[NEWS] 160916 Compensation ordered for JYJ Goods sales obstruction, Korea’s celebrity production wins lawsuit

Note: During 2014 JYJ Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie concerts in Osaka, C Jes announced that due to some disagreement with the organisers they have decided to not sell the goods at the venue and instead the Osaka goods were sold online through JYJ JAPAN fan club and in Fukuoka the goods were sold at a different venue and not at the concert venue.


As the goods sale at the concert venue was obstructed, Tokyo ward’s event organising company which sponsored the 2014’s Japan tour with the sentence of the lawsuit of request for restitution by Seoul’s celebrity production (T/N: i.e. C JeS entertainment) to which Korea’s popular group ‘JYJ’ belongs to, on the 16th Tokyo district court ordered for the  payment of around ¥140,000,000 (T/N: roughly $1.4 million). 

JYJ is formed by 3 members who separated from male idol group ‘Tohoshinki’. Presiding judge Katsuhiko Okazaki, “It is an infringement of the celebrity production’s right as recognised from the stand point of the contract, it is a highly malignant conduct of extreme betrayal,” and severely criticised the sponsor.

The Judgment concluded, “the celebrity agency holds the right to the sale of goods and the organising company had the duty to cooperate with the celebrity agency,” and judged, “the organising company intentional obstructed the (goods) sale, it was a vicious act.”

According to the judicial decision, in 2014 held a total of 6 days of performances in the order of Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, and around total of 430,000 people attended.

Tokyo performance’s first day, the party entrusted by the celebrity production held the concert related goods sale. The sponsor side as well sold the item including a capsule that was arranged by themselves, but the celebrity production claimed that it was not agreed by them and the sales were suspended. On one hand, in Osaka and Fukuoka the sponsor did not approve the goods sale at the venue, the celebrity production side unavoidably held the sales at a different location.

According to the judgement, the celebrity agency (T/N: i.e. C JeS ent.) entrusted the venue arrangements for the 2014 dome tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to the organising company. The celebrity agency held the rights to the sales of goods and when they tried to conduct the (goods) sales through a different supplier at the Osaka and Fukuoka concerts, as the organising company did not agree they were not able to do the sales.

Source: Sankei News + Yahoo News
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[OTHER TWITTER] 160619 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store on JYJ, “No matter how painful it is someday it also will end”


No matter how painful it is someday it also will end. It will pass away. We believe (T/N: ‘in you’ or ‘in that’)
Even till now. From now on as well ❤️

Receipt print and sales exhibition will be extended till 7/10❗️
5~9th the staff in charge will be in the store till afternoon ^^
#Junsu #Jaejoong #Yoochun #JYJ

Source: @T_SANCHYA
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[OTHER NEWS] 160508 Member of the Diet Uenishi visited Korea and met with JYJ representatives… ‘accomplish’ the preliminary preparations of JYJ Law in Japan as well

Note: I previously translated and shared this article titled, “Receiving the SMAP disbandment uproar in Japan, ‘JYJ Law’ became a topic” (here)

Lower house lawmaker Sayuri Uenishi through Twitter raised the amendment of the Japan’s broadcast act, it is also reported that within the Golden week she visited South Korea and met with the agency representatives of popular group ‘JYJ’ who became the beginning of the amendment of the broadcast act that protects from pressure and obstruction regarding Korea’s celebrity TV appearance. (T/N: Golden week in the first week of May is national holiday in Japan) 

Uenishi on the 5th tweeted, “Regarding the matter (I have been) investigating since the end of last year, I am going to South Korea for observation from now.” “Though these past 5 months I met with various people concerned with Japan’s entertainment [industry], in order to resolve that contradictory point, I will go to listen to the opinions of the neighbouring country who amended the broadcast act before (T/N: Japan).”

She explained the purpose of going to South Korea, “I am going to South Korea to survey about which is being called the ‘JYJ Law’, not just in Japan but it is the preliminary arrangements for a legislative path for all the artists with talents to be able to give their best performance in that country.”

Returning back to ‘JYJ’, difficulty in making TV appearance due to trouble with their former belonged agency became a problem. In last year november, South Korea’s parliament approved the broadcast act’s reform bill, which prohibits conducts of obstructing celebrities’ TV appearance and is being called the ‘JYJ Law’.

Sayuri Uenishi said, “Because I am a member of the National Diet, making law is my work,” “using the ability to convey my opinions that I acquired by chance, I think it is important to spread the word around (?),” and, “I am like conceited but I will accomplish it so please look over me.”

Note: After reading this article I checked up on Sayuri Uenishi, it appears that she is surrounded by many controversies, in April 2015 she was expelled from the Opposition Party Isshin no To (Japan Innovation Party) from having skipped the vote for the 2015 fiscal budget and was reportedly dining with another lawmaker (Source: Japan Times).  

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
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[TRANS] 160102 MC Gong Daeyu’s Blog, “I take care not to be too close to JYJ”

Note: I randomly came across MC Gong Daeyu’s blog post, which he posted on 2nd January 2016. He mainly wrote about all his activities in his previous year (i.e. 2015) and about his experiences. I just extracted the excerpt of what he mentioned regarding JYJ. For those who may not know, Gong Daeyu has been MCing most of JYJ’s fanmeeting in Japan or for Japanese fans, including the 2012, 2013, 2014 Membership week.

Huh!! Maybe there are those who think that but it’s roughly close to 3 years since I have the privilege of working with them but, everyone of JYJ as well, honestly is like that right. Kind of a strange feeling.
To have the privilege of MCing, to be honest everyone has a good relation, though more than (you) thought (we are) able to be seen as on good terms but in private I take care not to step into (their territory).
Though I like everyone, I take care not to like them too much…
If I like them too much, reversely doing MC will get tough.
Because MCing at the time of fanmeeting is the work to connect the artist and the audience. Especially for Hanryu (T/N: Korean wave) related the language differs and there are subtle cultural differences so keeping that in mind in order for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Because if you get too friendly the balance could not be seen properly.
But when attacking them on-stage, you can attack just till the limit. Laugh
There is that too of not being able to attack if you get too close!
And, there is possibility of attacking too much as well!
Reversely, at the time of the play it is the exact opposite.
Depending on the role being played it differs as well though.
It is a talk about such. Laugh
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Part 0 – First Meeting

Download with eng sub: MEGA


Part 1 – Getting There

Download with eng sub: MEGA


Part 2 – Meeting at the Coffee shop

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Part 3 – Reaching Base Camp

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[INFO] 160226 JYJ on the cover for the April issue of Japanese Magazine “Hanryu Pure Love TV Drama Guide”

Reason why the JYJ starring Dramas are loved
Hanryu Pure Love
TV Drama Guide
April Issue

Released date: 26th Feb 2016



Let’s meet with Drama!

★ Show Jaejoong & Yoochun starred Drama in one go!
★ Junsu’s musical “Dracula”, over here is amazing!!

Source: Rakuten Books
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[TRANS] 160223 JYJ mentioned in NHK Radio Program “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju”

[INFO] NHK Radio Programme 午後のまりやーじゅ (Afternoon’s Mariya-ju) is hosted by Mariya Yamada every mon to fri 13:05~16:55. 23rd Feb 2016 (Tues) show had guest corner by former Takarazuka actress Keaki Mori, titled “simply because there is love, simply because there is words”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.49.43 AM

15:33 – Keaki Mori’s
simply because there is love,
simply because there is words

16:06 – Evening Music
“Itsudatte kimi ni”




Today, in NHK Radio’s “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju” former Takurazaka (actress) Keaki Mori san talked about JYJ going through hardships, Junsu working hard in many musicals, and about though JYJ do not appear on TV, when they do concerts whichever venue hall it may be it is full house etc.  JYJ’s ♪Itsudatte kimi ni♪ flowed across the whole country^^

In Keaki Mori san’s words corner, she introduced those wonderful words Junsu recently said in his Ballad concert but… I don’t remember exactly [what it was], though at that time it was flowing in the tweets~ Keaki Mori san (said) about JYJ that their singing is really good right! and that there is a concert in Japan this time and definitely will go!^^

From 2:46 to 4:17
Junsu’s words as narrated by Keaki Mori san.

