[TRANS] 181109 Idol of Idols, Kim Junsu Idol fans compilation (feat. GIRIBOY)



For musical it is musical, for singing is singing, dance is dance!
Just about everything can not be excluded, heavenly musician Kim Junsu!


Thanks to his outstanding ability, since before
they say he has taken the post as the Idol for many idols

The idols who officially made it clear that they are Junsu-nim’s fans
As was expected who is in there! let us go confirm at once!


1. BtoB Yook Sungjae

BtoB Yook Sungjae, through broadcasts and SNS
has soundly emphasised that he is Kim Junsu’s fan.

In 2016, he attended the musical ‘Dracula’
which stared Junsu-nim
he took a confirmation shot together (with Junsu)
and earned the name of the fan who succeeded in real (life)!

Rumor has it that they even played sudden attack together..?
(please include me too..)

과자 먹기

2. Wanna One Hwang Minhyun

Junsu-nim’s famouse Nam-fan (T/N: Namja fan: male fan) Wanna One Hwang Minhyun.
Junsu-nim’s concert, musicals etc.,
to say that he has gone to all the places where Junsu appears!

[TRANS: Stage, acting, singing, it was all perfect! A performance that taught me a lot. Thank you. #Dracula #XIAcul #XIA]

Well as one may expect, in Kim Junsu’s end of year concert as well
curious to know if we will get to sneak a look at his face there!

(looks like the heart wants to do the ticketing)


3. Big Bang Seungri

In his student days track suit
engraving ‘XIA♥Seunghyun’ and going to school,
boasting a long fan history of that extent, Big Bang Seungri!

After his debut, Seungri at interviews or at multiple media
it can be said that he whole heartedly expressed his love for Junsu-nim ㅋㅋㅋ


4. Seventeen Bu Seungkwan

Since before soundly making clear that
Junsu-nim is his role model, Seventeen Bu Seungkwan!

Bu Seungkwan ssi, good at singing, good at dancing too
(face is also good)

He’s maturing splendidly right? 


5. Wanna One Ha Sungwoon

At the time of their Hot shot activities, in an interview asking about their role models
No taehyun said ‘Michael Jackson’ and
Ha Sungwoon cried out ‘Kim Junsu’s’ name!

Through Produce 101
making a fresh start as the idol loved by a crowd of people, Ha Sungwoon!

Go on and keep growing up more ~~ >_<


6. Just Music GIRIBOY

In Show Me the Money 777, energetically participating
GIRIBOY is also famous as a passionate fan of Junsu-nim!

In his own concert, he gave a signed CD to his fan
‘XIA Junsu is really cool ㅎㅎ I want to be like him’
leaving this comment behind!

In all sincerity you are recognised as a Junsu fan~

짝짝짝[TRANS: clap clap clap]

From.. these popular idols, receiving
plenty of love, Junsu-nim!  ♡

In the soon to be held Junsu-nim’s concert
it would be great if everyone of them would have regular meetings!~~

마쟈마쟈[TRANS: right right]

Source: 1boon
Kor-Jap trans by XIA Wonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu

[TRANS] 170204 Junsu’s letter to the fans at XIA Toscana Fanmeeting


When did I [last] write a letter, it seems it’s been a long period to the point that I can not remember that I didn’t write. It’s a bit awkward and embarrassing too. However, the passed time, I’m thinking of recalling each single moment with you all, who have always been there together with me and express in sentences even if a little the emotions that are difficult to put in words. The word ‘it’s the Last’ is a bit that but now when coming to the last schedule that is in Jeju, my chest is somewhat like packed, I am happy to see everyone’s smiling faces again too, it seems like a day [where] the heart is complicated in many things. The time amongst the busy performance schedule and every day [life],  how was a day spent to the extent that I don’t even know, days spent hectically continued but not knowing when I’ll be able to see Jeju’s sea and again seeing everyone’s limitless beauty my heart seems to feel refreshed, really many memories have accumulated right? To open each single one, there are far too many things that I don’t know talking about which one would be good. Delightful happy times as well, tough and painful moments as well, because you all, who without change walked together with me, were there that I was able to always work hard. Thank you. Honestly the words that I wanted to tell you all may just be all with this. To say and express in detail what I am thankful for is difficult, to that extent thank you. Just be receiving like this, what should I be doing. This, again asking a question with no answer, it’s the hopeless me, for a short while I will be separating from you all but even with that like it had always been, myself like I will firmly accomplish so properly send your love and support in the time from here on, meeting again with a delighted and strong form, like having met yesterday and meeting today, just, in that way like nothing happened, I say ‘Anyeong!’ that’s why. Ah wrong it should be ‘Chunseong!’? (T/N: Salute) ^ ^  To say short it’s short, to say long it’s long but.. till that time. Remain like this okay. Thank you, really. = From Junsu

Source: @angel_xia
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[PICS + TRANS] 161230~31 Junsu answers XIA Space Q &A Sheet

<XIA SPACE> was organised and held by Junsu Korean fansites Ohmyjun and With XIA in Seoul on 30~31 Dec 2016









NOTE: The english translations are done through Japanese translations, there may be some discrepancies.


0. Even if it’s troublesome or difficult, like a man with charisma do you have the intention to answer these questions directly?
① of course
❷ call!!!
③ of course! (in Korean)
④ of course (in Japanese)
⑤ I’ll see first

1. Current time is? < PM 7:09 >

2 Usually what do you do at this time ?
① Composing!
② (Playing) Soccer!
③ (Playing) Game!
④ Singing!
❺ Other ( Don’t try to know! )


3. From amongst the two, please choose the one you like more.
Note: Junsu’s answers are indicated as bold

Angel XIA VS Sha Sha Sha
Genie time = Junsu time
③ Blueberry VS Pomegranate
④ Pan(/bread) Vs Ddok (Korean rice cake)
⑤ e-cigarette VS peropero candy 
 내게 기대 (Lean on me) VS 길 (Road)
⑦ Blonde hair VS Black tank
Jun jjyu VS Jyun jjyu
Americano VS
스치다 (Brushing past) VS 다시 돌아온 그대 (you who returned back again)
⑪ Waltz VS Tango
Dance without music accompaniment VS Twice [speed] fast dance


4. From amongst the following, please pick the hair color that you liked the most this year.

Blonde hair Junjjyu 
② Red hair
③ Black hair Junjjyu
④ Wine Junjjyu
⑤ Brown hair
⑥ Pink hair


5. Refer to the example below and complete the graph of 2016 “Kim Junsu”

Major arc: Charisma; Minor arc: Lovely❤


6. From the following select all of your nicknames that you like.

a. Intelligent Junsu                                                h. Piyo (T/N: chick)
b. Unequalled handsome man Kim Junsu       i. Jun jjang
c. MC XIAWAR                                                        
j. Kim Mae
d. Shi at                                                                    
k. Fairy nim
e. Sha                                                                          l. Angel XIA
f. Calm person                                                        
m. Kim maknae
g. Scenery bot                                                          
n. Shawoongie


7. From the following choose the costume of the year end concert that you like the most.

number 9.


8. In 2016, the times Junsu has sang Loving you keeps me alive, in total how many times is it?

1~10 times
② 11~20 times
③ 21~30 times
④ 31~40 times
⑤ more than 40 times

9. When did the fans feel the most unfamiliar to you?

❶ When they go as far as [treating me] like an elder when i called blue day blue berry
(T/N: thought hard about this trans and i’m afraid I don’t understand, it could be my misinterpretation or mistranslation)

10. In 2016, which of these words were not said by Junsu

❶ This do you know this? you should know this

Note: as far as I know, I am only certain that no.2 option was said by Junsu in Seoul Concert.


11. From the below which does Junsu [think] is a boring gathering.

a. Do you remember that winter’s Sejong <Mozart> I am, I am Music Gathering.
b. World with no war created by a Vietnam War veteran from the fierce tiger unit <Tears of Heaven> Soldier Gathering
c. Merger as Death! <Elizabeth – First show> Death Gathering
d. Inside of me find my dream <Elizabeth – rerun> Death Gathering
e. World where people are happy <December> Cry baby Gathering
f. Don’t doubt me Don’t disappoint me (T/N: lines from Dracula number Life after Life I believe) <Dracula> Grandfathers Gathering
g. Crime rate 0.00% <Death note> I after all did not hear it Gathering
h. Youth! Beauty! Joy! Everything is to be decided by me (T/N: Dorian Gray dialogue) <Dorian Gray> Pretty and the best Gathering

Junsu chose c and d, “Proper is boring!”


In the musical <Dorian Gray>, you have disguised yourself as the most beautiful man in the world, from the form of a pure boy to the dropped down form, by presenting various acting spectacle you perfectly turned into ‘Dorian Gray’.
From the below choose the one which is not do an adlib that you did in the musical <Dorian Gray>

❹ Just joking


Next are neologisms related to Junsu. Please write the meaning as you see.

① ㅇㄹㅇㅆ: ?
② 언감언순: Always – be grateful – Always – be gentle
③ 가가오오: If said go – go – If said come – come
④ 세젤귀: The most – cutest – in the world
⑤ 준또러: ??
⑥ 디셈버 걔: What is this….
⑦ ㅅㅇㄹㅇ: XI – A ?? (T/N: from Jap translator, she thinks it’s XIA Leo)
⑧ 막고: ??
⑨ 55555: Go Go Go Go Go !! 
⑩ 덩어리: The fans
⑪ 부스러기: Fallen down fans?
⑫ 불사꽃: Love is like a snowflake

T/N: Each hangul character corresponds to a phrase or word, they are seperated by hyphen. I’ve just translated Junsu’s answers however, I’m afraid I can not interpret this question any more than this.

In 2017 and 2018, what do the XIApwa wish from Junsu the most?

① For Junsu to be happy every day every day
② 32 year old Junjjyu too 33 year old Junjjyu as well to be always healthy
③ To eat well and sleep well
④ To remember the fans’ gaze when going to sleep
To not forget that the fans are always waiting 

Reaching the new year, select all of the tidings that you would like to do for the fans.

① In 2017 and 2018 as well, be affirmative!
② Everyone to properly cover in a warm blank, Good night ^^
③ Lets meet again! wink ~ >_-
④ I will only offer you happy things >_<
Till always while growing old lets go together

17. If you were to assess XIApwas acting and singing?

Acting: Good!
Singing: So So..

18. As the fashion leader who ahead of the times, if you were to predict the fashion trend of 2017?

Kimstoradamus… Perhaps removing one sleeves when wearing a T shirt
(T/N: Kimstoradamus is a play of Kim and Nostradamus, click here for more info)

19. Write a three sentence poem with “사랑해” (Saranghae)

Truth is you and I
Floating on that sky
Will be together till that sun burns out!

20. Well, from here on it’s Junsu time.
Finishing the trial examination to sum up the impressions of 2016 and the nearing 2017
write the words you want to most say to your fans.

Please wait for only 2 years I will come back healthy soon…
Dating. marriage.. I approve..

But when I return, with your lover or husband
hold hands and come ㅋㅋㅋ Truly Thank you..♥

Pic credit: @sk_xiah1215 + @dhdh1215 + @leoXIAleo + @dbghk2 + xia_onigiri1215 + @listenxiah
Jap Translations by @08JYYJ02 + @summersnowxia
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[FANCAM + TRANS] 170103 Sweet Memory XIA Toscana Fanmeeting – Good night greetings

Video Link


T/N: The english translations for what was said in Korean was translated from the Japanese translations provide by MC Gong Daeyu in the source video

Junsu: it’s been a while since Death note. On SNS everyone was saying to post [something], I saw that. This time our meeting at Jeju Island, today is just simple greetings and tomorrow with everyone a fun and long various events, it would be good if you thought of it as a time for talk.

Junsu, in response to Japanese fans reaction when Daeyu was translating (in Japanese) “Everyone understands to quite an extent.” As the Japanese fans response was a bit low. Daeyu said that many may understand but for those who don’t understand Korean I will be translating.

Junsu: To be tender with everyone, the numbers are too many but this time will be the last time with everyone before enlisting thus I am looking forward to it. I will work hard tomorrow.

Junsu asked Daeyu to translate in Japanese what he says in Korean and translate in Korean when he says in Japanese as the two languages are mixed up in his head.

Junsu: Today there isn’t much to say as tomorrow we’ll meet. But since I have come here and I know that everyone has been waiting here for a long time so I will be getting questions from everyone, about three questions.

Qs: What did you eat during Seollal (Korean New Year)?

JS: for Seollal after a long while I went back home and my mother made ddok (rice cake) and grilled meat, we ate that together with the whole family.
Fan: please tell the menu
JS: menu? there were many things, sweet black soybeans, grilled meat, there were really many, rice cake and chijimi. There were many, but the main (dishes) was of this sort.

Qs: what had you been doing after Death note ended as you didn’t post on instagram and if there was a time when you thought of posting but refrained from.

After Death note ended, after a long time I went down to Busan for traveling. With the feelings that “I dont know when i’ll get to see the sea next so went to Busan”. I really like the sea right. Thinking of the sea I thought of Busan. I went to Busan but in I got gastritis and was in pain for a while thus was in the hotel or at home during that time. I think because i’ve been working for so long that’s why, every time when I take a holiday I become sick.  But I’m all better now. 2 days ago I got better and was thinking of posting on instagram but thought that I will be meeting fans soon at Jeju Island and decided to not post on instagram so as to treasure the time we meet and for that I refrained a bit.

Qs: You said you would explain about the ‘Flower’ music video and what ment you said on the Graduation Day in Death note when Light sings, when the time passes and now the time has passed so can you?

Junsu: The contents of the music video is not important, it’s mostly visually. I’m a bit confused if I can say this myself but when writing the lyrics I had an image. There’s not much to say about the ‘Flower’ music video and it’s up to you what to interpret. I was being careful That meaning of the song to say now, those who know ‘Flower’ know it. There is a lot of poetic meaning in the lyrics. I thought of writing it from the view point of a child who was ill treated. The part in the lyrics of ‘without being able to broaden my dreams, I failed’, it’s not that it failed but with the meaning that having a dream but did not have the opportunity to broaden, I used ‘Take my hand’. This I am saying again after 2-3 years, I believe while keeping this in mind and listening to the song again, everyone will come up with something different. And in the ending there is a sound of a crying voice so that is the meaning so please listen to it again.

(T/N: This part’s translation is a bit incomplete, I feel Daeyu summarised what Junsu said.)

Junsu: In Death note, there was really no meaning. It’s a bit embarrassing, over there every time there nothing pre decided and mostly I said the same thing every time. It wasn’t like saying some proper dialogues. But Han Jisang had a reaction at that time and I thought do I need to say something here. I did just greetings like, ‘I am L’ ‘Hello’ ‘how are you’. There wasn’t anything special.

(T/N: I believe this talk came up in the V live, link here)

Qs: [From a Japanese fan] Your hair has become a bit short. You will be cutting your hair before you enlist, when will you cut and when you cut could you post it [on instagram].

JS: you want me to give it? (T/N: the word for post in Japanese is same as ‘giving’ so Junsu misunderstood)
Fan: post on instagram
JS: oh, you said ‘give’ so I thought you wanted my hair
Then Junsu translated this convo and the question asked in Japanese in Korean for the KR fans

Junsu: My front hair is short right? but since Dorian Gray I haven’t cut my hair at all. To explain how it’s so short is because i’ve been dyeing my hair and every time I dry my hair it falled off. (Jap fans: Ehhh)

Junsu laughs, ‘oh this side is Japanese. Thats why when I speak in Korean over here responds but here is silent.’

Junsu: My hair from the side has grown but from the front is short. You are shocked right so am I. But don’t worry I’m not going bald. I discussed it with Kang ho (from The Red carpet) and will be cutting my hair on 8th feb itself or a day before  but mostly probably will be the day of. But kang ho thinks my hair right now is short enough but still will be cutting my hair before going to military.

The short greeting lets keep it till here. Tomorrow I will be answering everyone’s questions and hI will gifting you something it’s a face mask because your skin is precious and tomo we’ll be meeting at near distance so need to do face mask. With a beautiful form lets meet tomorrow. Do a face mask and sleep. Good night.

Fan: It’s still too early to sleep.

Korean fans said that they will be drinking now, some alcohol which is from Jeju Island and Junsu jokingly said that, that drink is not alcohol. Then asked who over here is weak in drinking and one fan said that she is and that with one glass she faints. Junsu said that with one glass he doesn’t faint but doesn’t feel so good. Then he asks Daeyu if we need to translate this as well, Daeyu hesitates and Junsu then asks in Japanese himself who over here is weak. One fan said I can’t even drink a glass and Junsu and Daeyu said ehh that’s a lie. One fan said that I can drink. Then Junsu said the strong drinker from Korean fans and Japanese fans, do a drinking competition and the winner will then go against Junsu. The fans said ‘whennn?’ Then Junsu said that after coming back lets have some fun competitions and things not just of drinking. And with that Junsu bids Good night and see you tomorrow.

Daeyu revealed that this event was originally supposed to be of 10 mins but it’s been 30 mins now.

Source: @hb_xiawase
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INTERVIEW] 161231 With gratitude towards his fans in his heart, heading for military enlistment JYJ Junsu

Note: This interview was taken by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, (T/N: shimbun meaning newspaper) which is widely regarded for its journalism as the most respected daily newspaper in Japan.


[Prepare the time to always answer the various requests from the audiences at the concert. The conversation with the fans became enjoyable = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Kim Junsu of the South Korean artist group ‘JYJ’ in December held, going to become his last before enlisting, solo concert ‘BALLAD MUSICAL CONCERT vol.5’ (T/N: in the source the concert title was written like this) in Saitama and Osaka. In total around 60,000 people were mobilised and during the tour he greeted his 30th birthday as well. Junsu, who went from an idol to an adult artist and added an year to his age, talked about his celebrity activities of till now and his thoughts before his military enlistment.

In February you will be enlisting into the military, this past one year with what thoughts have you been (doing your) activities?

In the remaining 1 year, formed a clear plan and worked with it. It was an extremely hectic and busy days as compared to usual. When I go to military, my activities as a singer and musical actor would be suspended for a while. Feelings of wanting to securely organise the last of the 7 years (as JYJ) and to adorn the ‘Crowning glory’, came about working hard exhausting my utmost best.

If I do proper activities till the end then the 2 years while enlisting, I also had this thought that wouldn’t then the fans wait for me. As I still have one more month, I will work hard securely till the end.

Debuted in South Korea and Japan as ‘Tohoshinki’ member in your teens, big group in Asia. In your twenties, on one hand you withdrew from the group and on the other broadened the width of your activities with solo activities and appearing in musicals. Was the 12 years of celebrity activities [feels] like a blink of an eye?

It wasn’t like a blink of an eye. The activities of the time of ‘Tohoshinki’ were like a blink of an eye but the activities after that were challenging towards new things or overcoming things, there was a lot of pressure. (Circling the celebrity activities) there were various trials as well. To the point of thinking were there any other celebrities in their twenties who experienced through that. However, from overcoming each one, you can feel that no matter what comes you are endowed with the power to overcome it. In that meaning it also made me think, ‘it was a good experience’.


[The last stage in Japan before military enlistment. Let us hear his singing voice filled with various thoughts = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Changed your agency and with the three formed a new [group] ‘JYJ’, believe that there were various barriers in South Korea as well as Japan. ‘I can’t endure any more’, (ever) thought of it as well?

There is, there is. Because I am a human being as well. Honestly there were many times when I thought of giving up.

Even with that you continued your activities, what was the ‘driving force’?

That is well, the existence of everyone of the fans. Because everyone was there, I definitely did not want to loose to the various obstacles. Even when my heart wavered, from the power and courage I received from the fans, power sprang out again.

These 7 years your television appearance was close to none, on the other hand you’ve continued activities to connect with your fans directly in lives or musicals. Was there any change to your attitude in music or activities?

Having the opportunities to appear on television decreased is sad but in exchange it has become so that I make by matching the whole of the performance in the live. Even at the time of composing music, I have come about composing while thinking about the performance I can do onstage. I believe hasn’t that change had a good influence on my performances.

A few years ago I began standing on stage of musical and so have broaden my ways of expression. I believe by mixing the musical performance into the stage of a live, I was able to show a stage of even more charms. I believe that hasn’t such a stage in itself become my ‘signature’.

This time’s concert is also composed with focus on musical and just before enlistment you will be appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ as well right.

To me right now musical is really important. After the period of resting from activities, to once again having to stand on stage was in musical. Once again I sang was in musical as well and received an award was in musical as well. In the award ceremony I appeared on television in a long time as well. It made me think, ‘it’s good that I didn’t give up,’ and I received a new life, a new dream. That’s why for ‘the Last’ activity before enlisting I wanted it to be a musical.

To put into words the charm that can not be known from singer and idol activities would be?

Musical, be it standing on stage for 20 or 30 times, each is totally different. Everything is ‘Live’. That is totally fascinating. For example, watching a movie even after 10 years is the same but the same musical can not be seen a second time.

The difference with ‘singer’ is that acting, singing, expressions, everything is needed right. In musicals, the lyrics become the script and you sing with feelings. The actors while exchanging various emotions, together go (about) making it (T/N: making the story/musical). The time when singing while exchanging emotions is really enjoyable. And in the last the sound of the applause received from the audience, that is really amazing!

During concert several times you have talking about, ‘I want act in a musical in Japan as well’.

Umm,  I really want to do it. Some day in Japan, together with the Japanese actors, in Japanese, I want to do a musical. I’m not sure if it will become reality of not but the performances that I have done in South Korea till now, ‘Dracula’, ‘Elizabeth’, be it those is okay as well and I want to challenge in a new thing as well.

After the enlistment has ended with what form do you want to appear in front of your fans?

(Distancing from activities) I am worried. However, even if when I return from my enlistment and the fans in front of my eyes are no longer (there), till now the love that I received from everyone was an unbelievable ‘miracle’ is what I think and thus I have only feelings of gratitude. A few years ago I thought that ‘I may be finished now’. Thus, till now having continued doing activities like this was a miracle and I am only grateful towards that. When I return, I believe I want to with those feelings I want to again work hard.

During the enlistment while thinking about the feelings I received from everyone inside my heart, acquiring the composure as a single human, I want to return back. And when I return it would be good if I challenge into a further more new genre.

As the Korean artist Junsu, cann you once again put into words about the meaning of activities in Japan and/or the existence of the fans?

Japan to me is like a second home country as it’s a county that has given me lots of love and ardent support, after a while when I come to Japan they always give me the same warm reception, it is a place like a home town which shows unchanging love. That’s why I can not do even if i’m thankful.

I am a foreign singer right. That’s why in Japan especially if you do not appear on television, the hearts of the fans becomes estranged. In reality in these 7 years such a thing happened and it is obvious. However, undeterred by that too within the 7 years the fans have supported with all they’ve got. Regarding that I can not find the words but……. in various meanings I am grateful.

Till now the half of my singing life was in Japan. The time in which I’ve matured till now, the time I spent with the Japanese fans, it was in the memories of Japan.

Truly, Thank you very much.


[Personally planned a style of reenacting the musical program with the accompaniment of an orchestra. The result of having done the trial and error on [making] his own stage = Osaka-jo Hall, C-JeS Entertainment credit]

Kim Junsu, born in 1986 in South Korea. In 2004 debuted in the celebrity world in South Korea and Japan as a member of ‘Tohoshinki’. In 2010 with Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, the three changed their agency and [started] activities as a new [group] ‘JYJ’. In the same year, began his activities as a musical actor with ‘Mozart’, in 2012 received the award for the Best Male Lead in the ‘Korea Musical Awards’. From January 3rd to 26th he is appearing in the musical ‘Death note’ in Seoul.

During the interview, Junsu said the words, “these 7 years” several times.

Separating from the two members and ‘Tohoshinki’, changing the agency and did his activities, of these 7 years, the harshness of this journey is indicated.

In reality, he experienced several lawsuits concerning activities as a celebrity and after changing agencies, he confronted, ‘adverse wind’ such as the rapid decrease of television appearances.

In South Korea in 2015, with the proposal of the Members of the National Parliament who viewed, the ‘circumstance’ of JYJ not being able to appear on television music programs, as a problem, the stipulation of prohibiting the broadcast company from stopping the appearance of particular artists was incorporated into the Broadcast Act.

In “these 7 years” in the substitute of being unable to appear on television, Junsu and JYJ what they poured in their energy was in the live etc., in the venue of the ‘Live’ they delivered their words directly to the fans. It was not the period of Internet, as much as the television appearance decreases the popularity becomes in danger as well, it was such the usual state of things in the world of show business. With just that, the form of in various (ways) talking about the gratitude towards the fans during the interview was impressive.

In the greetings of the last concert, he said this to the audience, “when I was about to give up, every time who grasped our hands was everyone. If everyone was not here we couldn’t do anything. Thanks to everyone I was truly happy.” Continued to savour the contradicting two, the difficulty of having to continue living in a complicated world called the celebrity world and the enjoyment, perhaps it was a special “7 years”. ([Writer:] Nami Hamada)




Source: Asahi Newspaper Digital
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Ending Talk


ah.. everyone. ah.. umm..
ah, really.. (Fans: we’re waiting)

The real. Every time i’ve come along doing uncountable numbers of concert, that’s why every time I have said the line, ‘only the last song is remaining’, but Today’s, right now, when I’m going to say the line that ‘only the last song is remaining’ is a bit different right (voice breaks). ㅠㅠ


(while holding back tears) But, really. 7 years ago, for my life there was a really big change, I was quite lost (T/N: and confused), had many worries as well and thought of giving up, and thought like well from now on I won’t be able to sing. Many various, various well, regarding various [things] I was lost (T/N: and confused). At that time, every time, ‘don’t give up, don’t give up’, us and my hand, who held it was truly everyone. And, till now, really. well. An artist, whoever it may be, live on from the love from their fans. But JYJ and I am different from other artists. As we can’t do any activities or come on shows as artists, that’s why without everyone we can’t do anything, at all. As we can’t do, like releasing an album or making any projects, we can’t do anything. But that, we were able to do continuously till now and till today, without giving up we were able to come, I believe was all thanks to everyone. (Applause, Fans: thank you)

Forever, for forever, really even if I work hard forever in order to return back thought I believe I definitely will not be able to. After two years, so that I am able to answer back to you, as much as possible, really, I will work hard so. Really, I was able to come till now, well even if not till now, this is like a miracle, I never imagined that I would be able to come till now, really. That’s why after this, some day, everyone’s love was so much. Even though I totally can not do anything but the (love) given to me was so much, I will remember it. My feelings of gratitude towards everyone, I will never forget for eternity. Really, Thanks to everyone, I was happy. Well even after 2 years, I will work hard so that everyone becomes happy. (smile)

Thank you very much (bows)

Lets meet quickly. I will come (back) healthy.

ah, now, the everyone of now, each one, faces, eyes, everyday while remembering it I will (go to) sleep. And on the 30th Jaejoong will be coming, Please support (and cheer on) Jaejoong.

Video credit: 0101Leontic
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Last Talk after encore


Note: After finishing the encore stage, Junsu came out again.

Everyone. I knew that today everyone wouldn’t leave. Thank you very much.

For one, really today, really I cried, with the event as well.

Well, a bit, about 2 years we’ll be separated but they say that the me who will be inside (T/N: in the army) feel it longer.

but the audience who are outside don’t (feel it) so long. When I look at Jaejoong and think ahh that’s quite fast, Jaejoong says IT’S NOT FAST! IT’S SLOW! The time doesn’t seem to move, he said. He said it felt like twice or thrice (the time). For me maybe I will feel it’s long but i think I will come faster than what everyone thought. (Applause)

In those 2 years, if you were not able to do things like dating, umm studying, hobbies, while doing those. Me? ah, Junsu is your hobby? 

When I return make [your hobby] again me, increase it one more (T/N: I’m assuming increasing your hobby) Other artists is prohibited. Honestly, over here all the women, go to and fro with KPOP, but honestly I am fine with that. I am quite fine with that. It is okay to go (T/N: to other artists). You can go, but when I come [back], going back and forth, ah. going back and forth is not allowed. But other artists.. well… umm.. it’s okay if you go (to them). But the time when I return, you have to Paaa! (T/N: in Osaka con day 1, Junsu used Paa to illustrate break up, so I’m assuming that’s what he means here). There is No Problem then! (Applause)

xiahjunjjyu side note: This is very true, in Japan at least. Most of the fans are essentially KPOP fans, they support many other KPOP artists as well though there will be many of those who only support one artist. Junsu really knows many things.

Ah, this Paa is nice, everything can be conveyed. A conversation this long, with Paa! everything with just Paa! (laughs) Ya, because I will become like an idiot. 

Anyways, but well the concert has ended, but the real last work is the Death note musical work, it’s now very soon, from January 3rd for only 3 weeks, When that ends, I will immediately go, well really I will go all in and do it. 

If you want to meet me, please come to see it. I will come back quickly, I will return quickly so please wait for me!

Marriage is also okay. it’s okay to have children, If you have children come together with them. If you get married come together with your husband. I will be a bit jealous but.. If you date then come with your boyfriend. 

Bye Bye. Please return back safely. Let’s meet quickly [again]

Video credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 161226 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Ending ment


Umm.. (hesitating)
Here, on this stage, today till this moment, always.
Always sang songs. Always sang songs, the reason for this miracle is i believe thanks to the many love that everyone gave. (Applause)
From here on, a bit for 2 years we’ll be separated. I will soon return healthy so after 2 years, from here so that I can answer back (T/N: return or repay back) the love, I will be grateful if you could give me the opportunity (to do so). (Applause)

Will you wait for me? (Fans: Yess).

2 years is quite, if you think it as short, it’s short and if you think it as long, it’s long?
If you think it as long, it’s quite long but.. it’s quite long!
To say why, even in Korea couples who are dating, if the guy goes to the army, then it’s quite.. Paa!! (T/N: sound effect word)
they break up. More than 90% break up. (Fans: ehhh??)(Fan: it’s ok, it’s ok)

I feel uneasy (Fans: it’s ok!)
But, the love I received till now I was happy enough, when i return even if a bit of everyone are left. (Fans: ehhhh)
Ahh um but whichever me, I will work hard. Right now’s everyone, i believe before falling asleep I will remember. (Applause)
Always everyday I will think (about) [everyone].
Thank you very much!

The last song is from musical Dorian Gray. The lyrics of this song has the contents that I wanted to say to everyone so I choose this song. I would like to bid goodbye with this song. Please listen to it, requiem.

Video credit: lejxiah
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161211 Kim Mooyoung/Junho Instagram Update – Hello Hello

[PHOTO] 김준수라는 너무 멋진가수의 곡을 그동안 10곡이상 작사를 한거같습니다. 우연히 시작하게된 작사가.. 부담이 너무 커서 앞으로는 작사 못하겠다고 몇번이고 얘기했었지만 준수가 용기를 준덕분에 한곡 한곡씩 기회를얻어 작사를할수있었고 너무나 감사하게도 많은분들이 제가작사한 노래들을 좋아해주셨습니다. 많이부족한 작사지만 제가 작사를 계속해서할수있었던건 준수옆에서 항상 준수를지켜봐왔고 준수가 이 곡이라면 어떤메세지를 전달하고싶을까 이런고민에서 출발을 했기에 다른 프로작사가님들과 조금다른 그런작사를할수있었기에 계속해올수있지않았을까 생각합니다. 한곡한곡 작사한곡들이 준수의스토리와 작사했을 당시의 에피소드가 있지만 직접적으로 표현을안하고 간접적으로 표현한부분들이 많았기에 그런부분들은 얘기해드릴수있는 장소와 상황이없었고 저혼자만의 기억과 추억으로 남아있었습니다. *오늘 준수의 마지막 한국콘서트에서 여러분들이 준수에게 불러주신 ‘Hello Hello’ 이 곡은 제가 처음 음악을 받아서 들었을때 어떤 내용을 입히면 좋을까 스토리 구상단계에서 준수와 팬분들이 2년의 공백을 앞뒀을때의 감정과 하고싶은말 듣고싶은말이 뭘까 생각하며… 준수&팬 분들에게 선물로 드리고싶다라는생각을 하며 썼던가사였습니다.가사를 직접적으로 쓰지않았고 이내용을 어딘가에서 얘기한적이없었는데.. 오늘 마지막공연 이벤트로 준수에게 불러줄노래로 이노래를 선택해주셨고 정말많은여러분들이 합창으로 준수에게 불러주셨을때… 준수의 마음을 대변해서 쓴 이 가사가 팬분들도 느끼셨었구나..준수의 마음이 전달됐었구나.. 라는 생각이들며 너무감사했고 기뻤습니다.

‘Hello Hello’ 이 노래가사처럼 아주조금오래걸리는 이시간 여러분들이 늘한자리에서 응원하고 기다려주실꺼라 믿습니다. 앞으로는 힘든일 우는일없이 준수와 팬분들이 꽃길만 걸었으면 좋겠습니다^^ (아까 공연장의 감동을생각하며 생각나는대로 적다보니 정리가 잘안됐네요..ㅎ 모든분들 안녕히주무세요)

[Eng Trans via Jap trans]

T/N: there may be some discrepancies in the translations.

I believe till now I have (wrote) lyrics for more than 10 songs of a really splendid singer called Kim Junsu. Lyric writing which started by chance.. the pressure was really big that from here on I can’t write lyrics, this talk came up several times but thanks to the courage that Junsu gave me, I was able to gain the opportunity of writing each one song one song and really thankful that many of the people who came to like the songs for which I wrote the lyrics. Though they are lyrics with many insufficiencies, I was able to continue continue writing lyrics because I’ve come along always watching over Junsu beside him, what kind of message would Junsu want to convey with this song, it started off from those difficult struggles, thus I was able to do such lyric writing, which was a bit different as compared to other professional lyricists, I believe wasn’t it because of this that I was able to continue. Each one song, though in the songs I composed there is Junsu’s story and episode of the time of the composition, as there were more parts which indirectly expressed without directly expressing, to talk about such parts I didn’t have a place or circumstance, it remained as mine alone remembrance and memory. *Today at Junsu’s last Korean concert, the song everyone sang for him ‘Hello Hello’, this song when I received it’s sound and listened to it for the first time, making it into what contents would be good, since the phase of organising the story, thinking ahead of the emotions of Junsu and his fans’ blank space of 2 years and kept thinking of what words would want to be conveyed what words would want to be heard… It was the lyrics that I wrote while thinking of wanting to give a present to Junsu & those of the fans. I did not write the lyrics directly (T/N: expressing.. i think is what is meant here), I had not talk about this anywhere but.. today at the last concert event this song was chosen as the song to sing to Junsu, really when many of everyone were singing the song in a chorus to Junsu… these lyrics which were written to speak as Junsu’s heart, the fans also felt it.. Junsu’s heart was conveyed.. I thought of it and am really thankful and was happy.

‘Hello Hello’, like the lyrics of this song in this time, which will take a bit long, from the same place everyone will be cheering and will be waiting, is what I believe. From here on, not being in pain and sad, I will be happy if Junsu and his fans go on and walk on the passage through the audience to the stage ^^ (While thinking about the emotions of the hall from just before I am writing so I am not so organised right..ㅎ everyone good night)


Source: kimmooyoung
Kor-Jap translations by @08JYYJ02 *JYJ ONLY* + hyangri *JYJ ONLY*
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER