[FANCAM][TRANS] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour in Japan, Nagoya (Day 2)

Want to convey Junsu’s sincerity to the fans 


Translator’s note: Junsu is not fluent in Japanese, but he still tries his best to try to convey his feelings to the Japanese fans. I am going to translate word for word what he said. If i feel it is too vague to understand, below that i’ll write, in my own words, what his disjointed words are aiming at. 

I really have a lot of various memories. and amongst those memories, everyone is always
well, like a-nation, all of them
At anywhere, everyone was there together (with me), right.
That is, even till now.
At that time, or right now.  (You) were together with me.
I am really grateful (for that) and.
I was able to come so far, because everyone was there at that time and.

That was, all along, as usual

Don’t I say this every single time,
Till when will everyone’s heart go on?
(T/N: this is what he literally said, he meant to say till when will everyone’s love and support for him continue)
(Fans: giggle)
so much,
and I honestly don’t believe it will go on for so much, (go on) forever
(Fans: ehhhhhhhh)

Of Course
Of course, it would be good if it became such a relationship.
But right now with those feelings (T/N: feelings that it won’t continue forever),
I’ve overtook, an year, an year, an year and that has now (been) 6 years.
That is why I don’t want to believe in that even more so.
That is reversely, the feelings of wanting it to continue on forever,
because it gradually becomes bigger.
Therefore, If I believe in that.
Some day, If that disappears
that is, that is,
I thought that regarding the feelings, (I would) become lonely
so reversely, I didn’t believe in it.
and all along did a mind control so as not to believe in that.
Well, even if that disappears, it is not lonely
To tell you the reason why,
till now, even right now the people who have come here,
if, in the past, ah later,
ah the next time, (even if they) are not able to come,
That is without a question, how do I say,
I am thinking that to me it is a miracle that they even came till now.
Though i keep saying this every time
For 6 years. Though I am releasing albums in Korea for 6 years, probably I am the only artist who hasn’t even once shown his songs or performance on a show.
Despite this, in Korea, in Japan as well, in China as well, like this, people always come, I think is a miracle.
(audience applause)
That’s why, it’s not that I don’t have the confidence.
If everyone do not appear the next time,
more than having bad feelings regarding that, reversely to those who came till now, I want to say I am thankful (to them).
Do you understand such feelings?
It is a bit difficult to express it in Japanese.
(audience applause)
Therefore, without giving up, continuously
if everyone comes, that is even if the numbers decline, even in a hall or amongst 100 people,
I will always seriously sing from my heart.
(audience applause)

What kind of artist I will become, I as well (have thought of it) many times, even now.
Recently, that is, reversely
In the past, I aimed at how am I going to be at the top.
Right now, I am thinking how will I come down.
(fans: eeeeh, Junsu laughs)
No, but really really
It’s not that I mean that i want to come down right now.
But it is that, regarding popularity and what do i say,
ah, even if I am not able to do this kind of stage,
in a small hall, even if it becomes smaller
if there are people who (want to) come to listen to my voice, my music and if they come,
really, I will always stand on the stage
At that time, I think maybe I can return (the favour), of my feelings of gratitude right now.
Right now, probably no matter how many times i say thank you, I will not be able to reciprocate. I think i will definitely loose to the feelings everyone has given to me.
At that time, for sure I will return (this favour) (T/N: the fans love and support)

even if i become old and am not able to do such intense dances.
The thing that is most important, what i think is important, is the form of seriously singing from my heart.
I have confidence that I will perfectly, always, show (T/N: referring to the form mentioned above) till the time I am standing on stage,
I will become such an artist.
(audience applause)

T/N: such deep thoughts, Junsu did his absolute best to sincerely express his thoughts in Japanese. I hope my translation did proper justice to what he wanted to express ><

Video credit: withxiahcom
Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[TWEET COMPILATION] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan – Nagoya (Day 2)

I was just reading through the tweet reports to find out Junsu’s last words, ended up compiling a few and translating. 

@AtsuJunsu 気持ちを言葉にして伝えるって、私は日本語でさえすごく難しいと思う時がある。ジュンスはごまかしたりしない。辛かっただろうこと嬉しかったこと色んな経験をしてきて〈今〉思ってることを、外国語である日本語で言葉を探して誠実に伝えてくれる。そんなジュンスの言葉を直接聞くことができて幸せです

Trans: To express (your) feelings with words, there are times when i think it’s even difficult to express it in Japanese. Junsu does not deceive. Things that were painful, things that (made you) happy, he experienced many things. what he is thinking <Now> , he finds words in Japanese, which is a foreign language (to him), and sincerely expresses. I am happy that I am able to hear such a person, Junsu’s words directly.

(xiahjunjjyu san’s feelings as well T.T)


ファーストアンコールFLP直後の甘ぁ〜いジュンチュ 「今…家ぇ〜…おー…ホテルを行ってましたけど(韓国語直訳日本語w)みなさんの声が聞こえて…おー…韓国の飛行機から…韓国の向かってる飛行機からぁ、あー…降りてきました(照れ笑い)」

Trans: Immediately following the first encore FLP’s swe~eet Junchu “Right now.. to home~… oh-… I went to my hotel but (Korean to Japanese literal translation w) I heard everyone’s voices… Oh-… From Korea’s plane… from the plane heading to Korea, Ah-… I came down (shy laughter)”

明日しにましょうと言っていたのに ファーストアンコールFLP直後負けを認めたジュンチュ 「チカラ、まだ、もう…ありますね!すごいなぁー…ハァハァ…あーもう今日は、マケタッカモ

Trans: Though he said let’s die tomorrow (T/N: this is what is written but i’m skeptical if Junsu said that, excuse me if that is the case) immediately after the first encore FLP, admitting defeat Junchu “Energy/power, still, have… more right! Amazing-… yes yes.. ah- Today well, I might have lost”




Trans: Talk about liking male fans. Junsu himself liked male artists during his childhood times, and he didn’t like female artists to that point so he understands the feeling. but to tell you the reason why, (male fans) standout in the middle of more than 95% female (audience), feelings wanting them to do well comes (to me), so please allow that, he said.


(Note: I did not understand this at all, but i gave it great thought and I believe he is referring to the age of the person he would marry, since on day 1, fans asked him which age he liked when he was doing the fan chant split into the age groups)
Trans: If it is 18 year old, i will be caught by the police and at 48 years (or was it 49?) there is no legal problem… At that time what Junsu said, I thought he said such a good thing, he’s smart but in the end it felt like him gentl~e decline right (*ノ▽ノ)


Trans: Talk about members, said by Junsu. Yoochun’s forehead is broad, it’s a bit too broad though (laugh), is it because of that? he is smart. And Handsome, handsome that everyone would come to like. Jaejoong is too handsome, and he has a hard to approach image but his heart is the warmest, it is a good gap. After all is JYJ. And JYJ call.

@kpkxiayu ユチョンは、皆が好きな感じ。ジェジュンは、ビジュアル⁇がすごいから…でも、すっごく優しい。三人の中で1番情熱的で…僕は…普通。芸能人の中では。まぁ、友達のなかでは良い方ですが…w 結局はJYJ。と言ったらJYJコール起きたのにジュンス、気づかずwまぁ、そんなトコも好きなんですがw

Trans: Yoochun is like what everyone likes. Jaejoong’s visual?? is great… but he is really kind. Amongst the three, he is the most passionate… I am… normal. Amongst the celebrities that is. Well, amongst my friends I am on the side of good (looking) though… w In the end is JYJ. While saying that, JYJ call started but Junsu didn’t realise w. Well, I like that part about him as well w


@hatonni “いつか人気がなくなって大きな会場で出来なくなっても、自分の歌を聞きたいと思ってくれてる人がいる限りは歌い続ける。その時こそ今まで応援してくれた方々に恩を返せる気がする。今まではトップに上がることだけを考えてたけど、今はどんなふうに終わるかを考える” いつまでもそばに居るよ

“even if some day my popularity dies and I am unable to perform at a big venue, as long as there are people who think they want to hear my songs, I will continue to sing. At that time, I feel I will be able to return the favour to the people who have cheered me on till now. Till now I have just thought about climbing to the top, now i think about in what way will it end” [..]

xiahjunjjyu: (T.T)



Trans: Japanese expression is really difficult. even if one word is mistaken the meaning changes, language that gets deeper while learning more. His last MC directed towards us, overflowing the insides of his heart, it was the best of his expression of love by definitely expressing in Japanese even by slowly (saying) one word at a time. I saw from the monitor(/screen), the movement of his eyes, working hard searching for the words. my chest hurts with the doubled love.

朝から聴く彼の歌声が今日も心地よい。『いつかは自分の人気も落ちていくだろう』という負のビジョンは、芸能人なら誰もが思う事。特別な事は出来ないけれど『そこに歌う場所がある限り 歌い続ける』という信念をジュンスが貫く限り、私はただ静かに寄り添い耳を傾ける内の1人でありたい。

Trans: [..] “someday my popularity will decline” […] “as long as there is a place to sing, I will continue to sing.” [..]



151129ジュンスのお言葉① 韓国でも日本でも、テレビに出てないのに韓国・日本・中国………いろんな国で待っててくれるファンがいて、コンサートでこんなに集まってくれるのは奇跡です

Trans: 151129 Junsu’s words ① In Korea and in Japan, even though i don’t appear on the television, in Korea, Japan, China……. and other countries, there are fans who are waiting (for me), It is a miracle that this many gather at the concert.

151129ジュンスのお言葉② 今はドームとか、アリーナ規模でコンサートできてるけど、いつかはホールとか100人だけの前だけで歌う日が来ると思います…でもジュンスの歌を、声を、聴きたいと思う人が1人でもいるのなら僕は歌う

Trans: 151129 Junsu’s words ② I am able to have a concert on a dome or arena scale now but, I believe some day, such a day will come when I will sing in a hall or infront of just 100 people… But even if there is only one person who wants to hear Junsu’s song, his voice, I will sing.

151129ジュンスのお言葉③ 今のままではファンから受ける愛が大きくて…多すぎて、どんなに頑張っても、「ありがとう」と言っても返しきれません。本当の意味で感謝を返しきれるのは、そのとき(どれだけ人数は少なくても聴きたいというファンが集まったとき)だと思う。

Trans: 151129 Junsu’s words ③ As I am now the love received from the fans is so big… so much that I can not return it no matter how much i work hard or say ‘Thank you’. I believe it would be that time (no matter how less the number is, the time when fans who want to hear gather) when i will be able to return the real meaning of gratitude.

151129ジュンスのお言葉④ 今まで来てくれてた人が、次から来なくなったとしても残念とは思わない。その人が今までステージを観に来てくれていたから、ここまでステージに立って来れた。だから残念と思うより「今までありがとう」と、感謝すべきことです

Trans: 151129 Junsu’s words ④ I wont think it’s regretful if the person who have come till now, did not come from the next. Because that person came to see the stage till now, I was able to stand on this stage up till here. That’s why, more than thinking of regret, ‘thank you till now’ and it is to be thankful for.




Source:@AtsuJunsu + @08JYYJ02 + @clearwater118 + @kpkxiayu + @hatonni + @Abisuke029 + @longroad_w
Compiled and Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan Nagoya (Day 2)

Junsu’s last bye bye 


What is it?

feelings of regret, I have them as well.
well, Let’s meet again.
I Promise so.
it won’t take that long.
I believe I will be returning back.
Please be rest assured.

But really, everyone, when it becomes night
Nagoya is dangerous as well 

So quickly, immediately return back safely.
Everyone is beautiful so it’s not allowed.
Did you understand?

Lets meet again soon. 

Up stairs, thank you as well
thank you, thank you.
Thank you very much

People who want to meet,

Please come to Watch it!
Bye bye!

*to be updated with more*

Video credit: withxiahcom
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER 

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 151129 Former JYJ Dancer Ryo Tanaka reunion with Junsu

Note: Ryo attended the Yokohama concert on 25th October 2015, check here.

日本ガイシホール、ここの空間 好きです
こうき、例のものありがとう 笑


#XIA #nagoya #junsu


I came to watch JUNSU’s LIVE.
Nippon Gaishi Hall, I like this space.
Hayashi san, Thank you very much! 
Kouki, Thank you for that thing. laugh

JUNSU’s singing skill and dance
it’s good when (ever you) see it.

#XIA #nagoya #junsu

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.15.57 PM
(from left to right: Kouki, Hayashi san, Ryo)

[PHOTO] 久々に。


After a long time.
(alt trans: Finally.)


Source: tyjdryo
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151128 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan Nagoya (Day 1)

Voice of the fans in their fifties


Should we just do for only fifties?
Is that okay?

If that is the case, then it it is o okay to not put in so much effort. 
(Junsu stuttered while saying this)

Really, that, um 
(Fan in fifties: I am Healthy!)
adult like.
Oh, I apologise(/excuse me), you are healthy. (bows)  

ah, sca-scary
I am HEALTHY! (gritting his teeth)

I know, I know. Excuse me/I’m sorry

Though I know that, that, just something of the (people in their) fifties, something like, um

(fan screamed something)
right right right.
Ah~ Thank you very much

Their tolerance, um, something,
adult, what should I say.. 
something like that..

You understood?
(xiahjunjjyu: no ?^?)

With such a voice
Like, it’s okay if it’s not Junsu 
(N: meaning no need to scream it out)

Junsu (N: in a flat tone)
Oh Junsu.

you came (back) again.
something like that.

ready, and.
fans: Junsuuuu,
(T/N: pretty loud. there are many Japanese fans in the older age bracket attending JYJ concerts)  

Thank you very much.

*to be updated if i come across any ment fancams*

Video credit: withxiahcom +
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 151129 C.Jes Instagram Update – Thank you always

[VIDEO] いつもありがとう。また会おうね。

#xiajunsu #message #nagoya #cjestagram 


Thank you always. Lets meet again okay.

#xiajunsu #message #nagoya #cjestagram

In the end of the video that staff says, “we are on standby (now)”

Source: cjes.tagram
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHERS] 151127 Junsu’s autograph for ‘Pikaichi’ Restaurant

Junsu visited Pikaichi restaurant, which is a Chinese cuisine restaurant in Nagoya, on the 27th Nov 2015.



Thank you very much



Is really tasty.
9th October 2013



Is the most tasty.

(T/N: it doesn’t have any date indicated so don’t know from which day this one is from)

Picture credit: @xiahsuki
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER