[TRANS] 160128 LU:KUS praises Jaejoong’s self composed Japanese song ‘Wasurenaide’, “the lyrics and melody is really beautiful”

(Note: I translated this article keeping in mind that it was regarding Jaejoong’s music composition and because I personally love this song and it’s lyrics.)

[NEWS] LU:KUS, ” ‘Wasurenaide (Tohoshinki’s song)” the lyrics and melody is really beautiful”

LU:KUS performed Live at K-StageO! on the 26th and talked about the beauty of the lyrics of Tohoshinki’s song “Wasurenaide.”

LU:KUS is a 5 membered male idol group, who debuted in Korea in July 2014. And is planned for their major debut on 17th Feb with Universal Music Joint Company with “Break Ya”.

At the Live on the 26th, (sang) cover of 3 of Tohoshinki’s songs and presented infront of the fans. Amongst which one song was “忘れないで/Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget Me)”, after (they) finished singing which, the members conveyed their impressions and the (degree of) difficulties of the song. “At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics saying, ‘aenakute mo ii, aitai, kono kimochi dake de ii kara’ (Trans: even if I can’t meet you, I want to meet you, just with this feelings, it’s enough).  I thought that if you want to meet, then just go meet (T/N: i.e. that person). But, reading the lyrics several times, reading the Korean [translated] lyrics as well,I understood that it’s about being in a situation where he can’t meet even if he wants to meet, and it became sad.” (Hae won/J.ONE)

“The lyrics, ‘Kaze ni natte Sotto tsutsumitai, kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tondeyukitai (Trans: become the wind and want to be gently wrapped up (in it), To the world in which you are, I want to fly there at once)’ is really beautiful… and it becomes really beautiful words in Korean as well (T/N: when translated that is).” (Choi [Seok hoon]) They each conveyed their impressions [of the song].

Other members as well unanimously conveyed their impressions as, “the lyrics is beautiful” “Melody is pretty”.

Additionally, Choi [Seok hoon] talked about the difficulty of Japanese, “It was difficult to say ‘Yukitai’ rather than ‘Ikitai’. But the lyrics are beautiful and it became a learning of Japanese.”
(T/N: the kanji 行く was originally read and said as ‘yuku’, but later on it transcended to ‘iku’. ‘yuku’ and ‘iku’ mean the same thing. Now the pronunciation ‘iku’ is generally used rather than ‘yuku’. That is why Choi said it was difficult cause he must have been taught that phrase as the most commonly pronounced ikitai. In the lyrics of Wasurenaide, I believe yukitai was used rather than ikitai because of the flow of the melody, yukitai flows more in tune than ikitai.)

“忘れないで/Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget Me)” is a song composed and written by JYJ Jaejoong during tohoshinki’s time, like the members of LU:KUS conveyed the beauty of it’s lyrics and melody, and the harmony of the five, it is a song which makes an impression in the heart. At the very moment, on 26th that LU:KUS performed was Jaejoong’s birthday.

Source: KpopStarz 日本語版
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160121 Receiving the SMAP disbandment uproar in Japan, ‘JYJ Law’ became a topic


To the point of thinking what would have happened if SMAP wasn’t there, even now the after math of the SMAP disbandment uproar continues in Japan.

Admin note: Recently Japan has been in an uproar with the rumors regarding one of Japan’s popular Jpop boy group SMAP’s dissolution. One member Kimura Takuya decided to remain in the agency, while the other 4 members are rumored to have decided to leave with the manager. However, SMAP themselves in a video message neither denied nor agreed to this. There is a rumor floating regarding how SMAP’s agency Johnny & Associates (Japan’s biggest entertainment agency) is responsible for this incident.

In this situation, in Yahoo Japan! a column was published claiming that South Korea’s legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ would serve as a reference extremely for Japan’s entertainment world as well, and attracted attention.

Admin Note: Original article by Matsutani Souichiro title; “JYJ Law” in order to not cause ‘public execution’ in television — entertainment world’s future pondered from SMAP’s uproar (link)

The writer of the column Souichiro Matsutani explained regarding SM’s system and JYJ’s present conditions. From there on, indicated that for JYJ for the passing 5 years and even now, it became so that they received strong pressure in the entertainment world. And, explained that while taking JYJ’s case as an example, in South Korea a ground breaking legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ was done to bring about the fairness characteristic in the entertainment world. JYJ Law’s content is to prohibit appearance interruption of a specific person by the broadcasting company upon the pressure of a third party.

However, Souichiro Matsutani explained that even after that, as usual JYJ’s situation of not being able to appear in music shows continued. Also added the incident of JYJ’s Junsu not being able to attend the recently held ‘Seoul Music Awards,’ even after becoming No. 1 in popularity vote.

Souichiro Matsutani continued on with, this time’s SMAP’s uproar was caused by the control due to Johnny & Associate’s whole family management, this overbearing form that the inside and outside of the business world directs, is surely like that of Showa’s small to medium enterprises. (T/N: Japan’s Showa era, from 1926-1986, I am not well versed about this but my guess is that the writer is indicating the oppressive atmosphere during the Showa era where the great depression, second world war and later on the economic growth was experienced.)

This column once published in Yahoo! JAPAN portal site, Japan’s net users while displaying aggressive opinions, showed an explosive reaction.

Source: Kstyle
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160120 ‘JYJ’ Yoochun, ideal type is? ‘take good care of my family, an intelligent person.’

¹ÚÀ¯Ãµ 'ÈÍÄ¥ÇÑ ±â·°Áö'

‘JYJ’ Yoochun’s ideal type is gathering attention.

Currently, serving the army Yoochun. His answer for his ideal type in a past interview is attracting attention once again.


Well, the ideal woman that Yoochun talked about, what kind of a person is she~~!?
That is,
It was, “Take good care of my mother, person who i can boldly call as my woman, and if she is also loved by others, celebrated by them, it’s unconditionally good. And, if she is a humanly person it is additionally good. Lastly is, even if we marry, (a person who) carefully spends the money (that I) earned, a kind person.”

He, is clear about his ideal right.
However, the conditions for the ideal type person is rea—lly strict right…^^;

Net users showed responses such as, “Yoochun, hoping that you definitely meet such a woman,” “Yoochun, really what kind of woman will he meet,” “Yoochun, if he dates fans heart will heart right.”
Source: WoW! Korea + Korepo
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 150115 JYJ Junsu, “though i am called handsome…” mentions about his appearance


Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu talked about an episode from the time of magazine photoshoot.

On the 14th, shown through the Naver V app, Kim Junsu held a time to review his own selcas.

Kim Junsu said, “this photo, was in Hawaii for the magazine photoshoot filming, this is, is the photo i took by myself in the hotel corridor.”

Continuing on he expressed, “I will be revealing this for the first time, but there is a behind [story] (T/N: of the photo). Looking at the picture you can’t tell if it was in Hawaii or not but it was really hot. Under the blazing sun of hot Hawaii, putting on a sweater, coat, I thought of whether i will get a heat rash.”

Kim Junsu revealed that, “like this, i took a bit of hardships in a hot place. To that extent a good resulting product was made.”

Additionally, on this day, to the message, ‘hopeless with gadgets/machines but still cute, Kim Junsu said giving a big laughter, “If called cute at 31 years old with an appearance of this degree, then I don’t think it is embarrassing.”

In addition, “I have read a declarative statement that I am handsome at the time of the concert in front of 7000 people. I will say this one more time, I am not handsome. [They tell] me to change my thinking and to recognise it but it’s impossible. I am not handsome but i have a heart softening face.”

Laughing hard, Kim Junsu honestly said, “in actuality my appearance is just of that degree that can be looked at,” and, “it is true that i have a baby face. Looking at my dongsaengs who call me Hyung, though there is no special management, I think ‘I did very welll.’ ”

Source: Motto! Korea
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160112 JYJ Junsu, is amused that he himself laughs? Comical photo with a wig on revealed!

JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed a self shot of his appearance with a red wig on and, displayed a happy figure.

Junsu on the afternoon of the 11th, through his personal instagram, with a short comment, “more excited! this feeling of satisfaction,” posted a collage including several photos. The released photo includes, Junsu with a red wig on, holding a candy, and a form which roars with laughter while holding the camera.


Especially, Junsu who attracts notice with the comical form of the lipstick jutting out from the lips, with his mouth open wide and, his eyes opened widely, revealed a state of rolling laughter to the extent that the camera [/picture] may blur, making the people watching enjoy.

The net users who saw the released picture responded as ‘Junsu cute!’ ‘Junsu’s smile is the best’ ‘love the playful junsu’ ‘I feel better! thank you for the photo’ ‘Jun chan looks like a kid, cute’ etc.

Junsu is set to star in the musical “Dracula” staged in the large theatre, Sejong Culture and Arts Center, from the 23rd to the 9th of February.


Source: KpopStarz Japan
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160102 EXID Hani, becoming a big topic in Japan, after relationship with JYJ Junsu came to light


<No.1 ハニ (Trans: Hani)>

From the first day of the new year, the surprise reveal news of the star couple, JYJ Junsu & EXID Hani, became a big news in Japan as well. Hani became a person of interest[/topic] on Japan’s internet.

In the middle of the Hanryu (T/N: influx of South Korean pop culture into Japan) entertainment media in Japan, Junsu and Hani’s relationship was reported. The news about the confirmation of the relationship by the two, was published as the top news in Japan’s biggest portal site Yahoo! JAPAN’s entertainment column, and Japan’s net users showed their hot response as well.

Japanese fan, “it’s big news from the first day of the new year right,” “it says it’s officially confirmed,” “Junsu to be the first JYJ public relationship,” (T/N: hinting on feelings of shock) within the situation of receiving shock, the situation of accepting Junsu’s relationship and cheering (him on) was seen as well.

It may be because of the interest towards the partner, Hani, in the relationship, on that day, ‘Hani’ ranked no. 1 in Yahoo & Twitter realtime search word.

Source: Kstyle
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160101 EXID Hani, in love with, planned to enlist in military in 2016, JYJ Junsu?

r (1)

EXID Hani and JYJ Junsu became Korean Celebrity world’s first official couple in 2016. Hani plans to be ‘Gomushin’ (곰신/고무신: rubber shoes, means for a woman waiting for her enlisted lover) in 2016, and is seen to attract attention again.
(T/N: explanation of Gomushin is from the article, kor to eng translator may be better at the explanation of the term)

Hani and Junsu’s secret date was informed through Dispatch’s report. It said that Hani went and had a secret date in Junsu’s car.

In the middle of this, Junsu is planned to enlist in military in 2016. Already last year March Jaejoong, Yoochun in August, enlisted into the military and JYJ’s activities are at a standstill situation. Junsu was born on 1st January 1987, and till now it is revealed that he plans to enlist in the military in 2016.

If Junsu’s enlistment into the army takes place in the first half of (2016), Hani will become Gomushin too early. Within confirming her relationship with Junsu, Hani expressed her feelings of love and gratitudes towards her lover. It was a bit different from the general form of relationship confirmation by the celebrities and was an impression of consideration (for others). Junsu’s side was careful as to not divulge any tangible details but Hani openheartedly expressed her feelings for lover Junsu.

Hani’s side confirmed the relationship by, “With the hit of ‘Up & down’ last year, all of a sudden there was a big change in situation and Hani was inexperienced in many parts as to how to deal with it but, (Junsu) at that time, who had correct judgement more than anyone else, became a person of influence [or strength] (to her) to be able to focus on work furthermore, naturally they developed (to become) lovers.”

It is said that Hani and Junsu developed their relationship since last year June. Junsu, who was starring at that time in musical ‘Death note’, invited Hani and she went to see together with her mother. According to representatives, Junsu and Hani developed their relationship genuinely from that time on.

Source: Kstyle
Translated by xiahjunjjyu

[NEWS] 151229 Trot Singer Park Gyuri is proud of co MCing with Jaejoong (JYJ) 

Trot singer Park Gyuri (36) costarred as MC with ‘JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong (29) at the “Year end beacon fire concert together with Yongin city”.

Park Gyuri bore the role of the facillitator together with Jaejoong (JYJ) at “Year end Bonfa concert together with Yongin city,” which was held at Yongin city’s Literary arts hall on the past 23rd 6:30 p.m.

Park Gyuri said, “due to the year end, i have a busy schedule but as a member of the army’s public relations, if it is possible to do activities with the army, i want to do it together at any given time.”

Source: Wow! Korea via Korepo
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 151222 With the special splendour of Booklet fully loaded with Park Yoochun’s CUTE expressions to making videos! First public unfolding image of “The Girl Who Sees Smells” DVD & Blu-ray SET1

r (2)

Park Yoochun (JYJ), who displayed his new charms in works such as ‘Missing you’, ‘Three Days ~Love and Justice~’ ‘Sea Fog’ etc. (and) is now mesmerizing the world besides the Asian countries. His last starred drama before enlisting in the military, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ is approaching it’s release on 2nd February next year.

This time the first public image of next year 2nd February release, splendour special included SET1 was unfolded. In SET1, of course the making videos are included full of Park Yoochun’s natural face (and) a collection of clips kept as a secret at the shooting location are recorded as a special video. In the first limited disc, other than to compare to the 12 page booklet, original mini clear file, and an application postcard for present campaign to get “SPECIAL THANKS DVD”, in which can only be seen here carefully selected behind the scenes is recorded, is additionally enclosed. Added with the splendour special indispensable to the fans, “The Girl Who Sees Smells” DVD & Blu-ray is currently under reservation requests with high praise.

In this work where the miraculous re-tag of Park Yoochun and script writer of ‘Rooftop Prince’ Lee Hee-myung is implemented, police officer Mugak (Park Yoochun), who became impervious to senses in an incident and loosing her memory from the shock of her parents being killed, became able to see smells, aspiring comedian super sensing girl Chorim (Shin Sekyung), their cute with 100% purity developing romance. ‘Old Boy’ Yoon Jinseo for the role of Mugak’s boss , ‘Want to hug you~ Need for Romance’ Nam Goongmin as the story’s key man appearing etc., capable actors are assembled in full force. A love comedy of the highest grade with Yoochun’s comical acting, which gathered high popularity when broadcasted in Korea,is finally appearing as DVD & Blu-ray.

r (3)

“The Girl Who Sees Smells”
2nd February (Tues) Release ※ Rental DVD Vol. 1~6 to be released at the same time
Blu-ray SET1/DVD SET1 [with Trial Blu-ray (Ep 1~Ep 3)]
2nd March (Wed) Release ※ Rental DVD Vol. 7~13 to be released at the same time
Blu-ray SET1/DVD SET1 [with Trial Blu-ray (Ep 9~Ep 11)]
Price: Blu-ray ¥18,000 + tax each/ DVD ¥15,200 + tax each
Sales agency: NBC Universal Entertainment
Official site: http://kandera.jp/sp/nioiwomiru/


Source: Kstyle
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER