[NEWS] 160102 EXID Hani, becoming a big topic in Japan, after relationship with JYJ Junsu came to light


<No.1 ハニ (Trans: Hani)>

From the first day of the new year, the surprise reveal news of the star couple, JYJ Junsu & EXID Hani, became a big news in Japan as well. Hani became a person of interest[/topic] on Japan’s internet.

In the middle of the Hanryu (T/N: influx of South Korean pop culture into Japan) entertainment media in Japan, Junsu and Hani’s relationship was reported. The news about the confirmation of the relationship by the two, was published as the top news in Japan’s biggest portal site Yahoo! JAPAN’s entertainment column, and Japan’s net users showed their hot response as well.

Japanese fan, “it’s big news from the first day of the new year right,” “it says it’s officially confirmed,” “Junsu to be the first JYJ public relationship,” (T/N: hinting on feelings of shock) within the situation of receiving shock, the situation of accepting Junsu’s relationship and cheering (him on) was seen as well.

It may be because of the interest towards the partner, Hani, in the relationship, on that day, ‘Hani’ ranked no. 1 in Yahoo & Twitter realtime search word.

Source: Kstyle
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160101 EXID Hani, in love with, planned to enlist in military in 2016, JYJ Junsu?

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EXID Hani and JYJ Junsu became Korean Celebrity world’s first official couple in 2016. Hani plans to be ‘Gomushin’ (곰신/고무신: rubber shoes, means for a woman waiting for her enlisted lover) in 2016, and is seen to attract attention again.
(T/N: explanation of Gomushin is from the article, kor to eng translator may be better at the explanation of the term)

Hani and Junsu’s secret date was informed through Dispatch’s report. It said that Hani went and had a secret date in Junsu’s car.

In the middle of this, Junsu is planned to enlist in military in 2016. Already last year March Jaejoong, Yoochun in August, enlisted into the military and JYJ’s activities are at a standstill situation. Junsu was born on 1st January 1987, and till now it is revealed that he plans to enlist in the military in 2016.

If Junsu’s enlistment into the army takes place in the first half of (2016), Hani will become Gomushin too early. Within confirming her relationship with Junsu, Hani expressed her feelings of love and gratitudes towards her lover. It was a bit different from the general form of relationship confirmation by the celebrities and was an impression of consideration (for others). Junsu’s side was careful as to not divulge any tangible details but Hani openheartedly expressed her feelings for lover Junsu.

Hani’s side confirmed the relationship by, “With the hit of ‘Up & down’ last year, all of a sudden there was a big change in situation and Hani was inexperienced in many parts as to how to deal with it but, (Junsu) at that time, who had correct judgement more than anyone else, became a person of influence [or strength] (to her) to be able to focus on work furthermore, naturally they developed (to become) lovers.”

It is said that Hani and Junsu developed their relationship since last year June. Junsu, who was starring at that time in musical ‘Death note’, invited Hani and she went to see together with her mother. According to representatives, Junsu and Hani developed their relationship genuinely from that time on.

Source: Kstyle
Translated by xiahjunjjyu