T/N: before this Keaki Mori san just mentioned about what happenned in the past when tohoshinki broke up and became two membered THSK and three membered JYJ. She said since she is a fan she is well versed in this topic.

to say why Junsu san said those words in his concert,
that he doesn’t appear on shows
“think that our precedents have not been able to do that
even now, like this many audience come to see our performance
this time as well, (will) not look back on the past.
The members are here, the fans who love me are here.
Received the miracle like cheers/support.
Well, though at that time I spend splendid youthful days as tohoshinki
but that, more than being discouraged by what i have lost,
I am grateful of what I have gained.
I really think that I am happy”
he conveyed these words

this, i really think these words are priceless.
definitely, confusion makes a person mature.
But that is for those who do not forget great efforts and their wholesome self.
for them only.
and the result of that
accepting everything that you have experienced and
to the point of being able to be grateful for that,
I thought that
he became a wholesome person, artist, man.
Since I am a fan, I think that I am happy (for that)
Man: you’d become a fan because of this
That is right. I became a fan because of this kind of way of existence as well.
Well, concert as well. he will be coming to Japan soon.
I as well, will for sure be going to attend.
Woman: oh to see Junsu?

Source: @ukthtr (1 , 2) + NHK Online
Video Credit: chiemm1
Translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[NEWS] 160121 Receiving the SMAP disbandment uproar in Japan, ‘JYJ Law’ became a topic


To the point of thinking what would have happened if SMAP wasn’t there, even now the after math of the SMAP disbandment uproar continues in Japan.

Admin note: Recently Japan has been in an uproar with the rumors regarding one of Japan’s popular Jpop boy group SMAP’s dissolution. One member Kimura Takuya decided to remain in the agency, while the other 4 members are rumored to have decided to leave with the manager. However, SMAP themselves in a video message neither denied nor agreed to this. There is a rumor floating regarding how SMAP’s agency Johnny & Associates (Japan’s biggest entertainment agency) is responsible for this incident.

In this situation, in Yahoo Japan! a column was published claiming that South Korea’s legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ would serve as a reference extremely for Japan’s entertainment world as well, and attracted attention.

Admin Note: Original article by Matsutani Souichiro title; “JYJ Law” in order to not cause ‘public execution’ in television — entertainment world’s future pondered from SMAP’s uproar (link)

The writer of the column Souichiro Matsutani explained regarding SM’s system and JYJ’s present conditions. From there on, indicated that for JYJ for the passing 5 years and even now, it became so that they received strong pressure in the entertainment world. And, explained that while taking JYJ’s case as an example, in South Korea a ground breaking legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ was done to bring about the fairness characteristic in the entertainment world. JYJ Law’s content is to prohibit appearance interruption of a specific person by the broadcasting company upon the pressure of a third party.

However, Souichiro Matsutani explained that even after that, as usual JYJ’s situation of not being able to appear in music shows continued. Also added the incident of JYJ’s Junsu not being able to attend the recently held ‘Seoul Music Awards,’ even after becoming No. 1 in popularity vote.

Souichiro Matsutani continued on with, this time’s SMAP’s uproar was caused by the control due to Johnny & Associate’s whole family management, this overbearing form that the inside and outside of the business world directs, is surely like that of Showa’s small to medium enterprises. (T/N: Japan’s Showa era, from 1926-1986, I am not well versed about this but my guess is that the writer is indicating the oppressive atmosphere during the Showa era where the great depression, second world war and later on the economic growth was experienced.)

This column once published in Yahoo! JAPAN portal site, Japan’s net users while displaying aggressive opinions, showed an explosive reaction.

Source: Kstyle
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER