[TWEET COMPILATION + TRANS] 160501 TOSCANA Presents Happiness to you with XIA JAPAN FANMEETING in Tokyo

Noon Part

@lovewithxiah 会場内。
Trans: inside the hall




冒頭のMC MC 今日もセクシーですね (●`∀´●)<いえまだ昼だから!隠してます!夜になったらいろいろ強くなります!
Trans: The beginning MC. MC: you are sexy today as well right [Junsu:] no because it’s still noon! I’m hiding it! once it becomes night in many ways get strongger!

ジーニータイム心理テスト。 MC この心理テストはピュア度が分かる心理テストです (●`∀´●)<…ぴゅあど…?? くっっっっっっそ可愛かった_| ̄|○❤︎
Trans: Genie time psychology test. MC: this psychology test is a psychology test in which we can know about the degree of pureness(●`∀´●)< [Junsu:] Pure deg…?? It was reaaaaallllyyy cute_| ̄|○❤︎

ジーニータイム。ピュア度が分かる心理テスト。A〜Dがあって、司会の方が復唱してる最中に (●`∀´●)<4!!!!!!!! アルファベットじゃないwwwwwwww ちなみにじゅんちゃんのピュア度は10%
Trans: Genie time. Psychology test from which you can know about your degree of purity. There was A~D, in the middle of the MC repeating [the question](●`∀´●)< 4!!!!!!!! is not an alphabet wwwwwwww by the way Jun chan’s degree of purity is 10%

ピュア度が分かる心理テストは、雪が降ったら何して遊ぶ? 回答の選択肢の中に雪だるまがあって、それを聞いた時に手でまぁるいものを作る動きをしてるじゅんちゃんがめっっっっっっっさ可愛かった😍😍😍😍😍
Trans: In the psychology test from which you can know about your degree of purity, if it snows with what would you play? in the answer choices there was a snowman, when hearing that Jun chan who was doing an action of making something round with his hand was reaaaaaaaalllllyyyyy cute 😍😍😍😍😍

質問コーナー 入隊中にジュンスからのサプライズプレゼントはある? (●`∀´●)<わからないなぁ。今は考えたくないですね。今はアルバムとミュージカルに夢中になりたい(集中したい)だけですね。
Trans: Question corner. Is there a present from Junsu while enlisting?(●`∀´●)< don’t know. right now don’t want to think about it. Right now want to only be engrossed in the album and musical (want to concentrate) right.

質問コーナー 靴下はどっちの足からはく? (●`∀´●)<左ですねぇ!ひだりききだから!だいぶひだりからですねぇ! だいぶ左からwwwwwwwwwwww
Trans: Question corner. From which feet do you wear socks? (●`∀´●)< It’s the left! because I am left handed! quite a lot is from left! because I am quite a lot from the left wwwwwwwwwwww

どうしたらジュンスみたいなプリケツになれる? (●`∀´●)<昔はコンプレックスでした。女性みたいで。 真っ直ぐ歩いててもお尻が揺れてる感じがして←お尻が揺れる手のジェスチャー付き 家族全員こんなお尻ですよ!
Trans: what do we do so we can become puriketsu like Junsu? (T/N: puriketsu means, full plump bottom) (●`∀´●)< I had a complex in the past. that it was like a female. even if i walk straight i felt that my bottom was swaying←adding the gesture of bottom swaying with his hands. all my family members bottom is like this!

@1215xiahmin (●`∀´●)<日本人はA型が多いですよね!? 韓国人はOが多いですよっ!!そして、おっとこはー、B型が1番多いですよっっ!! なかなかの策士ジュンス。。。( ¯•ω•¯ )
Trans: (●`∀´●)<Japanese are blood type A!? Many Koreans are blood type O!! and, after that blood type B is the most!! quite an intriguer Junsu…( ¯•ω•¯ )

@52Marumi ジュンス昼の部 ジュンスはお尻はコンプレックスだった家族みんな大きいプリプリ歩くのが女の人みたいで嫌だっただから歩き方が悪くなったお母さんには怒られる あのお尻になりたければうちの両親の中にはいって生まれて下さい 出来るか💢
Trans: Junsu noon part, Junsu had a complex about his bottom. everyone in the family walking with the big plump bottom looked like a female person and hated it so the way of walking became bad, mom got angered. if you want to have that bottom then please be born from inside my parents. (T/N: tweet writer’s comment) is that even possible 💢

Night Part


ジニータイムで歌ってくれた太陽の末裔OST!コン・テユさんもiTunes一位だなんだかんだと宣伝してくれた、How Can I Love Youを今度のツアーでフルで全力で歌ってくれるって!(若干適当 え?チケがまだないですって? 安心してください名古屋のチケットまだありますよ←
Trans: OST of DotS he sange during genie time! Gong Teyu also publicized it with it was no.1 in iTunes and something something, he said he will sing How Can I Love You in this time’s tour in full with full power! [..]

Trans: In the question for Junsu corner, Junsu chose a paper and while reading the name he dropped the honorific and called like ○○, the audience as well dropping the honorific… went noisy, did you get it? Gong Teyu san ○○ san← he said so Junsu as well said ah~○○ san! but when he chose the next person filled with confidence (said) ○○ dropping the honorific www
(T/N: in Japan dropping honorific when calling some one by their name indicates being close to that person)

Trans: In the question corner, want to know your foot size? was written in kanji. Boast like foot was written in kanji but i read it ww the ‘want to know’ after that was also written in kanji? he was excessively proud w

Trans: want to know about his foot size because want give him a present ww though Gong Teyu san asked him what centimetres? Junsu answered two hundred~ and the laughter in the hall again www he doesn’t look like he would be 200 centimetres right! audience being questioned by Gong Teyu san ww

Trans: Junsu’s feet size is 26 centimetres, why is the way of saying the feet size different in Japan, Korea, America? puzzled over it, Gong Teyu san told him to later search it up on NAVER [..]


Trans: the time about the talk of Junsu plucking the feathers of the chicken, he talked that Yoochun threw up and seeing the vomit he threw up again wwww

Trans: In what is the contents of the box, Junsu scared escaped once to the wing of the stage wwwww

心境の変化で髪色を変えると言ったジュンス。緑の頭のときは堕落する寸前の心境らしいww堕落はしてないけどその前とかwww ←この話いつしたっけ?もう記憶が混乱(@_@)
Trans: Junsu who said that he changes his hair color with the change in mental state. At the time of green hair it seems his mental state was on the brink of depravity ww he wasn’t depraved at all before that www ← when did he talk about this? my memory is really fuzzy now (@_@)

@lovewithxiah ジュンス、ドリアングレイのストーリーを一生懸命日本語で説明してくれて伝わりますか?って。以前、ドラキュラのストーリーを日本語では表現難しいからと韓国語で説明してくれた(←超長くw)ことあったけど、今回拙いながらも日本語で説明してくれたのにすんごい感動した。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。
Trans: Junsu tried really hard to explain the story of Dorian Gray in Japanese, said did it get conveyed? Before, he explained the story of Dracula in Korean because expressing in Japanese is difficult (←really long w) there has been such a case, this time even if it was clumsy he explained it in Japanese, so was really touched。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。


Trans: talk became about is there any one who has been to Bora Bora? there was someone who said they went 40 years ago, Junsu and Teyu san together bowed to that person around 4 times www

Trans: why did you do your car in gold color? In admiration of Dubai w that he saw quiet a lot of Dubai’s scenery and cars on instagram and wanted to do it himself too. But doing it in actuality it stands out too much, like ‘XIA Junsu is coming’, or that it will be revealed that I went there, more than anything I did gold color because I wanted to do it.

Trans: That it was the most bad that he became aware of ‘the celebrity who rides the gold colored car’. Even if it is normal in Dubai, in Korea it stands out too much and w he rode quite a lot in other cars, not even a week passed and the gold color came off, he said w

ジュンスが本当に優しくて❤️イントロで나 지금 고백한다が流れた時誰も答えられなかったら「韓国語で長いから」とか「こういうところに出てくると答えられなくなる」とか、本当に優男すぎてキュンキュンしましたT_T
Trans: Junsu is really kind❤️ In the intro (T/N: quiz to choose cinderella) 나 지금 고백한다 (Confession song) flowed and as no one was able to answer ‘because it is long in Korean’ or ‘when it appears in such a place you aren’t able to answer’, [..]

Trans: After what is the contents of the box ended, when Teyu san said ‘yesterday we did 3 though’ today just did it twice, Junsu said ‘don’t say something like that’ www because he knows the fans would pester him www

Trans: the scrubbing brush of the first (T/N: the first box for the segment what are the contents of the box), [Junsu] said ‘Crab!’. was it like a hair crab? w ‘it is rustling’ he said w he must really hate this game right, he knew the answer but ‘I don’t know the Japanese’, the way of speaking that slightly felt like he was getting angry www

Trans: Second one was a rubber duck, really flattened it w answer is “chick”, Junsu who couldn’t say ‘chicken’ was cute❤️

Trans: At the time of Kajima (T/N: 가지마 , don’t leave) in the intro quiz, Junsu also didn’t know and said ‘what?’ to the person in front, but before any of the cinderella candidates answered, because Junsu went ‘ah!’ and knew, Junsu as well had a chance to become cinderella as well right w

Trans: When Teyu san said that Dorian Gray is originally a drama play for small theatres, musical is the first in the world. The fact that Junsu is acting in that means that later on when they do this musical in the world Junsu san will become the model right, Junsu hugged Teyu san w

Trans: At the time of contents of the box, the time when Junsu was really afraid and ran away to the back, Teyu san shouting ‘SP catch him’ was funny www (T/N: SP: security police) it’s okay if I’m doing it alone (eh? w) that he is getting scared because of everyone’s reaction w when he had the eye mask on ‘run away’ he heard from the audience, ‘eh!?’ he got scared w

Trans: Story of the helper’s pants. when they went for bowling, Hansol recieved a call from the helper san, but he was really enjoying (T/N: while bowling) so he angrily said that don’t call me about such things! and hung up w then Hansol finished throwing the ball and when with the mood like yeah! he turned around and saw Junsu

Trans: ‘hm? the pants that the helper san was talking about just now..’ he thought and asked Junsu, ‘what happened to that pants?’, ‘thinking that it is a present from some one and wore it and came’ w then, actually the helper san could leave at 6 o’clock but was waiting till 10 o’clock w Junsu who was separately acting out Hansol and Junsu was cute w

Trans: the Tour from June, because he thinks it will be the last. And that recently like the time of debut he is living with a properly planned schedule. said ‘training, something, something, something’ w, It seems good to anticipate it [said] by Junsu

Trans: favourite country? question. Junsu, ‘that, is it for fun or holiday, isn’t it different depending on what it is. countries where I haven’t been but want to go is England, Dubai. Where I want to go again is Bora Bora’ w and, the talk became about sici sici, that he received many videos of Dubai from Sici sici in Kakao talk and went ‘wow!⤴︎’

Trans: In the Genie a person was selected who wrote ‘been a fan since 10 years ago’, Teyu san, ‘hm you can see that? your eyes are good right! lasik?’, Junsu ‘yes, it’s basic’, Te[yu] ‘Lasik’, Ju[nsu], ‘Lasik w right now I couldn’t hear it so I randomly said that w’

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Translated and compiled by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160501 MC Gong Daeyu posts a picture with Junsu at XIA JAPAN FANMEETING

Note: Gong Teyu has been the MC for many of JYJ’s fanmeetings in Japan or for Japanese fans.


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has safely ended.
Everyone from Kobe, Tokyo, Thank you very much for the very enjoyable time.
Always warmly greeting me, I am thankful for that.

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Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Noon Part


早々に会場に着いたがまだ準備中 ジュンスの大きい垂れ幕〜
Trans: Though I reached the venue early preparations are still underway. Big hanging banner of Junsu~


Trans: the note[book] called as photobook





Trans: Junsu Panel~


Trans: Junsu is doing flower arrangement. LOL wwww

Trans: Quite an interesting fanmeeting

Trans: Junsu’s visual today was the most cutest. Fluffy hair~

Trans: To what extent is he adding the flowers! wwwww
(T/N: i.e. during the flower arrangment section)

Trans: The title song of the new album? seems to be a song intense in high spirits.

新しいアルバムはダンス曲が4割、バラード曲が6割。 結構、アルバムの話をしてくれた。
Trans: New album is 40% dance songs, 60% ballad songs. He talked quite a lot about the album.

Trans: Ended in 2 hours, he sang 5 songs, it was more fun than i thought. Special was as always people were a lot so of course didn’t get chosen.

ジュンスのフラワーアレンジメント〜 当たった人に撮らせて頂きました。 ありがとうございます
Trans: Junsu’s flower arrangement~ [..]


Trans: Cinderella was a cute girl (^^)

Trans: At the time of Junsu’s flower arrangement, plentifully placing the flowers in the sheaf, using only flowers of the same color (blue), roughly putting it in, it was quite a sight wwwww

Trans: Flower and Junsu was the best visual♥

Trans: Junsu’s face said that he is healthy(/fine)


Trans: Opening was he entered while singing Nabi (Butterfly). In black shirt and white pants, with fluffy hair was cute〜♡

Trans: About the album concept . I can’t say yet what genres there are but [it is] with a different feeling than till now. and that it is intense in high spirits 😍

Trans: Regarding the brilliant achievement of the OST. Because the drama is really popular, though the timing of the release (order) was not good, I thought that maybe it can enter till around No.10. But I didn’t think it would be No.1, I was really shocked, it is thanks to everyone.

Trans: [He] said, it is tough as will be making up Dorian Gray from scratch so there is no basis but that being the case freely there is a freedom of creation so I think that is interesting. and please anticipate it.

Q.体のラインが出る衣装が好き? A.好き
Q.アルバムのダンス曲とバラードの比率 A.バラード60:ダンス曲40
Q.髪の色を変える予定は? A.たぶんある。
Q.サイン会はある? A.まだわからない
Trans: 〜Question corner①〜
Q. Like the outfits which expresses the body line? A. like
Q. Percentage of Album’s dance tracks and ballads. A. Ballad: 60 Dance track: 40
Q. Plan to change the hair color? A. Probably there is.
Q. There is a signing event? A. still don’t know.

Trans:〜Question corner last〜
Q. What do you think about yourself who is cute, like an angel, charismatic?
A. Certainly there a various me who live inside of me w Though depending on the situation each of them appear.

誕生日の人を当てる優しいジュンス^^複数からどれかを歌ってほしいというお願いにバラードがいいかミュージカル曲がいいか会場に聞いたうえでLoving you keeps me aliveをセレクト。力まず優しい歌い方がまたよかった♡
Trans: 〜Genie time①〜
Kind Junsu who selected the person [whose] birthday it was ^^ To the request of wanting [him] to sing any one from several, on top of asking the [people in the] hall, ballad is good or musical song is good, selected Loving you keeps me alive. Gentle singing form mixed with power was additionally good♡

꽃のアコースティックバージョン(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) 最高(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) ✨ 音源ありますように(小声)
Trans: 〜Genie time②〜
Acoustic version of 꽃 (T/N: Flower) (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) The best(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) ✨ [..]

back seat→×
OeO →△
Trans: 〜Genie time③〜
Kind Junsu who choses a child😊 passed the slogan towel “Dance…!?” with a bewildered face w Within the uneasiness it was a dance medley😂
Turn it up→×
back seat→×
Wake me [tonight]ー△
OeO →△
(T/N: ×- failed, △ – 50/50, ○ – success)

ドラキュラより「The longer i live」 さっきまでのわいわいとした会場の空気を一気に変えるジュンス鳥肌(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) まるでミュージカル劇場にいる感じ(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)
Trans: 〜Song corner〜
From Dracula ‘The Longer i live’ Junsu who changes the atmosphere of the hall that was noisy just till before in an instant, goosebumps(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) It was as though I was at a musical theatre(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)

ジュンスが言う条件にあった人3人がハグ…(꒪д꒪)残った3人は抽選で【①バックハグ②走ってきてハグ③ハグして一回転】のいずれかが当たりますw 走ってきてハグがヤバイO-<-<そしてその前に助走してるジュンスが可愛いw
Trans: 〜Game corner〜
Hug three people who met with the conditions Junsu said…(꒪д꒪) The remaining three were by lottery,【①Back hug ②Run and go hug ③Hug and rotate once】will get one of these w The run and go hug was amazing O-<-< and that Junsu who is approaching for the run was cute w

さっきと同じルールでもう一度ハグ👴🏼 条件は
Trans: 〜Game corner②〜
Hug once again with the same rules as before👴🏼 Conditions were
1️⃣Born in December
2️⃣Siblings including yourself are three
3️⃣Like the numbers either 1 or 2
4️⃣Blood type O
5️⃣Have a pet

Trans: 〜Song corner〜
Said he prepared his favourite Japanese songs, he sang the two songs ‘Story’ and ‘Sakura iro maukoro’ TT♡

Trans: 〜Find Cinderella corner〜
Paper passed out at the time of entrance had numbers written, 10 people from the numbers picked up by Junsu to challenge intro quiz. Present given to the first five who got it right🎁 No.1 was a 5~6 year old girl, Junsu himself put the tiara and scarf and commemoration photo. Charming ☺️

皆さんとこうやって近くで会えて嬉しかった。6月のアルバム・コンサートに向けて頑張ってるので期待してください。 そして最後の歌は「꼭 어제」でした。 楽しい時間をありがとう(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) 💕
Trans: 〜Last greeting & song〜
I was happy that I was able to meet everyone up close like this. I am working hard towards the June album [and] concert so please anticipate it. And the last song was ‘꼭 어제 (Yesterday)’ Thank you for the enjoyable time(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) 💕

Trans: 〜Furthermore special present🎁
From the MC after Junsu’s exit, there was an announce, ‘there is a special present from Junsu san’😳 The way to be chosen if known to those of later on is a bit that so I will hide it (T/N: that is the people attending the later fanmeeting), but 30 people can take a group picture with Junsu

Trans: Personally the no.1 fascinating point was “Junsu’s 💐 arrangement corner” w Junsu arranged the cut flowers and [give] to 2 people by lottery. When heard about the plan the impression was like ?? but just with the image of the flowers layed out infront of Junsu it slowly soaked in 😂 his form standing with the worried face of not knowing how to handle with the flowers was the best👍 [..]

Trans: First is being hesitant and finally appropriately holding his favourite blue flowers with a thud sticking it in w maybe thought of the following point and sticked in two sunflowers in a crowd 😂 The whole was noisy with laughter w for the rest put together the surrounding, covered up the place to hold and complete😂😂 w For the second one slightly as expected with a serious face (only) and made it randomly

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 このコーナー萌えの宝庫でした👍💕
Trans: And, when asked about the theme of the completed item by the MC , Junsu’s answer is over here👇
1st one【You are the protagonist of the world】
2nd one【Live on beautifully from now on as well】
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This corner was a treasure box of charms👍💕


Trans: pretty much a note[book](^^;;

ジュンスが作るフラワーバスケットの時間。ジュンスはまずデルフィニウムを選びました。ハサミが用意してなかったのか?長さそのままスポンジにダイレクトにダイナミックに挿してました^ ^次にヒマワリを。更にデルフィニウムを何本か。テユさん:その花好きですねw次にアリストロメリアを周りに。
Trans: Time where Junsu makes the flower basket. Junsu firstly chose Delphinium. Did they not prepare scissors? The length as it is dynamically inserted it in the sponge ^^ next was sunflower. Furthermore [added] several Delphinium. Daeyu san (T/N: MC Gong Daeyu): he likes that flower right w next Alstroemeria (T/N: common name Lily of the Incas) on the surrounding.

Trans: One more flower basket. First white Lilies of course dynamically several [flowers]. Remembered ‘Pure white lily on the birthday’ that he sang in Ballad concert😊 Next various coloured Alstroemeria (T/N: common name lily of the Incas) (I think it was) he quickly [picked]. Several different coloured Gerberas were prepared but in the end without using them. Bouquet style was pretty💐

神戸ファンミ昼の部。1曲めはReborm🎵フワフワ髪型とステキな衣装に萌え萌え😁挨拶もニコニコでとってもかわゆ💓最近はニューアルバムとコンサートの準備。ニューアルバムのタイトル曲は今までと違うジャンルテイスト。ノリノリで激しい。30代の力を見せます(•̥̀ ̫ •̥́)
Trans: Kobe Fanmeeting noon part. First song was Reborn🎵 Charmed charmed with the fluffy hair style and pretty outfit 😁 Greeting was also with a friendly grin was really cutee💓 Recently preparing for the new album and concert. New album’s title song is a different genre taste than till now. Intense in high spirits. Will show the power of a 30 year old(•̥̀ ̫ •̥́)

テユさん:髪色よく変わりますが、頭皮大丈夫ですか? JS:この前心配してた頭皮を(頭皮って単語をテユさんに確認←あーかわゆ)初めてチェックしたんですが、ホントに元気だって。絶対元気なはずがないと思ってたのに結構元気で…多分お酒飲んでないから。頭皮にはお酒が飲むのが悪いらしい。
Trans: Daeyu: you change your hair color quite a lot, is your scalp okay? JS: Just before I was worried and my scalp (confirmed the word for scalp with Daeyu← ah cutee) for the first time got it checked but it is really healthy they said. Though I thought there is definitely no way it is healthy in the it is healthy… probably because I don’t drink alcohol. It seems alcohol is bad for the scalp.

Trans: Daeyu: speaking of alcohol and scalp Yoochun san is….. (couldn’t hear it)… 😁ㅋㅋㅋ

Trans: Junsu said, Yoochun drinks alcohol but doesn’t dye his hair so (his scalp) is okay. Kind Junsu💓 Kind Junsu💓 Kind Junsu💓

次のミュージカルドリアングレイの肖像について JS:規模的には小劇場用として作ろうとしてたのを大きい劇場で出来るようにセットとか技術的な物新しくて驚かせる物を使おうとしてます。って←ホォホォ。ますます観に行きたいっ^ ^
Trans: Regarding the portrayal of the next musical Dorian Gray, JS: scale wise it was made using a small theatre, in order to be able to do it in a big theatre, the set and the things are technologically new, we are using things that would surprise you. he said← [..]


ジニータイムのダンスメドレー turn it up、BACK SEAT(日本ver.)、wake me tonight、OeO Incredible BACK〜とwake〜ほぼ踊れず 自分が覚えてないものはJJとYCは絶対覚えてない!と力説ww
Trans: Genie time dance medley turn it up, BACK SEAT(Japan ver.), wake me tonight, OeO Incredible BACK〜and wake〜 pretty much didn’t dance, the things I don’t remember JJ and YC definitely don’t remember! He emphasised ww

ハグする人をジュンスが言った条件と合う人で探すんだけど 10年前からファンとかひつまぶしが好きとか嘘ついても確認できないのに素直に候補から外れるペンを見て 「ピュアですね」と💖
Trans: Though have to find people to hug who meet the conditions Junsu said, fan since 10 years ago or like hitsumabushi, though you can’t confirm if the person lied, seeing the fans who honestly stepped back from contending, [Junsu] said ‘you are pure right’💖

お花は作品名を考えながら作ったそうな 1つ目は向日葵がメインで 『世界であなたが主人公』 2つ目は全体的にピンクな仕上がりで 『自分の人生を、美しく、、いける!』
Trans: sounding like he made the flower [bouquet] while thinking of the name, First one the sunflower is the main so “you are the protagonist of the world” Second one is overall finished with pink so “your life, beautifully.. Live it!”


ジュンスファンミ ジュンスのシンデレラを探せ!はかわいいかわいい小さい女の子がなりました💕👏よかった♡ 女の子の質問で、ステージにたってる時おならをしたことありますか?って聞かれて したことないよwwwwwwwwwwwwって笑笑
Trans: Junsu fanmeeting, Find Junsu’s cinderella! a cute cute small girl became [the cinderella]💕👏 That was good♡ In the girl’s question, he was asked, have you ever farted while standing on stage? [he said] I have never done that wwwwwwwwwwww laugh laugh

Night Part


Trans: In the new album the songs Junsu made and wrote seem to be 60%

Trans: Recently he is doing muscle training

Trans: There was no flower arrangement in the night part (regretful), But there was a what is there in the box, Junsu’s feelings of being fearful was fascinating to the best♥

作れる食事はごはん、目玉焼き、インスタントラーメン。 そしてインスタントラーメンの作り方について熱く長く語るジュンスwwww
Trans: Food which he can cook is rice, sunny side up fried eggs, instant ramen. And Junsu who passionately talked long about the way of making instant ramen wwww

Trans: Junsu when entering the bath, though he washes from the head, body he washes from his chest

Trans: Seems he can cook instant ramen deliciously like cooking school www and that it is to the extent that he can present it at a shop

あとwake me tonightをみんなでカラオケ!私達がユチョンとジェジュンのパート、ジュンスはジュンスのパート。ジュンス、ちょっと怪しかったけどww きっとユチョンもジェジュンも忘れてるはず!!と言ってたwww
Trans: And did wake me tonight karaoke with everyone! We [sang] Yoochun and Jaejoong’s part, Junsu did Junsu’s part. Junsu, was a bit dubious but ww Surely Yoochun and Jaejoong as well have forgotten!! is what he said www

そうそう!朝起きてすることは目を二重にすること!>RT 実演してたwwwwそうすると目が覚めるって。でも二重にならないようにがんばってるみたいなことも言ってた!一重を死守して!!
Trans: right right! thing he does when waking up early is doubling the eyes! >RT he performed it wwww and doing that he wakes up. But he also said something about trying hard not to double his eyes! defend single to the end!!


Trans: Junsu who saw the paper with the question written, isn’t the hand writing dirtier than mine? can write Japanese more prettily- he said, was strange www

Trans: to the question, are you wearing socks today? with a really strange face, his face when he said, why are you curious about that, was cute (T_T) he personally leaned down [and said] I am wearing them [..]

最近大爆笑したことは?って質問でお手伝いさんのパンツ履いちゃった事件を話してて、見たことないズボンだけどぷれじぇんと(プレゼント)かなと思って履いてしまったってw あとすごくファッショナブルだったからってwwwジュンスがいうファッショナブルがすごく気になったw
Trans: To the question, recently have you laughed hard?  he talked about the time when he wore the helper san’d pants. though it was a pants i had not seen before thinking that maybe it’s a present (T/N: originally the person wrote purejento rather than purezento, which was then written in brackets, Junsu pronounced the z sound to j, do you remember Ginja? XP) I wore it w and because it was really fashionable www [..]
(T/N: how dense can Junsu be, aigoo, cutee) 

朝起きて最初にすることは目を二重にすることらしいwww 歳とると二重になってくるからそれが困るけど、朝は目を覚ますために二重にしてるってw 想像したらうけるwちゃんと私たちにもやってくれました!
Trans: waking up early the first thing i do is doubling his eyes it seems www when you age, it will become doubled so that would trouble me but, in order to wake myself up in the morning I am doing that, he said w [..]


Trans: Sign ball GETヾ(*´∀`*)ノ



Q:最近ユチョンといつ会いましたか?何を話しましたか? A:最近は会ってはいなくて、電話やメッセージで話しました。うーん。2週間前くらいかなー。 ああ、ユチョンより、 最近ジェジュンとメッセージで JYJで曲を作ったりアルバム出したいねって話しました。懐かしい感じがしました😊
Trans: Q. Recently when did you meet Yoochun? what did you talk about? A: haven’t met him recently, talked with him through phone and message. yes. maybe it was 2 weeks ago-. ahh, more than Yoochun, recently talked to Jaejoong on message that want to make songs as JYJ and want to release an album. felt nostalgic 😊


得意な料理を教えて。にずいぶんと自信のあるインスタントラーメンの薀蓄を延々とwwwスープは先に入れます!僕は麺を入れて混ぜないです!出来上がる直前の麺をすくい上げて暫く置いておくと腰が出るんです! 色々語っててもテユ君に麺が伸びないんですねとまとめられるw
Trans: Tell us about a your specialty food. to that have extremely confidence in instant ramen went endlessly on his extensive knowledge www I add the soup first! I do not add noodles and mix it! Just before it’s done I dip in the noodles leaving it to the side for a bit the body (of the noodle) appears! though he talked a lot, daeyu concluded it with, the noodles don’t stretch right w

食べた人は美味しいからお店を開いたらいいって褒めてくれると インスタントラーメンの??もうあんまり得意げで可愛すぎるTT ラーメンだけ作れるようになった小3の子にみんなで凄いね〜偉いねぇ〜って褒めてる図が浮かんだw
Trans: the person who ate it complimented and said because it is tasty it’s good to open a shop. Instant ramen’s (shop)?? [..]

Source: @nogumama + @xiaholic0420 + @Norisian + @0416y0811 + @xxia_hunyyiui + @emiah0216 + @azuxya_xia1215 + @riocabe + @ayahan10
Translated and compiled by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160419 JYJ Junsu, message to Kumamoto Earthquake victims, “do not loose Strength and Hope”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu sent a message towards those who have suffered from the Kumamoto earthquake in Japanese.

Junsu on the 18th, through his personal twitter sent the message, “Hearing about the earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto, my heart hurt. I believe those who received damage [due to the] earthquake should not loose strength and hope.”

Following which he conveyed, “Praying that other damages from the earthquake not be any more than this and wishing for restoration to be faster even if by a day. I also wish to become everyone’s strength, additionally I as well pray for everyone, will cheer [for you]. With the fanmeeting Happiness to you 4/30, 5/1 Kobe, Tokyo, I wish to become strength for earthquake’s damage relief even if just a little.”

Seeing this message the net users showed response such as, ‘happy for Junsu’s feelings, thank you’, ‘wishing that the prayers reach to those of Kumamoto’, ‘received strength from Junsu’s kindness’, ‘I will also pray for there to be no more damages than this’ etc.

Junsu plans to hold TOSCANA HOTEL presents “Happiness to you with XIA JAPAN FANMEETING” on the 30th in Kobe and on 1st May at Tokyo. It is also decided to donate a portion from the fanmeeting sales to the victims (T/N of the Kumamoto earthquake).

Source: KpopStarz日本語版
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 160418 One portion of XIA JAPAN Fanmeeting sales to be donated for Kyushu earthquake victims

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.43.25 PM


To our beloved everyone of Japan

This time, after hearing about the big earthquake that occurred in Kyushu from the Japan side and the news, (our) heart is hurting immensely.
Wishing that everyone is safe, the earthquake comes towards a conclusion quickly even by a day, and fast restoration even by a day.
This time, we at the company MEDIA FLOS thought if there is a method we could be of any service.
We are reporting to everyone that regarding XIA Junsu JAPAN fanmeeting, we have decided to donate one portion of the sales to the victims.

Sponsor Media FlOS Company
Representative Kim Dong Yol

Source: http://www.2016xia-junsu.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] Find Junsu’s Cinderella, special event for Toscana Presents “Happiness to you XIA Japan Fanmeeting”

Toscana presents fanmeeting being held on 4/30, 5/1 at Kobe, Tokyo!
Find Junsu’s Cinderella!!
Prepared by Toscana Hotel, Junsu’s last fanmeeting going to be held domestically!
Special event and a wonderful present for the fans!
Wanting to help in creating important memories while talking to Junsu and having fun laughing, we prepared a program that was improved in various [ways].
We will invite everyone over here.
Through a lottery or fun games, Search for Junsu’s Cinderella, a big special event!

※Due to everyone’s requests, one portion of the contents of the Cinderella project has been modified.
This Cinderella project will be carried out according to the requests of XIA Junsu himself and the Korean agency.

Won’t you also become Junsu’s Cinderella?

Way to become Cinderella

At the time of meeting, through lottery choose 10 people
Through game choose 5 people for cinderella
Gift a present to each rank!

Example for the presents


– Branded bag present (Louis Vuitton)

– Toscana Hotel Pool villa gift certificate (2 days 1 night)

– Shoes

– Necklace

– Sunglasses

Source: http://www.2016xia-junsu.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[TWITTER] 160418 Junsu Twitter Update – become strength for Kumamoto 


Title: untitled
Hearing about the earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto, my heart hurt.
I believe those who received damage [due to the] earthquake should not loose strength and hope.



Praying that other damages from the earthquake not be any more than this and wishing for restoration to be faster even if by a day.



I also wish to become everyone’s strength, additionally I as well pray for everyone, will cheer [for you]. With the fanmeeting Happiness to you 4/30, 5/1 Kobe, Tokyo, I wish to become strength for earthquake’s damage relief even if just a little.

Note: Official page of XIA JAPAN FANMEETING has announced that they will be donating a portion of the sales for Kumamoto earthquake relief. 

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] TOSCANA presents “Happiness to you with XIA JAPAN FAN MEETING”

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.05.41 AM

Happiness to you with XIA JAPAN FANMEETING

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.07.29 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.07.43 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.07.58 AM


Special point 1
More closer, to your side!
Junsu’s fanmeeting taking place in the country!
Junsu, who you wanted to see closer, the best chance to meet him in front of your eyes!

Special point 2
JUNKEBOX! Junkebox!
Eventhough listening to it you want to listen again! Letting you listen to the charming and husky voice, heart-pounding Junsu’s live! (more than 5 songs)

Special point 3
Special gift given to all the fanmeeting participants!
Includes many of Junsu’s growth forms, a special diary will be presented!

Special point 4
Present 1
To the fans who get selected for the game event
will present a two shot [picture] with Junsu!

Special point 5
Present 2
At each performance [event] will select 3 fans and
present gift coupon for Toscana Hotel twin room 2 days 1 night!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.08.10 AM


Special Program

Junsu’s growth or music and happiness to you!
Warm time where you can know everything about Junsu’s growth!

❤️Happy Time
Fun game with Junsu!
❤️Junsu Flower
Flower basket made by Junsu himself
❤️Genie time

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.08.22 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.08.39 AM


◼ Kobe ◼ 30th April 2016 (Sat)
Kobe Internation Exhibition Hall No.2 Building Convention Hall
♦ Part one: Reception 11:00 / Open 12:00 / Start 13:00
♦ Part two: Reception 15:00 / Open 16:00 / Start 17:00
※At the reception lottery will be carried out for the seat allotment.

◼ Tokyo ◼ 1st May 2016 (Sun)
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex tower 5F
♦ Part one: Reception 11:00 / Open 12:00 / Start 13:00
♦ Part two: Reception 15:00 / Open 16:00 / Start 17:00
※At the reception lottery will be carried out for the seat allotment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.40.37 AM


Price ¥18.000 (consumption tax included)
Special delivery fee ¥600
Reservation will be taken on a first come first served.
One person can enter for 10 tickets.
(Duplication of application will not be accepted)
● Application URL http://www.mas-e.com/
● Application period: till the number of people have been achieved.

Source: http://www.2016xia-junsu.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER