[OTHER TWITTER] 160227 DEATH NOTE musical (Japan) Twitter Updates on Death Note Korea’s winning award


It’s been a while-apple! (T/N to the Japanese phrase “hisashiburi” in the end “ringo” meaning apple was added, because Ryuk loves apples) Everyone, how are you getting along with theatre live? Today an immensely happy news jumped in and came so will be conveying it. Last year, performed in South Korea, the Korean cast version Death note, won the highest award in the musical category at the 3rd eDaily Culture Awards!


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[OTHER TWITTER] 160227 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Twitter Update – 🐘 san cards 


Jaejoong’s reciept and the 🐘 san card is going to be till 2/29!
Reserving share for the customers who ordered is also till 2/29 so certainly, waiting for your visit within this month❤️
#Jaejoong #NOX



Customers who noticed it, thank you very much!

Truth is, the 🐘 san card, was made by hand one by one ❤️
We put in cut for the ear with a cutter so it flaps! Laugh
We made each one filled with our feelings ^^
#Jaejoong # NOX

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[INFO] 160226 JYJ on the cover for the April issue of Japanese Magazine “Hanryu Pure Love TV Drama Guide”

Reason why the JYJ starring Dramas are loved
Hanryu Pure Love
TV Drama Guide
April Issue

Released date: 26th Feb 2016



Let’s meet with Drama!

★ Show Jaejoong & Yoochun starred Drama in one go!
★ Junsu’s musical “Dracula”, over here is amazing!!

Source: Rakuten Books
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[OTHER TWITTER] 160224 Tsutaya Sangenchaya Store Twitter Update – Elephant letters from fans arrived

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.33.33 PM


From the customer to whom it was sent by cash on delivery, 🐘(elephant) san has arrived❤️

The staff, will take responsibility and put it on all the sales board ^^

Really really Thank you very much for the happy letters as well!
#Jaejoong #NOX

T/N: the Sangenchaya Store included the elephant cut out notes when packaging for the albums and posters ordered online to be sent to the respective mailing addresses. The fans wrote and sent the notes to the store.


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[TRANS] 160223 JYJ mentioned in NHK Radio Program “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju”

[INFO] NHK Radio Programme 午後のまりやーじゅ (Afternoon’s Mariya-ju) is hosted by Mariya Yamada every mon to fri 13:05~16:55. 23rd Feb 2016 (Tues) show had guest corner by former Takarazuka actress Keaki Mori, titled “simply because there is love, simply because there is words”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.49.43 AM

15:33 – Keaki Mori’s
simply because there is love,
simply because there is words

16:06 – Evening Music
“Itsudatte kimi ni”




Today, in NHK Radio’s “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju” former Takurazaka (actress) Keaki Mori san talked about JYJ going through hardships, Junsu working hard in many musicals, and about though JYJ do not appear on TV, when they do concerts whichever venue hall it may be it is full house etc.  JYJ’s ♪Itsudatte kimi ni♪ flowed across the whole country^^

In Keaki Mori san’s words corner, she introduced those wonderful words Junsu recently said in his Ballad concert but… I don’t remember exactly [what it was], though at that time it was flowing in the tweets~ Keaki Mori san (said) about JYJ that their singing is really good right! and that there is a concert in Japan this time and definitely will go!^^

From 2:46 to 4:17
Junsu’s words as narrated by Keaki Mori san.

T/N: before this Keaki Mori san just mentioned about what happenned in the past when tohoshinki broke up and became two membered THSK and three membered JYJ. She said since she is a fan she is well versed in this topic.

to say why Junsu san said those words in his concert,
that he doesn’t appear on shows
“think that our precedents have not been able to do that
even now, like this many audience come to see our performance
this time as well, (will) not look back on the past.
The members are here, the fans who love me are here.
Received the miracle like cheers/support.
Well, though at that time I spend splendid youthful days as tohoshinki
but that, more than being discouraged by what i have lost,
I am grateful of what I have gained.
I really think that I am happy”
he conveyed these words

this, i really think these words are priceless.
definitely, confusion makes a person mature.
But that is for those who do not forget great efforts and their wholesome self.
for them only.
and the result of that
accepting everything that you have experienced and
to the point of being able to be grateful for that,
I thought that
he became a wholesome person, artist, man.
Since I am a fan, I think that I am happy (for that)
Man: you’d become a fan because of this
That is right. I became a fan because of this kind of way of existence as well.
Well, concert as well. he will be coming to Japan soon.
I as well, will for sure be going to attend.
Woman: oh to see Junsu?

Source: @ukthtr (1 , 2) + NHK Online
Video Credit: chiemm1
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[OTHER TWITTER/INSTAGRAM] 160224 Japanese musician YOKAN to conduct 2016 XIA Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan Vol.2

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.14.25 PM

#原宿 #表参道 #harajuku #omotesando#OhaYokan
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Today’s YOKAN was
Documents for the tour next month has arrived so
do the check and adjustment,
besides indulging in accordance to high speed arrange♪
Because it’s Orchestra composition it will take time as well
With this occasion, it is a situation in which can not catch up to one day one song…😱
Other schedule as well
It is tough while managing but
I will work hard while looking forward to it✌️
(spend) a splendid day with smiles💓
#Harajuku #Omotesando #harajuku #omotesando#OhaYokan
#morning #morning #morning_run #running #cloudy#viviennewestwood #instagram #instdaily

Note: RT and reply to a fan

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.14.16 PM


That’s right✌️ this time as well, will be participating as the arranger and conductor(^_−)−☆ RT –: @yokan713 Good morning ♪ Perhaps is it for Junsu kun’s ballad concert? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Source: yukanstudio via @yokan713
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[INFO] 160224 Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 1 for Oricon Style Weekly Western Music Album Ranking (2/15~2/21)

Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 1 in the Oricon Style Western Music Album Ranking
Dated 29th Feb 2016
(2016/02/15 ~ 2016/02/21)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.25.09 AM

Jaejoong’s 2nd Album “NO.X” ranks in at No. 8 in the Oricon Style Weekly CD Album Ranking
Dated 29th Feb 2016
(2016/02/15 ~ 2016/02/21)

Kim Jaejoong
Release date: 17th Feb 2016
Estimated sales amount: 17,677

Note: to even come in at the top 10 rankings of the wider category of CD Album clearly shows Jaejoong’s popularity.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.10.49 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.10.34 AM

Source: Oricon Style (1 , 2)