congratulatory words from so many people like this, I am really happy,” and, “I am really thankful and I am truly happy to be doing a concert on my birthday like this. Today seems like going to become a day I will definitely not forget,” he expressed his gratitude to the fans and warmed the atmosphere inside the hall.

Kim Junsu presented a perfect live together with Japan’s orchestra and with high acting of immersion level in each musical character kept up a stage of high degree of perfection. In the Tokyo performance held from the past 13th, 30,000 fans attended and were passionately enthusiastic in the acting and performance of Musical actor Kim Junsu, which had been difficult to get into contact with until now.

Especially, in the encore stage unfolding recent Kim Junsu’s solo album title dance song medley, all of the audiences stood up cheering explosively called ‘Junsu!’ repeatedly and directed making a wave spectacle by dancing together to the chorus of the 2nd full length album’s title song ‘INCREDIBLE’.

On this day after the concert ended, Japan tour team’s surprise birthday party continued as well. As Kim Junsu descended from the stage after the finale performance, the staff persons together with a large cake sang happy birthday song and Kim Junsu as well embraced a futhermore important memory.

Kim Junsu, “today, normally extrememly close people traveled together and even received the presents and feelings of congratulations, continued till surprises of the fans and the local staff, it was an extremely special day. I am truly a happy person,” and conveyed his happiness.

On one hand, sucessfully finished the Tokyo performance Kim Junsu plans to continue “2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan” from the coming 26th at Osaka, Osaka-jo Hall. 

Source: Newsen
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[NEWS] 160916 Compensation ordered for JYJ Goods sales obstruction, Korea’s celebrity production wins lawsuit

Note: During 2014 JYJ Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie concerts in Osaka, C Jes announced that due to some disagreement with the organisers they have decided to not sell the goods at the venue and instead the Osaka goods were sold online through JYJ JAPAN fan club and in Fukuoka the goods were sold at a different venue and not at the concert venue.


As the goods sale at the concert venue was obstructed, Tokyo ward’s event organising company which sponsored the 2014’s Japan tour with the sentence of the lawsuit of request for restitution by Seoul’s celebrity production (T/N: i.e. C JeS entertainment) to which Korea’s popular group ‘JYJ’ belongs to, on the 16th Tokyo district court ordered for the  payment of around ¥140,000,000 (T/N: roughly $1.4 million). 

JYJ is formed by 3 members who separated from male idol group ‘Tohoshinki’. Presiding judge Katsuhiko Okazaki, “It is an infringement of the celebrity production’s right as recognised from the stand point of the contract, it is a highly malignant conduct of extreme betrayal,” and severely criticised the sponsor.

The Judgment concluded, “the celebrity agency holds the right to the sale of goods and the organising company had the duty to cooperate with the celebrity agency,” and judged, “the organising company intentional obstructed the (goods) sale, it was a vicious act.”

According to the judicial decision, in 2014 held a total of 6 days of performances in the order of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and around total of 430,000 people attended.

Tokyo performance’s first day, the party entrusted by the celebrity production held the concert related goods sale. The sponsor side as well sold the item including a capsule that was arranged by themselves, but the celebrity production claimed that it was not agreed by them and the sales were suspended. On one hand, in Osaka and Fukuoka the sponsor did not approve the goods sale at the venue, the celebrity production side unavoidably held the sales at a different location.

According to the judgement, the celebrity agency (T/N: i.e. C JeS ent.) entrusted the venue arrangements for the 2014 dome tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to the organising company. The celebrity agency held the rights to the sales of goods and when they tried to conduct the (goods) sales through a different supplier at the Osaka and Fukuoka concerts, as the organising company did not agree they were not able to do the sales.

Source: Sankei News + Yahoo News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160811 F.C.MEN lead by Captain Junsu (JYJ) arrives in Haneda airport!

On 11th August (Thurs), Junsu (JYJ) and the members of the soccer team “F.C.MEN”lead by him arrived in Haneda airport. They will be participating in the “F.C.MEN presents”MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN”‘ going to be held in Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium on the 12th (Fri) and there is plan for a footsal match in Japan together with the members with whom there is exchange normally to deepen their friendship.


Junsu, who will be separating from the team for a while, revealed the charisma aura of as the caption in this black T shirt, half pants and sunglasses form. To the fans who were impatiently waiting at the airport, he greeted them by waving his hands and with a smile.





In addition, the members of ‘F.C.MEN’ full of spirit as well. Following Junsu, ‘DGNA’ Karam and ‘K-MUCH’ Kyu showed their smiles.

The match where Junsu and ‘F.C.MEN’s gallant figure can be seen will kick off at Ajinomoto Stadium on the 12th (Fri) at 17:00.


Source: Korepo + Wow! Korea
Video: Korepoチャンネル
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160419 JYJ Junsu, message to Kumamoto Earthquake victims, “do not loose Strength and Hope”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu sent a message towards those who have suffered from the Kumamoto earthquake in Japanese.

Junsu on the 18th, through his personal twitter sent the message, “Hearing about the earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto, my heart hurt. I believe those who received damage [due to the] earthquake should not loose strength and hope.”

Following which he conveyed, “Praying that other damages from the earthquake not be any more than this and wishing for restoration to be faster even if by a day. I also wish to become everyone’s strength, additionally I as well pray for everyone, will cheer [for you]. With the fanmeeting Happiness to you 4/30, 5/1 Kobe, Tokyo, I wish to become strength for earthquake’s damage relief even if just a little.”

Seeing this message the net users showed response such as, ‘happy for Junsu’s feelings, thank you’, ‘wishing that the prayers reach to those of Kumamoto’, ‘received strength from Junsu’s kindness’, ‘I will also pray for there to be no more damages than this’ etc.

Junsu plans to hold TOSCANA HOTEL presents “Happiness to you with XIA JAPAN FANMEETING” on the 30th in Kobe and on 1st May at Tokyo. It is also decided to donate a portion from the fanmeeting sales to the victims (T/N of the Kumamoto earthquake).

Source: KpopStarz日本語版
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160314 JYJ Junsu, Japan concert prepared under his supervision, revealed the appearance while practicing!

The appearance of JYJ’s Kim Junsu endeavouring in practice for his concert was revealed and is gathering attention.

Junsu’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment on the noon of 14th through their official Instagram posted one piece of photo together with the comment, “Singing, he is always perfect ❤️”. The form of Junsu, with the appearance of putting in emotions, sitting down on a chair facing the mike was incorporated in the revealed photo.

(Photo: credit to C-Jes Entertainment official Instagram)

Junsu, wearing a black knit[wear] with thin pants, his long arms and legs are prominent, boasting a slendered style. Additionally, in the background of Junsu, who is concentrating on singing, an orchestra band can be seen and, what kind of stage he will be presenting, it has raised the fan’s anticipation even more.


Source: Kpopstarz日本語版
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[REPORT] 160212 “Currently Enlisted” JYJ Jaejoong, Hologram Concert… That day certainly Jaejoong was there on stage

Report written by Kstyle News writer 望月美寿. Translated by xiahjunjjyu.


Currently serving the military, Kim Jaejoong held “2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan” on both days, 9th and 10 February. Kim Jaejoong, who is currently working hard in a special training in the intense cold. This time’s concert, labelled hologram concert, borrowing the power of the state of the art technology, is the idea that Jaejoong who is not here sings and dances. Yoyogi (National) Gymnasium, serving as the venue was packed filled with the fans who wanted to see a glimpse of Jaejoong. Will be reporting the performance on the 10th.

Before this time’s concert began, various thoughts flew about this concert which was also unusual. The excitement of the happiness of being able to hear the unreleased album “NO.X” made by Jaejoong first in this world and to begin with how does a hologram concert with the person himself absent actually feel like? Even if it is not real, want to meet Jaejoong! 3D Jaejoong might fly out (from somewhere)!? (laughs) Anyhow, the excitement for the zone of (having) no experience was staggering.

It was Real, it was Magical… Jaejoong amongst that Strange Atmosphere

After the appointed time of 7 p.m. passed, what was projected on the big screen was, zoomed in of Jaejoong’s beautiful powerful eyes. In the video of a scenery which makes you think of outer space, “even if you can’t see, the wish is reflected. If you want to hear my songs, if you want to see my form, I exist in this room right now, I will sing songs in this place,” such a cool narration was there…… at last virtual Jaejoong revealed itself! In a black lam shirt he started singing the rock ballad “Just Another Girl”. Encircling the surrounding was a real band live performance. With the white skin, front hair pushed up hairstyle, brilliantly designed shining bottom, Jaejoong himself dimly radiating, a strange atmosphere drifting in, to call it real it was real, to call it magical it was magical. Before the start, there was an announcement of  “on account of the circumstances, please watch while remain seated,” as well, I saw the state of the audience as well perplexed over how to react to the prince Jaejoong who was descending down from outer space.

However, after singing finished Jaejoong while smiling shyly said, “thank you very much,” both the uneasiness and the bewilderment vanished. MC in Japanese. You can tell that this stage was prepared for the Japanese fans. “It’s been a long time right. The me standing right here, is it a reality or a dream, I don’t really know but (laughs) this happy feelings of being able to be together in this same space can’t be helped right (laughs),” progressing a fun talk like always Jaejoong, it is like as though he is in front of our eyes. “The new album was released right. I want to let everyone hear the new songs quickly. Next is a refreshing, bright song. I will sing the feelings of a man in love,” he said and what he started singing was “You Know What?” which was released on his birthday, 26th January. Continuing on with a ballad which has an acoustic feel “Breathing” singing it like speaking, continued with”All That Glitters” the one with a beat that makes you move.

Singing ability and Expressiveness… Charm as an Artist

“Everyone, how was it? 3 new songs from the new album. Nothing like I’ve done before, it was with a feel different from (what i have done) till now right? I wanted to know about everyone’s reaction ever since the time I had made the album but…… (even if he paused after saying this, no reply will come so without thinking he gave a wry smile),” “everyone likes Jaejoong so, even if i sing a strange song you will still support me right (laughs) but, some times you make a composed conclusion musically, is what I believe,” and made us laugh. “Next is a ballad which will make you listen to it calmly and is a song with the point that it makes you feel, this is love,” the song he introduced as such was “다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again)” and “서랍(drawer)” which traps the sadness in the chest (T/N: I don’t know why but in all the Japanese reports of the Hologram concert these two songs are titled as ‘Closer’ and ‘End of The Road’ respectively). Outfit was changed to a long T-shirt, the form of [Jaejoong] illuminated by a blue light, singing while sitting on top of a stone, was like a slightly lonely star prince, who was left behind on some planet. “다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again) is a song written while thinking about the fans.

From here on, a short movie projected on the monitor screen portraying a young couple’s tragic love, after which, in the middle of stage form of Jaejoong reciting the piano suddenly appeared. Song is “Life Support”. Jaejoong who emotionally sings of lost love. Splendid. Singing ability as well as the expression prowess is remarkably upped! Fans grasping the penlight tightly and listening. The whole hall was absorbed in by Jaejoong’s singing voice. After this, clothes changed to a sexy black shirt, following the adult like cool image “원망해요 (Blame)” (T/N: in this report this song is called Blues for some reason..), “Love You to Death” was showcased. Jaejoong’s speciality high note and guitar’s collaboration was again wonderful.

Do you remember Jaejoong’s face?

Over here, songs were on break for a moment. “Do you remember Jaejoong’s face” so called Jaejoong’s portrait corner started, firstly Park Yuhwan appeared. Smiling he talked about Jaejoong’s charm, “he is a handsome man like a manga/comic character right,” drawing was revealed. Next, Gummy appeared, “we have been said to look alike. Jaejoong has thin outline but his face is masculine right?” and revealed her work. The last one to be displayed was Junsu’s. “Jaejoong has a sculpture like face right. The eyes are impressive. He is warm and charismatic,” he said and what he drew was one big eye and lips only! The great painter Junsu for whom Picasso would have been shocked as well, the venue inside burst into laughter. After this, the portraits sent by the fans were shown. Sketches, illustrations, from cute till sexy. From the various faces of Jaejoong, fans love could be felt.



From here the live was restored again. When in a narrow red skin jeans form Jaejoong appeared, the hall came into high spirits instantly. It is irritating that I couldn’t stand up~. What he sang was “Glamorous Sky”, which became a big hit as the theme song of the film “NANA”. On this day, the only Japanese song. Cool Jaejoong, who was moving around to the left and right on the stage. Unintentionally a voice appears (saying) Jaejoong. Continuing on, in “Good Morning Night” fans very much gave out shouts of enthusiasm and heated up even more. At the moment when the excitement had reached it’s climax, silver tape burst out and rained down incessantly on the audience seats.

With light talk breathing with the fans as well

Over here was Jaejoong’s MC. While gasping for his breath, he talked, “everyone, aren’t you tired? Lies~ You are tired right?” he spoke. It was like as if he is there, his breathing matching with the fans. Certainly his talk is good. “For the time being, the Jaejoong over here is not real okay, no matter how much I sing or dance I won’t get tired (laugh),” he said and invited a roar of laughter. “Everyone do you still have energy remaining?” “YEAH!” “Then, I will sing an even more fun song!” and he emotionally sang “Welcome To My Wild World”.  Waving his hands greatly, he induced the fans. Over here there was the introduction of the band members and, hot applause were given to the musicians who let us hear the best performance by hyping Jaejoong up. Over there Jaejoong re-appeared. Carried by the rhythm, swinging freely. The front of the leather jacket was all bare, the form of a thin macho with the abdominal muscles fully revealed was too sexy! What he sang was “Good Luck”. Outfit changed to a white jacket with a red pattern in it, “Everyone of Tokyo~! Are you enjoying yourself ? Till now I have sung a lot but regretfully this is the last song,” fan said, “eh~” “don’t want that~” after taking the pause of replies on the dot, “but, there is still a song left from the new album that i haven’t performed yet right. It is the album’s title track,” and what he sang was “Love You More”. Jaejoong looking comfortable in the burst opened rock sound, cool chorus part remained in the ears and won’t separate. In that hyped up condition, he plunged into the similar “Mine”. Stage too, the audience as well, were tension upped. Subsequently, the flames broke out with a bam.

During the encore Jaejoong appeared wearing a gorgeous silver jacket. He again emotionally sang a similar song “One Kiss”. And the last song was from the new album, a western music like composed ballad “Run Away”. The way of singing and the quality of voice was totally different from Jaejoong’s image up till now. It is a song which makes you feel of a new possibility and ability. The moment the singing ended, to the Jaejoong who became a smoke and suddenly disappeared, the fans unintentionally let out a voice of shock. To leave without even saying goodbye, it’s a bit lonely but, perhaps is it that after finishing his role Jaejoong returned to the virtual space. In the end again, “if everyone believes, then he is constantly together with us,” such a message from outer space (?) was heard…….

That day certainly Jaejoong was there on stage

In the video adorning the ending, recording scenes and concert making was projected. Jaejoong with no make up in the recording studio. The earnest expression while making the arrangements. And, in front of the green background Jaejoong emotionally singing all alone. But in his face at this time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that many fans could be seen. Thinking about his form of talking with utmost effort is lovely. As a bonus, all the fans in the hall participated in the surprise project to Jaejoong. Sang “You Know What?” in chorus and, when putting up the cards all at once inside a pink heart the message of one alphabet “J” emerged. By the way, on the previous day the 9th, in the similar project, they celebrated Jaejoong’s birthday.

The first case with the real person being absent, before going, before seeing there was bewilderment as well in this time’s concert. However, after watching had ended, wouldn’t everyone have said in a single word of “I’m glad I went!!”. Above all Jaejoong’s charms as an artist left an overwhelming impression. The truth is, in this time’s new album, Jaejoong self composed and wrote two songs (“원망해요 (Blame)” and “Good Luck”) and handled lyric writing of 7 songs. This is his own music that he wants to do right now. Furthermore, I was shocked at the fact that he prepared for the fans this much in last year spring, in the terribly busy time just before his enlistment. That day, certainly Jaejoong was there in Yoyogi. Even if the flesh was not real, his soul was there with the fans. 10 months remaining to his discharge in December. Really anxiously awaiting for the day when we can hear Jaejoong’s live voice.

Writer: 望月美寿  
(T/N: I couldn’t find how her kanji/Chinese characters read as. They have several ways of reading it so I’ve left it as it is)

2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan
Date and Time: 10th Feb 2016 (Wed) Start 19:00
Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

01. Just another girl
02. 그거 알아? (You Know What?)
03. Breathing
04. All That Glitters
05. Closer  [다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again)]
06. End of The Road [서랍(drawer)]
07. Life Support
08. Blues  [원망해요 (Blame)]
09. Love You to Death
10. Glamorous Sky
11. Good Morning Night
12. Welcome To My Wild World
13. Good Luck
14. Love You More
15. Mine
16. One Kiss
17. Run Away

Source: Kstyle News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160128 Yoochun (JYJ), No.1 in Japan Oricon Western Music Album! even under military enlistment “no abnormality” in popularity

E EE 'EˆëEú±˜ì„¸EE

Popular Korean group “JYJ” Yoochun, regardless of being under military enlistment, is proving his popularity with no decline in Japan.

Yoochun (JYJ) acquired No.1 (position) in the Oricon Ranking 3rd week of January (01/18~01/24) Weekly Western Music Album Ranking. The album that became No.1 “How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet” is composed of songs which Yoochun recorded and worked on for his fans before his enlistment.

Particularly, till his true thoughts that he couldn’t convey towards his fans with everyday trivial stories, it is filled with the message he wanted to convey and, under military enlistment Yoochun is loved by his yearning Korean fans of course, as well as Japanese fans.

Futhermore, Yoochun enlisted in last year August and, is currently serving at Seoul Gangnam gu Office.

Source: WoW! Korea
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER