[OTHER TWITTER] 160707 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store, ‘Because it’s Junsu, because it’s them’

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Too adorable Jun chu, masterpiece Taran[tallegra], filled with power and feelings Flower, 90 degree bow, ordered string of Kim Junsu [en]core, answered to that voice Junsu

It’s not a miracle
Because it’s Junsu❤️ because it’s them❤️
Will continue to support forever


(T/N: during Yokohama concert Junsu said that it’s a miracle that he is standing on stage like this)


Source: @T_SANCHYA
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160706 Fanboy reunites and dances OeO with Junsu at Yokohama Arena (Day 2)

Note: KB is a member of Jpop rookie group called Addiction, he previously danced Tarantallegra with Junsu during Genie time in XIA THE BEST BALLAD in Tokyo (Day2 12PM)


I believe there will not be such a miracle in my lifetime… It was the motivation for me to begin activities and at the Live of Junsu san, who I respect, certainly (not) today as well in genie time, did leg sumo wrestling with Junsu and danced OeO together 😳 was too Happy ~😭🌟 (T/N: happy in Japanese is shiawase, XIA fans, replace Shia with XIA, so XIA wase)


Every time making us enjoy a stage of more than expectation, song as well as dance too of course is the best but, the feelings put into each single song or loving music from the heart, the feelings and human nature of trying to deliver than to the people looking at it honestly, makes a beautiful space till here right~ I felt like that a lot today! Really want to become an artist like Junsu


No it’s truly a miracle~
About now the real feeling has appeared and goose bumps have stood up…

Next time as a splendid artist
want to really truly work hard to be able to stand on the same stage with Junsu!

Till now and from now on as well forever it is my highest objectiveー☺️


Video credit: ohmyjuncom
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER