[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Last Talk after encore


Note: After finishing the encore stage, Junsu came out again.

Everyone. I knew that today everyone wouldn’t leave. Thank you very much.

For one, really today, really I cried, with the event as well.

Well, a bit, about 2 years we’ll be separated but they say that the me who will be inside (T/N: in the army) feel it longer.

but the audience who are outside don’t (feel it) so long. When I look at Jaejoong and think ahh that’s quite fast, Jaejoong says IT’S NOT FAST! IT’S SLOW! The time doesn’t seem to move, he said. He said it felt like twice or thrice (the time). For me maybe I will feel it’s long but i think I will come faster than what everyone thought. (Applause)

In those 2 years, if you were not able to do things like dating, umm studying, hobbies, while doing those. Me? ah, Junsu is your hobby? 

When I return make [your hobby] again me, increase it one more (T/N: I’m assuming increasing your hobby) Other artists is prohibited. Honestly, over here all the women, go to and fro with KPOP, but honestly I am fine with that. I am quite fine with that. It is okay to go (T/N: to other artists). You can go, but when I come [back], going back and forth, ah. going back and forth is not allowed. But other artists.. well… umm.. it’s okay if you go (to them). But the time when I return, you have to Paaa! (T/N: in Osaka con day 1, Junsu used Paa to illustrate break up, so I’m assuming that’s what he means here). There is No Problem then! (Applause)

xiahjunjjyu side note: This is very true, in Japan at least. Most of the fans are essentially KPOP fans, they support many other KPOP artists as well though there will be many of those who only support one artist. Junsu really knows many things.

Ah, this Paa is nice, everything can be conveyed. A conversation this long, with Paa! everything with just Paa! (laughs) Ya, because I will become like an idiot. 

Anyways, but well the concert has ended, but the real last work is the Death note musical work, it’s now very soon, from January 3rd for only 3 weeks, When that ends, I will immediately go, well really I will go all in and do it. 

If you want to meet me, please come to see it. I will come back quickly, I will return quickly so please wait for me!

Marriage is also okay. it’s okay to have children, If you have children come together with them. If you get married come together with your husband. I will be a bit jealous but.. If you date then come with your boyfriend. 

Bye Bye. Please return back safely. Let’s meet quickly [again]

Video credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 161226 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Ending ment


Umm.. (hesitating)
Here, on this stage, today till this moment, always.
Always sang songs. Always sang songs, the reason for this miracle is i believe thanks to the many love that everyone gave. (Applause)
From here on, a bit for 2 years we’ll be separated. I will soon return healthy so after 2 years, from here so that I can answer back (T/N: return or repay back) the love, I will be grateful if you could give me the opportunity (to do so). (Applause)

Will you wait for me? (Fans: Yess).

2 years is quite, if you think it as short, it’s short and if you think it as long, it’s long?
If you think it as long, it’s quite long but.. it’s quite long!
To say why, even in Korea couples who are dating, if the guy goes to the army, then it’s quite.. Paa!! (T/N: sound effect word)
they break up. More than 90% break up. (Fans: ehhh??)(Fan: it’s ok, it’s ok)

I feel uneasy (Fans: it’s ok!)
But, the love I received till now I was happy enough, when i return even if a bit of everyone are left. (Fans: ehhhh)
Ahh um but whichever me, I will work hard. Right now’s everyone, i believe before falling asleep I will remember. (Applause)
Always everyday I will think (about) [everyone].
Thank you very much!

The last song is from musical Dorian Gray. The lyrics of this song has the contents that I wanted to say to everyone so I choose this song. I would like to bid goodbye with this song. Please listen to it, requiem.

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Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 160330 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD CONCERT in Tokyo (Day 1) – Last Talk


She was a [Korean] girl.
but, isn’t everything different
the color of the skin is different and
but he likes her
In that musical, while watching (T/N: the ‘So Pretty’ performance), I cried a lot.
while watching it, there was this message I thought.
Right now it is about everyone and I..

Harazuku, Harajuku, Harajuku
The kid is looking and me and going kehkehkeh (T/N: snickering), saying ah he is hopeless.
I am poorer in Japanese than you right
ah, this response was really shocking
when i said I am poorer right, he (bowed down till his waist as a nod)

more than a single word it came (breaking my heart)
I am poorer right (bowed down till his waist as a nod)
Thank you
Let’s do a Japanese showdown
How old are you?
10 years?
you are younger than 10 years right, I am sorry.
I understood

Yutairidatsu? (T/N: out of body experience)
Do you know?
I’m sorry, sorry, I thought I would win against a 10 year old (eukyangkyang)
A 30 year old who is thinking of winning against a 10 year old, Excuse me.
(T/N: naming places in Tokyo) Harajuku, shibuya.
ahh.. chamkkanman (T/N: ‘wait a minute’ in Korean)
uhh, Roppongi. over there quite a lot (T/N: go there a lot)
ah, Aoyama. ah, is Aoyama also Harajuku
Odaiba, Odaiba
Reversely I go to Odaiba often,
but Ginja I don’t really..
ok, ok, GinZa
(T/N: Ginza is a place in Tokyo, due to Korean not having the Z intonation, Junsu mistakenly said Ginja, common Japanese mispronunciations done by Koreans)
Scary! over there, is Really Scary!
When I said Ginja, (Junsu makes a face and puts both hands on his hips)
Excuse me.
Ginza. Gin Za, Za Za Za.
sigh.. Ginza

Ginza, not really
I don’t really like shopping so much.
(fans: ehhh)
ah, what was this? why? I don’t like [shopping]
(fans: ehhhh)
(Junsu flapping is hand side to side like a penguin, expressing ‘why’)
Jaejoong is the one who likes shopping
Amongst my surrounding celebrities I am probably the one who likes shopping the least
Right right, I like Donki
(T/N: Don Quijote, a chain store in Japan where you can find anything and is fairly reasonable priced. Junsu’s picture shopping at Don Quijote Roppongi was in a Japanese magazine, though I think a Roppongi branch, expensive area in Tokyo, would have expensive items, if I recall correctly he was reported to have bought an expensive watch)
Something that is a bit expensive I..
(fans: ehhh)
I like only [expensive] cars
well, well, Ok.

yes, like clothes
I do buy it when I buy but I am not that accustomed to it
I am not accustomed to it that much yet.
But Ginza is really,
filled just with things like Department [stores]
Isn’t it just a place where things are sold?
(fan: that is correct)
Am I wrong?
It’s like that right? (fan: it is.)
right, right.
But it is not just that reason
Ginza, isn’t it the most expensive place? that’s why I hadn’t heard about it.
the reason is a bit weird.
well, Gin.. Gin Za. I was [saying it] wrong again.
What it fun in Ginza?
Sushi? Sushi is everywhere no?
ah, there is that in Ginza, that
Toy, Toy world. that. there is right?
right, lets try and go there

Recently I have suddenly started liking toys
this kid again, when I said i’ve started liking toys he went hahahahah
Really, now.. it’s like I am being ignored.
that um, childlike
(fans amazed that Junsu knows the word ‘childlike’)
do you know [the word] childlike?
ah you know? Sorry.
When i said do you know [the word] childlike
(Junsu nodding his head)
childlike, childlike.. I can’t win right

Originally in the past I did talks from the heart, additionally I ended it with a message but
from the heart, talking about random things,
naturally, [it became] really like rough and realistic
normally if you see an artist’s concert video, splendid, while crying it ends right. That is now a bit lame..
later that talk, I’d like to talk, I have many feelings correct but right now with a natural feel, realistically, hebon (T/N: Korean word).. what to say, ah Japanese..
I think I want to finish with a pure feeling
I really say this every time but even in Ginza, when it becomes night
it is Dangerous! (fans saying it’s not)
why? (fan: it’s okay)
Scary old man chan are walking around (T/N: chan is a honorific used for children)
For everyone’s safety, over here with a pure feeling while singing the last song.
(fan: don’t want to end with pure feeling)
I forgot.. (T/N: that the orchestra was sitting behind him)
sorry. all this time, suddenly, that is right.
They were really quiet, I thought there was no one there
(laughs) Really, there is one more thing I want to say on this stage.
This time, the practice time was really less. but to that part really perfectly, before I arrived in Japan, they perfectly did it, the Orchestra, band, every one,
The orchestra here, the band, dancers all of them
I also want to convey it and from everyone as well a big round of applause.
Thank you very much.

Before I arrived everything was perfect, Really
I apologise. You really saved me
then with this orchestra, purely with everyone I believe I want to finish
This song was the first track in my third album
Is it okay if I drink water?
Then everyone, I will sing the last song
Please listen, Reach.

Video credit: lejxiah
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 160315 XIA THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR CONCERT vol.2 in Nagoya (Day 1): So Pretty + Junsu’s charms

Note: These two talk videos are in succession.
Talk after the song “참예뻐요(So Pretty)” from Musical Laundry


Thank you very much for the encore.
The song I sang right now was called “So Pretty”
It is a song that I believe properly returns my feelings for everyone that I think I want to express.
really, really
“We are Pretty”

from this song as well
a little bit
to everyone
(pause) [fan: you can do it]
did it get through ? 
(T/N: Did it get through to everyone even if it was a little bit through this song?) (applause)

I am not quite sure (about that) though
Till now, though it has been quite a lot, about 12-13 years since I debuted
From that time till now, being together
every year, every time
being together (with me) till today, really
my feelings of being, really really thankful
well, to what extent, even if I work hard in order to answer back to that
definitely, [even if] by the time I die,
I believe it will definitely loose to the love I have received by everyone.
as much as possible
with the singing
additionally do other various things, work hard on various [things]
what I have received from everyone,
so that I can also give
I want to work hard and
the song I sang right now, it’s contents is this as well
till now, being together with me for the 12-13 years
Really, Thank you very much. (bows) (applause)

Junsu’s Charms


It’s really regretful but, right now is not acting right
Really, only the last song is left.
I’ve said this every time no,
Though I really, want to do it for long, long, till after 12 am
Because if it gets after 12 am, even in Nagoya,
scary old men chan (T/N: chan is a honorific used for children)
are walking around like hyenas.

I said it before right,
“We are..”
ah, not We
“You all are..”
“You all are Pretty”
Just before did I say “We are..” ??

Is that really true?
then the meaning totally didn’t get through to you.
ya, (eukyangkyang)

“You all are Pretty”
It was this meaning.
why even though it is not “We” (laughs)
That is so, right.
Because you all are pretty,
Because you are beautiful,

Truthfully, amongst in here,
I am.
not we, but I
[I am] the most beautiful, the audience who are thinking that
(T/N: raise your hand if so)
Have confidence

Who is it? then.
a bit, then, then..
ah, that is so.
Definitely, it’s good to have confidence right?
ah, that was a joke.
right now, I got told “meann~”

well, well, well
I as well
right now (lightly laughs)
I also, honestly, during Tohoshinki, I did activities as a (group) of five right.
At that time, no matter who sees it,
everyone who met me, Junsu, for the first time
first time, whoever, everyone who saw me,
they pointed their finger at me
[and said] “you are definitely good at singing”
(to fans:) aren’t you laughing too hard?
ya, this side really laughed too hard!
ya, that laughing sound has really [to my] mental state…
ya.. it’s not a [good] feeling..
(lightly laughs)
(fans: Junsu you are cool!)

But, I say this every time right
For a man, it is not the face,
For the face, no matter who it is, once they age.. (lightly laughs)
Excuse me. (lightly laughs)
[For a] Man, what do i say..
sense of consideration,
consideration and

the laughing voice from before..
I can’t forget
I am not able to forget
when I said “you seem to be most good at singing”
(T/N: that side went) HAHAHAH!
(Junsu covers his face with his hand)
(Fan: but it is true, Junsu’s singing is good)
(Fans: It is true that Junsu’s singing is good!)
Eh? What??
(Rough trans: fan said Junsu is cool, Junsu is the best singer)
Oh, that I am good at singing the most?

That is wrong!!
Each one of the members have their charms
because they have their charms
that differs, really.
But singing is not my real charm
(fans: ehhh)
and it is not oyaji gags
that is, well..
but really well,
when [I] started [off] with tohoshinki
in Japan, what do i say..
what should i do so I’ll [be able] to sell..
The time when I was really confused about that
these oyaji gags, really what should I say
It became the one [shining] light but
It’s really true.
From those oyaji gags, from my oyaji gags
well, various, I was invited by the programme shows a lot.
If there wasn’t that
certainly that was the only [shining] light in the past
but certainly that, from there on
[our] real
The opportunity to have our Music heard was made though
But my real charm is not singing
the answer to that will be at the next stage.

well then,
while holding onto the feelings of wanting to know (T/N: aka curiosity)
I want to bid farewell

(fan: bottom!)
It is not [my] bottom (laughs)
It is quite hidden right now
It is certainly quite impressive
But more than my bottom

Eukyangkyang. (sits down, covers his face with his hand)
Excuse me.

Video Credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 160315 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD CONCERT IN NAGOYA (DAY 1) – there and here


ah.. there and here.
here and there, right.
(T/N: あちこち Achi-kochi means here and there. Junsu mistakenly said Kochi-achi)
there and here (laughs)
ya, isn’t ‘there and here’ and ‘here and there’ the same thing!!!
(in korean) but, why?
kochi.. achi.. achi-kochi.. (Trans: there.. here.. here and there)
Kochi-achi (Trans: there and here)
it’s the same!

Video credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 160315 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD CONCERT in Nagoya (Day 1) – Junko’s return


(T/N: 子 ‘ko’ at the end of a name is indicative of a female name. Jun-ko is mix of Junsu and Ko.)

with Junko’s voice.
how did Junko’s voice [sound like]
somewhat, somewhat, it is woman like right?

[Junko:] yes.
Today [with the] members
ah.. this is baby [like]
representing [my members] I have come here today.
ahh.. what is it..
to your heart 
re-za-bii-mu?  (T/N: Lazer beam) (laughs)
Laser beam! 
it is [me] everyone’s idol

Video credit: withxiahcom
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour in Japan, Nagoya (Day 2)

Want to convey Junsu’s sincerity to the fans 


Translator’s note: Junsu is not fluent in Japanese, but he still tries his best to try to convey his feelings to the Japanese fans. I am going to translate word for word what he said. If i feel it is too vague to understand, below that i’ll write, in my own words, what his disjointed words are aiming at. 

I really have a lot of various memories. and amongst those memories, everyone is always
well, like a-nation, all of them
At anywhere, everyone was there together (with me), right.
That is, even till now.
At that time, or right now.  (You) were together with me.
I am really grateful (for that) and.
I was able to come so far, because everyone was there at that time and.

That was, all along, as usual

Don’t I say this every single time,
Till when will everyone’s heart go on?
(T/N: this is what he literally said, he meant to say till when will everyone’s love and support for him continue)
(Fans: giggle)
so much,
and I honestly don’t believe it will go on for so much, (go on) forever
(Fans: ehhhhhhhh)

Of Course
Of course, it would be good if it became such a relationship.
But right now with those feelings (T/N: feelings that it won’t continue forever),
I’ve overtook, an year, an year, an year and that has now (been) 6 years.
That is why I don’t want to believe in that even more so.
That is reversely, the feelings of wanting it to continue on forever,
because it gradually becomes bigger.
Therefore, If I believe in that.
Some day, If that disappears
that is, that is,
I thought that regarding the feelings, (I would) become lonely
so reversely, I didn’t believe in it.
and all along did a mind control so as not to believe in that.
Well, even if that disappears, it is not lonely
To tell you the reason why,
till now, even right now the people who have come here,
if, in the past, ah later,
ah the next time, (even if they) are not able to come,
That is without a question, how do I say,
I am thinking that to me it is a miracle that they even came till now.
Though i keep saying this every time
For 6 years. Though I am releasing albums in Korea for 6 years, probably I am the only artist who hasn’t even once shown his songs or performance on a show.
Despite this, in Korea, in Japan as well, in China as well, like this, people always come, I think is a miracle.
(audience applause)
That’s why, it’s not that I don’t have the confidence.
If everyone do not appear the next time,
more than having bad feelings regarding that, reversely to those who came till now, I want to say I am thankful (to them).
Do you understand such feelings?
It is a bit difficult to express it in Japanese.
(audience applause)
Therefore, without giving up, continuously
if everyone comes, that is even if the numbers decline, even in a hall or amongst 100 people,
I will always seriously sing from my heart.
(audience applause)

What kind of artist I will become, I as well (have thought of it) many times, even now.
Recently, that is, reversely
In the past, I aimed at how am I going to be at the top.
Right now, I am thinking how will I come down.
(fans: eeeeh, Junsu laughs)
No, but really really
It’s not that I mean that i want to come down right now.
But it is that, regarding popularity and what do i say,
ah, even if I am not able to do this kind of stage,
in a small hall, even if it becomes smaller
if there are people who (want to) come to listen to my voice, my music and if they come,
really, I will always stand on the stage
At that time, I think maybe I can return (the favour), of my feelings of gratitude right now.
Right now, probably no matter how many times i say thank you, I will not be able to reciprocate. I think i will definitely loose to the feelings everyone has given to me.
At that time, for sure I will return (this favour) (T/N: the fans love and support)

even if i become old and am not able to do such intense dances.
The thing that is most important, what i think is important, is the form of seriously singing from my heart.
I have confidence that I will perfectly, always, show (T/N: referring to the form mentioned above) till the time I am standing on stage,
I will become such an artist.
(audience applause)

T/N: such deep thoughts, Junsu did his absolute best to sincerely express his thoughts in Japanese. I hope my translation did proper justice to what he wanted to express ><

Video credit: withxiahcom
Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan Nagoya (Day 2)

Junsu’s last bye bye 


What is it?

feelings of regret, I have them as well.
well, Let’s meet again.
I Promise so.
it won’t take that long.
I believe I will be returning back.
Please be rest assured.

But really, everyone, when it becomes night
Nagoya is dangerous as well 

So quickly, immediately return back safely.
Everyone is beautiful so it’s not allowed.
Did you understand?

Lets meet again soon. 

Up stairs, thank you as well
thank you, thank you.
Thank you very much

People who want to meet,

Please come to Watch it!
Bye bye!

*to be updated with more*

Video credit: withxiahcom
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER 

[FANCAM][TRANS] 151128 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan Nagoya (Day 1)

Voice of the fans in their fifties


Should we just do for only fifties?
Is that okay?

If that is the case, then it it is o okay to not put in so much effort. 
(Junsu stuttered while saying this)

Really, that, um 
(Fan in fifties: I am Healthy!)
adult like.
Oh, I apologise(/excuse me), you are healthy. (bows)  

ah, sca-scary
I am HEALTHY! (gritting his teeth)

I know, I know. Excuse me/I’m sorry

Though I know that, that, just something of the (people in their) fifties, something like, um

(fan screamed something)
right right right.
Ah~ Thank you very much

Their tolerance, um, something,
adult, what should I say.. 
something like that..

You understood?
(xiahjunjjyu: no ?^?)

With such a voice
Like, it’s okay if it’s not Junsu 
(N: meaning no need to scream it out)

Junsu (N: in a flat tone)
Oh Junsu.

you came (back) again.
something like that.

ready, and.
fans: Junsuuuu,
(T/N: pretty loud. there are many Japanese fans in the older age bracket attending JYJ concerts)  

Thank you very much.

*to be updated if i come across any ment fancams*

Video credit: withxiahcom +
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER