[AUDIO][TRANS] 151110 E★K radio “Night’s Chu-su DAY” [Night’s Tuesday] JYJ Junsu’s comment to [CROSS GENE] Shin

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JYJ’s Junsu’s comment was valuable as well. (I) believe it has become an encouragement for Shin kun who is doing activities in Japan.


It seems something amazing has come.
I am kind of nervous
Though this is written in the script, I did not know [about this].
I’m really excited.
It seems (we have) received a comment from that, JYJ’s Junsu san.
(T/N: ‘san’ is formal unisexual honorific)
yaa, (my heart’s) fluttering.
He’s my favourite senior.
And he is Yongseok’s favourite as well
and I have met him twice in reality as we (use) the same hair salon.
(Yongseok is also CROSS GENE member, and from Shin’s sentence, he means that he met Junsu at the hair salon.)
Let’s listen to it. here we go.

Listeners of FM Yokohama E K Radio Night’s Chu-su DAY [Night’s Tuesday] 
(and) CROSS GENE’s Shin kun 
(T/N: ‘Kun’ honorific used for a male who is younger than the speaker)
Hello, this is JYJ’s Junsu.

Shin kun as well, work hard on your activities in Japan.
with that, please listen to ‘OeO’ by Junsu.

Brought to you, has been Junsu’s ‘OeO’
Thank you very much for Junsu san’s comment.
It is a huge honour.
And, the song is also really good, I was shocked.
Though I am listening to all the songs delivered by Junsu san
His voice is really charming
ahhh, he really is a senior (who I) admire.
I will work hard for the next 5 years to become a vocal like Junsu san.

Blog: FM Yokohama E★K radio
Audio credit: love-xiarin
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[AUDIO][TRANS] 151031 FM Yokohama 84.7 Radio HITS Radio – Junsu’s exclusive interview


To the listeners of Fm Yokohama Radio HITS Radio and Snoopy san 
Hello, I am JYJ’s Junsu 
Snoopy san thank you very much as always.
Well then, please listen to 必ず昨日 [kanarazu kinou] (Yesterday) by Junsu.

We delivered 必ず昨日 kanarazu kinou (Yesterday) by Junsu
We will be delivering the interview from now on.
But before that, [regarding the] concert
I went on 2 days ago on the Sunday,
On that cold day, I mentioned it a bit before as well
On that day, Junsu’s mother appeared and in full chorus sang “Blue Light Yokohama”
and it was [like] a perfect copy world, it was amazing.
[Junsu said] because it is Yokohama,
even in the stage place, he even talked about like,
“every time I go to Fm Yokohama, the ferris wheel from there is so pretty,
I haven’t ridden it yet though”
It was three hours but it was really splendid
and as Live performance, [he] showed a really amazing show.
It was outdoor [stadium] and so fireworks went up.
it had an environment that just by being there you feel the excitement
anyhow, ripening of the voice or the amazingness of the performer
and became an adult. He said a bit ero[tic] but
there was a performance like a bed scene,
There was a performance like, that’s right, he is 30 years old now,
but watching without thinking that, [performance] to try to accept that.
As a show, moving around Asia from now on, he showed an amazing show.
There is still Nagoya, everyone would surely be able to go right.
hope that he puts on an even more amazing show.
And from here, lets present the winner of the signed poster.
[..] Radio name waun san, congratulations.
I’m listening every sunday at 2 a.m. by setting the alarm
Tonight my favourite, JYJ’s Junsu.
I am feeling regrettable that I am unable to go to the Yokohama concert as I just had a surgery last week but
to be able to hear Junsu’s singing voice on the radio and for the radio interview, really, thank you very much.
Thank you waun san, from Osaka
Is your body fine? you’ll be able to go to Nagoya right?
I wish you get to go certainly, you won the signed poster, I will be sending it shortly.


Well with that, infront of my eyes is Junsu
It’s been a long time
It’s been a long time, this is Junsu.
How are you?
I’m fine.

well then, please give the listeners a proper greeting.
It’s been a long time. I am Junsu, who has come again with a new album.
That’s right. I have it here.
I bought it yesterday.
Thank you very much.
I will do this talk in a bit but
This year. What kind of year has this year been to you?
You had a musical right, death note.
That’s right
and with that there was JYJ as well
and then solo album
and then solo concert
soccer, there had been these things
Yes, that’s right.
Certainly I did various activities, but surely this year will not be able to forget or what should i say 
I was able to appear on a tv programme in Korea after 6 years 
and well I did an album as well.
and i’m sure many people in Japan know this, I did the death note musical in Korea 
the most special [point] was that it was one cast, 57 times with one cast.
57 times, not as double but with one cast
body, managing your physical condition, health
was there anything you were careful of every day?
The thing I took care of the most was that as much as possible i tried to sleep.
that is the most important.
You went home after the performance ended and went to sleep. how long did you sleep in a day?
mostly I tried to sleep more than 8 hours
ah, you slept a lot. that’s great.
Well, I wasn’t able to do anything. During the time I was doing the musical 
didn’t go anywhere, there was no where to go play.
Just eating
yes that’s right, went back home after eating
and then sleep.
and then sleep. wake up and gargle my throat.
I worked hard to maintain my throat condition at that time.
serious and admirable.
but there’s was no choice. 57 times is a long time so, to have to keep on doing that
what did you do after it finished?
after it finished?
on the last day, waa it ended, now i don’t need to be careful
that’s right, like I DID IT! it has ended! 
but after it ended, there were feelings of regret 
that’s right, there were a bit of feelings of loneliness but 
death note was a bit too long so but certainly with feelings of regret 
but really, I DID IT! 
It was a sense of accomplishment.
That’s right
I accomplished it!
Yes, I believe the feelings that i accomplished it was more stronger. 
and after that, I went to Hawaii right after for a photo shoot.
I went to Hawaii, after a long time.
it was good right. you were able to rest a bit?
Yes, I was able to rest. and like palm trees, I really like them. I was relieved/happy
I was not able to surf at all. I was just doing nothing 
hahah the whole time.
doing nothing and sleeping is what’s important.
well, this year there were JYJ activities as well but are you happy when you stand on stage infront of the fans as three [together]?
that’s right, certainly to stand as JYJ is different
the two of them went to the military. I am a bit lonely. I need to go on and work harder for their part as well.
and you’ve released an album, the english title is called Yesterday but what is the lead track called?
In Japanese, it’s called kanarazu kinou.
Because it’s written in Korean, so I am not sure about how the Japanese audience will feel (about) it and how it is conveyed (to them). Compared to the flow of the lyrics till now, it is more like a love letter.

It has a feel like writing a letter, like pretending to write a letter to the [opposite] person. It is a special song like that.
It is like a scene from a movie comes to mind. Can feel a really beautiful thing like watching a movie.
I heard from the production crew that there was a terror when you could only live for one day, i.e. today. At that time,
Translator: they used the actual story of fire fighter during the terror time as the motif [of the music video]. 
Fire fighter from the 9.11 (event). There was one such story.
Oh so it’s not just a ballad but is a song with great meaning.
And speaking of ballads, there is one more, “The hare and the tortoise”.
This is also again, a ballad right.
That’s right, ㅋㅋ
What is it?
Ah, this song as well, listen it to it without rushing. It is a calming song.
Interesting or should I say what I found to be unique was “Silk Road”. This song was a bit ethnic like feel. Why did you think of doing this song?
This song has the Sitar. It is India’s traditional instrument. [the song’s] starts of with that sound, it is a song with that skill.
When I was composing this song and putting in the melody on top of the [sitar] sound, the atmosphere made me image the Silk road, like finding it for the first time and so I decided to name the title Silk road and made the song.
This is “OeO”? What is the meaning of this?
This as well, when I was making it, normally you use a guide right,
When I do the guide I put in unbelievable lyrics, I sing by mixing Japanese, Chinese like, English like [lyrics] 
The part where OeO is inserted, only that part I sang O e O over and over.
I thought that itself had a good feeling, so I went forward with that.
So it doesn’t have any meaning, it was like the flow.
Yes, it was just with the flow. It has no meaning.
And then the RnB like “Midnight Show”. Who is the female vocal (in this song)?
She is a Rapper called Cheetah.
Oh, I know her.
I am a fan of her’s as well, and I thought she would suit this song
She’s the one with the short hair.
Yes, Yes.
And then there are acoustic versions included as well.
What kind of concert will this one be? there will be songs from this album and from others as well?
what kind of concert will it be?
Well, of course. Just like what I’ve done till now, I will work hard to show many different performances and let you hear good songs. I have released three albums till now, I released the album with the feel that will be putting them all together[/summarizing them]. So the concert as well thought to try and put it all together.
So the concept is like ‘Best of Junsu’
That’s right, It is like ‘Best of Junsu’ feel
Oh that would make the fans happy.
Yes, for sure, I believe it will become a good concert.
After Yokohama ends, there is one in Nagoya. So is this year, 2015, ending with this ?
2015, will be pretty much with this
be calming down [with this]
What is the objective of 2016?
Well, certainly it will be the after releasing this album activities. Finishing the concerts safely. This is the my remaining dream or should I say objective of this year.
What is the objective of next year?
Next year’s objective? yaa. haven’t decided anything.
you haven’t thought of anything?
I have thought of it but since it’s not decided so 
Then when it becomes next year, we’ll have to ask again.
But whatever I do, I believe I want to work hard.
Anyhow, I’m sure this year has been very busy, but other than work has there been anything you’ve done recently for calming [purposes]?
Recently, I have suddenly gotten into drive
[driving along] Han river straight.
Yes, Yes.
Normally driving while thinking and listening to music. Something like that. It’s just that.
A while back, 2 weeks ago I went to Seoul. there was this amazing fireworks display right?
Is that so? (eukyangkyang) 
It was amazing, it was big.
Is that so. Where?
ah, something tower. Yeouido.
ahh, Yeouido’s, over there.
It was really amazing.
Is that so.
It was regrettable right. that you weren’t able to see it.
I wasn’t able to see.
[regrettable that] You didn’t (even) know

With that I interviewed Junsu.
Anyhow, I am looking forward to the concert. Work hard.
Yes. Thank you very much.
Will we meet next year as well?
For sure.
Lets meet. Yes
for sure
Please take care of me.
Thank you very much.

The interview was held at the rehearsal studio, day before the concert.
I interviewed him before the rehearsal
And of course, he hadn’t done any make up at all,
And the photo posted on the blog and on twitter, even though he is wearing sunglasses
He has a good heart, and took a picture with is photo okay? ok.
This kind of Junsu kun.
Next year as well, there must be many things that need to be thought of but of course, every day looking forward and working hard. Want to cheer him on for later as well with everyone.
Next year again, there will be various things with the military (enlistment) as well so not sure but as much as possible want to work hard and try to meet again.
And with that it’s “Midnight Show” by Junsu.

(T/N: I was in a hurry to finish these translations quickly and 16 mins worth of data makes my head woozy -_-, so please forgive me if there are some grammatical errors.)

Audio Source: OHMYJUN

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 151025 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN at Yokohama Stadium (Day 2)

Junsu Hyung


My manager. My security [guard]
(T/N: seemed like JS said secret, but that doesn’t make sense,, so i assumed he said security)

Please drink it.

The two you just met right now are younger than me.
The one who brought water right now, may look like he is younger than me i don’t know
but Sici Sici
even now, when he calls me Aniki(/hyung/big brother)
I’m still not used to it.

Something might have happened when he was a child
Maybe he took the wrong medicine

But isn’t he handsome?
Recently since he got the nickname ‘Sici Sici’
something [has changed], and his skin has become clearer
Maybe he is going to a shop

something, a bit.
I feel like he’s become more stylish

I’m certain there has been some kind of change in mental state
I’m absolutely sure there is.

But still, they are the two whom I like quite a lot.

Third Ment after No Reason


Are you having fun everyone?
Have you gotten hotter?

Again for favourable progress

The song i sang right now
the song i sang right now

(Fans: no reason)
What is?
(Fan: Junsu erotic!)
What is it?
(Fan screaming: Eroticccc)
When it becomes night
ahhh, that’s right
I am Junsu who becomes hotter
This song, called no reason
no need for words
no need for a reason
Just that, I like you

With a song with this meaning
normally, it was a performance with just this kind of meaning

I said this last year
Little by little
like my image
like my oyaji gags that i invented quite a lot in the past

umm, like. doing this (the pose Junsu did for the uchiwa in 2015 Japan arena tour tokyo i believe) 

like Junsu of the page
without forgetting
now, the time has passed by
Without me even knowing, I became thirty years in a blink of the eye
I became more of a man

I’m sorry [saying this] from my own mouth
In the past I was aiming for charisma
From thirty years old..
(fans: erotic)
Not erotic.
Lets keep this to a healthy man


oh well, but
like i said last year
I will show my image the hard part of this stage a little by little
this was the first part
with the time passing by, when I become 40 year old I don’t know what I will do

But even when I am 40 year old, if I am asked by everyone
like this or (XIA angel pose)
Without forgetting these, well many different things
I will work hard in order to show many various things

Sorry to keep everyone waiting
From here on is!

This time is called Genie time.

Junsu’s mom singing Blue light Yokohama (Genie time 2nd wish)


It is My mother.

It is my mother who gave birth to me.
A big round of applause.

I learned this song from my mother when I was in elementary school
Listen to it from my mother’s voice

But If,
At that time, My mother did not know Japanese.
She heard it from her ears and sang it so
I’m not sure, It might be wrong
(to his mom) Please work hard and try

JS mom: Thank you very much

(T/N: Junsu’s mom’s Japanese pronunciation was very good, just a very small hint of accent. And she sang it very well, with a great feel. Blue light Yokohama is a musical genre song, sung by Ayumi Ishida in 1968, for original version click here)

When the three gather 


When i sang Backseat suddenly,
even in the middle of singing the song I remembered my members
A while back, Jaejoong and Yoochun had time, so I met them.
The three of us went to a Izakaya(T/N: bar/pub)
Probably the most classy one in Korea.

Jaejoong made the reservations.
I paid the bill.

I did think I would have to pay either way but
The two of them said, well
‘because we aren’t working right now’
‘we aren’t earning money at all’
‘Junsu HAS to pay for the bill’

But, honestly speaking
I am back biting about them a bit

 When the three of us gather
Majority [of the times] I am definitely paying
and when I ask about the reason behind it
there really is no words for it

Both of them are strong drinkers and I am enjoying it
And both of them meet each other a lot and go to drink
And so both of them go to drink and..
how do i say this?
right right, while moving around.
is ‘moving around’ right ? [form of expression]

In Korea we don’t do dutch pay.
Jaejoong pays, or Yoochun pays
right right. continuously
[Jaejoong and Yoochun alternate paying]

But that’s only within the TWO OF THEM!
I totally haven’t had a drink there
I have never eaten anything that I got from them.
Even thought just the two of them are doing that
When three of us meet, those two have been continuously paying back and forth for each other
so this time, Junsu pay [for them]
Even though it’s the first time for me!
Even though it’s the first time with the three of us, Junsu please pay.
It is like if it’s the three of us [gathered], definitely I am the one who is paying
Well, but I am eating
I like to do calculations in these kinds of things.

But, for me, in life
humans work hard in order to eat
they can continue to live
I am the happiest when I eat tasty food
When I pay the money
Though I do pay for when eating, without any thoughts, with lots of feelings
But with the three of us, when we gather and I pay the bill
I kind of feel like I am being fooled

and when the three of us gather, [the place] is really really classy/expensive
the two of them know that Junsu is paying for this
really well..
Alcohol that I haven’t even seen once keeps on coming
‘What is this alcohol’
Though i haven’t even drink at all yet
the two of them continuously go
‘Cheers’ !

But oh well
The two of them recently are poor so

This was a joke ㅋㅋ

But the two of them
when I look at their faces
it seems like they’ve become more brighter

(This was such a treat to translate! so hilarious to listen to Junsu’s rambles)

Video: withxiahcom + lejxiah + hyunjoong501charu

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[TRANS][TWEET] 151024 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN Yokohama Stadium


  • 一番プレッシャーは日本語とのこと うさぎとかめのタイトルの由来は同じくらいの速さだからだとw
    Trans: [He feels the] most pressure with Japanese (language) and the origin of the title of hare and the tortoise because it’s of the same speed w
  • いまは住んでないから でもステージにたって一緒に勉強して いきたいと そして手を出してくださいとw
    Trans: Because i’m not living [in Japan] right now. But when i stand on the stage, I want to study together and please get involved in it w
  • もう大人だからとジュンス エロく設定で 19歳以上のコンサートをしたいと
    Trans: Now (he’s) an adult so, Junsu wants to do a +19 concert with erotic setting
  • 男は死ぬまで攻撃的な感情じゃないと ←男はせめろってことですねw
    Trans: if males does not have aggressive feelings until they die it’s ←about attacking males right w
  • ジュンスは小学校のとき足が速かったとのこと。サッカーは散歩だとwww12歳の男がジュンスと話しました^ ^
    Trans: Junsu ran fast during middle school. Soccer is walking www talked with 12 year old boy Junsu^ ^
  • 不安感はいつでもありました。またコンサートができるか 不安でしたけど それを乗り越えて みなさんから幸せな気持ちをくれて 本当に何回も感謝しています。僕は歌手だから皆さんに答えることって歌とパフォーマンスを見せるために頑張っていきますというしかないんです。みなさんからもらってる→
    →愛情とかに比べたら小さいことだと思いますけど、その分頑張ってステージでおどって歌ってる 僕をみるだけでも感謝の気持ちがみなさんから伝わってくるように頑張りますので、これからもよろしくお願いします by xia
    By xia, his last words “I always had feelings of anxiety. And I was uneasy regarding if i could do a concert but I overcame it and I received feelings of happiness from everyone, I really am thankful many times. I don’t have anything to answer everyone other than that I will work hard in order to show everyone my songs and performance since I am a singer. I think it is a small thing as compared to the love that I am receiving from everyone however, to that extent I will work hard to dance and sing on the stage. I will work hard so that just seeing me as well, would convey from everyone my feelings of gratitude, so please take care of me from here on as well.


  • ジュンスがこの間のファンミで「横浜びっくりしますよ!」って言いましたけど、、、マジでびっくりしたから!w
    Trans: Though Junsu said in the fanmeeting a while ago, “you will be shocked in Yokohama!” ,,, I was seriously shocked! w
  • ジュンス的流しそうめんの説明「水から飛んでくるそうめんをつかまえる。日本の文化を食べて「わぁ〜 」ってなる」
    Trans: Junsu’s explanation of Nagashi soumen “catch soumen that flies from the water. You will go ‘Waa~” eating Japan’s culture.”
  • 10代だけ声聞かせてって。10代には未来があるからwこんなにストレートに失礼な人あんまいないwww
    Trans: Let me hear the voices of teenagers. Because teenagers have a future w. There aren’t many straightly rude people www
  • ジュンスは日本のスタッフより全国の名物を知ってると。昔いっぱい調べたからって。横浜は?の声に「貝柱がいっぱい入ってるお弁当」、、、えーと、、、なんだろ?w「名古屋は豚まんですよね?」違いますw
    Trans: Junsu knows about the famous thing all over Japan more than the Japanese staff. Because in the past he used to searched a lot. to the voice of, Yokohama is? “lunch box filled with kaibashira (T/N: adductor muscle of scallop etc.)” ,,, umm,,, what is it? w “Pork bun is Nagoya right?” that’s wrong w
  • そういえばジュンス、今度はみんなで運動会やるとか言い出したよw50代の貧血心配して声出させないクセに何を思いついてんだwww
    Trans: speaking of which Junsu said that next time he wants to do a sports day with everyone w. What is he thinking even though he used to say that people in their fifties shouldn’t scream because there is worry regarding high blood pressure www
  • ジニータイムで僕は音楽歌う前に「うさ耳つけてー」ってみんなが言ったらすごいちっちゃい声で「めんどくさいなぁ〜」って呟いたジュンスに萌え❤️
    During genie time before singing I am Music, when everyone said “put on the bunny ears” crushing on him when he muttered with a really small voice “it’s bothersome to do~” ❤️

Source: @silentprove_JYJ + @meg0556

Compiled and Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER FACEBOOK] 151024 Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki restaurant updates on Junsu’s visit



I am Lee, Kobe Yakiniku Kanteki Shibuya store’s manager.
Yesterday JYJ’s Junsu visited our store again!!!
He remembered that he visited us 2 years ago and gave our meat extremely high praise\(^-^)/
He said that when he comes to Japan again, he would visit us(^-^)
While looking forward to the day we meet again, every day with meat of outstanding freshness and service we await from our heart for everyone’s visit to out store(^-^)



Source: 神戸焼肉かんてき Official Facebook

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151024 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR in Yokohama – Genie time

Second wish: ‘I am Music’ from Mozart and wearing bunny ears headband


What is this?
I don’t have a choice but to wear it?

(the sash says: Motteru Otoko. Trans: Man who has it) 

What is this!?

Motteru otoko means that you have no popularity?
Oh the best man?

(Fans: the ears, the ears)

2, 3

Ah, this song is also from a musical.
It is the musical that i first debuted as an actor, called Mozart.
And, even in the Mozart musical, it’s the song when I first make entrance.
Ah, that’s wrong. It’s the song after my entrance.
It’s the immediately next song.
ah, can i take this off (T/N: the bunny ears headband)
Well then, It’s called ‘I am Music’. I will sing.

(Junsu sings)

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Thanks to everyone, I became a Motteru Otoko.

Video: withxiahcom

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER