[NOTICE] 160603 JYJ JP LINE – restrain from sending gifts or visiting Park Yoochun at the public office


This is C-Jes Entertainment.

Before Park Yoochun’s birthday, many from the fans as a congratulatory gift, are sending food and drink as a present to the public office where Park Yoochun serves, visiting directly in front of the office and handing over the present, situations such as these are increasing.

As the public office is a place where many of the citizens come and go, to visit the office or waiting for the artist or presenting food and drinks, when bringing them etc., it will cause trouble for the co-workers serving together. Accompanying this, Park Yoochun will result in troubling situations, we kindly request of everyone so as to have self restraint

From here on in case of fan letters, if you send it to C-Jes Entertainment’s main office, we will safely deliver it to Park Yoochun.

We are thankful for the many love and concern of everyone of the fans.

Source: JYJ JP Naver Line
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NOTICE] 160322 Be careful of scam tickets at high price for 2016 XIA BEST BALLAD CONCERT in JAPAN

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.25.31 PM

[PLEASE BE CAREFUL!] On the internet and etc., there is ticket being sold at a high price under “For person concerned”, (T/N:  関係者枠) we are not performing sales such as those. Tickets with such a description is an act of fraud so please be especially careful.

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[NOTICE] 160111 Warning statement against JYJ related malignant bulletins

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.15.46 PM


JYJ members, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun are enlisting and recently the reports being made regarding Kim Junsu’s romance or in Japan’s online community and SNS etc., cases of groundless rumours and malicious slandering have increased.

In addition to our company working hard with great effort in order to eradicate cyber crime of the likes of this from occurring within South Korea as well, several tens of people have already received the punishment of penalty sentence etc.

Eradication of rumour and untrue fact circulation etc., and texts of malicious slander etc., cyber crime, even if it occurred in Japan, our company together with the judicial affairs agent will go against it. We strongly warn against cyber crime.

Source: jyjjapan.com
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER