[TRANS] 181109 Idol of Idols, Kim Junsu Idol fans compilation (feat. GIRIBOY)



For musical it is musical, for singing is singing, dance is dance!
Just about everything can not be excluded, heavenly musician Kim Junsu!


Thanks to his outstanding ability, since before
they say he has taken the post as the Idol for many idols

The idols who officially made it clear that they are Junsu-nim’s fans
As was expected who is in there! let us go confirm at once!


1. BtoB Yook Sungjae

BtoB Yook Sungjae, through broadcasts and SNS
has soundly emphasised that he is Kim Junsu’s fan.

In 2016, he attended the musical ‘Dracula’
which stared Junsu-nim
he took a confirmation shot together (with Junsu)
and earned the name of the fan who succeeded in real (life)!

Rumor has it that they even played sudden attack together..?
(please include me too..)

과자 먹기

2. Wanna One Hwang Minhyun

Junsu-nim’s famouse Nam-fan (T/N: Namja fan: male fan) Wanna One Hwang Minhyun.
Junsu-nim’s concert, musicals etc.,
to say that he has gone to all the places where Junsu appears!

[TRANS: Stage, acting, singing, it was all perfect! A performance that taught me a lot. Thank you. #Dracula #XIAcul #XIA]

Well as one may expect, in Kim Junsu’s end of year concert as well
curious to know if we will get to sneak a look at his face there!

(looks like the heart wants to do the ticketing)


3. Big Bang Seungri

In his student days track suit
engraving ‘XIA♥Seunghyun’ and going to school,
boasting a long fan history of that extent, Big Bang Seungri!

After his debut, Seungri at interviews or at multiple media
it can be said that he whole heartedly expressed his love for Junsu-nim ㅋㅋㅋ


4. Seventeen Bu Seungkwan

Since before soundly making clear that
Junsu-nim is his role model, Seventeen Bu Seungkwan!

Bu Seungkwan ssi, good at singing, good at dancing too
(face is also good)

He’s maturing splendidly right? 


5. Wanna One Ha Sungwoon

At the time of their Hot shot activities, in an interview asking about their role models
No taehyun said ‘Michael Jackson’ and
Ha Sungwoon cried out ‘Kim Junsu’s’ name!

Through Produce 101
making a fresh start as the idol loved by a crowd of people, Ha Sungwoon!

Go on and keep growing up more ~~ >_<


6. Just Music GIRIBOY

In Show Me the Money 777, energetically participating
GIRIBOY is also famous as a passionate fan of Junsu-nim!

In his own concert, he gave a signed CD to his fan
‘XIA Junsu is really cool ㅎㅎ I want to be like him’
leaving this comment behind!

In all sincerity you are recognised as a Junsu fan~

짝짝짝[TRANS: clap clap clap]

From.. these popular idols, receiving
plenty of love, Junsu-nim!  ♡

In the soon to be held Junsu-nim’s concert
it would be great if everyone of them would have regular meetings!~~

마쟈마쟈[TRANS: right right]

Source: 1boon
Kor-Jap trans by XIA Wonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu

[TRANS] 170204 Junsu’s letter to the fans at XIA Toscana Fanmeeting


When did I [last] write a letter, it seems it’s been a long period to the point that I can not remember that I didn’t write. It’s a bit awkward and embarrassing too. However, the passed time, I’m thinking of recalling each single moment with you all, who have always been there together with me and express in sentences even if a little the emotions that are difficult to put in words. The word ‘it’s the Last’ is a bit that but now when coming to the last schedule that is in Jeju, my chest is somewhat like packed, I am happy to see everyone’s smiling faces again too, it seems like a day [where] the heart is complicated in many things. The time amongst the busy performance schedule and every day [life],  how was a day spent to the extent that I don’t even know, days spent hectically continued but not knowing when I’ll be able to see Jeju’s sea and again seeing everyone’s limitless beauty my heart seems to feel refreshed, really many memories have accumulated right? To open each single one, there are far too many things that I don’t know talking about which one would be good. Delightful happy times as well, tough and painful moments as well, because you all, who without change walked together with me, were there that I was able to always work hard. Thank you. Honestly the words that I wanted to tell you all may just be all with this. To say and express in detail what I am thankful for is difficult, to that extent thank you. Just be receiving like this, what should I be doing. This, again asking a question with no answer, it’s the hopeless me, for a short while I will be separating from you all but even with that like it had always been, myself like I will firmly accomplish so properly send your love and support in the time from here on, meeting again with a delighted and strong form, like having met yesterday and meeting today, just, in that way like nothing happened, I say ‘Anyeong!’ that’s why. Ah wrong it should be ‘Chunseong!’? (T/N: Salute) ^ ^  To say short it’s short, to say long it’s long but.. till that time. Remain like this okay. Thank you, really. = From Junsu

Source: @angel_xia
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

170209 [NEWS] From Nonsan② Kim Junsu, worked hard even alone… 13 years without resting


Kim Junsu will be putting a rest to his activities of 13 years without resting.

Today (9th) morning Kim Junsu will be entered through Chungnam Nonsan Army Training centre. Once the basic army training ends he will be serving at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Policemen Public Relations Unit for the period of 1 year and 9 months. It was a private enlistment but Kim Junsu’s fans visited the Training centre and cheered and encouraged Kim Junsu who had bid goodbye for a while to the fans for the 21 months’ period.

Kim Junsu, as the member of the group JYJ, as a male solo artist and as a musical actor, broadened his without any resting time activities.

Informed of a new start called JYJ starting with the 2010’s first album ‘The Beginning’, ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, ‘Just Us’ in 2014 was released, with the World Tour, Asia Tour etc., met up with the fans from around the world.

The power of solo singer Kim Junsu was also amazing. In 2012 released for the first time. the solo full length album ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ in that year recorded sales of 120,000 copies, that same year successfully [had] his first World Tour as a domestic male solo singer, and left a footprint in the history of the World of Songs and Ballads.

Following which, he released his 2nd album ‘Incredible’ in 2013, with the Asia Tour revolving around 7 Asian cities mobilised 100,000 people and proved his popularity. In 2015 released his 3rd album ‘Flower’, with the Asia Tour gathered a total of 164000 fans. Additionally, appeared on broadcast after 6 years through EBS ‘Space Empathy’ as well.

‘Musical’ is definitely a crucial word while describing Kim Junsu. From his debut work ‘Mozart’ till ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘December, the unending song’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Death note’, ‘Dorian Gray’, in each starring work he is recognized for his perfect thorough understanding of the character and surpassing singing skills and became established as a South Korean representative musical actor.

Began with the 2010 ‘The Musical Award’Korea Musical Awards’ Male Newcomer and Popularity Star, in 2012 ‘Korea Musical Awards’ won the Male Lead Actor Award and even till the 2017 ‘Golden Ticket Awards’ Popularity Award, every year won the popularity award at the Musical Awards ceremony and proved his popularity. Additionally, from 2014 for 3 consecutive years rose to the No.1 musical actor chosen by the audience and secured his seat of the ‘believe and see Musical Actor’.

Since 2004 debut without resting ran forward Kim Junsu, due to the military enlistment bid goodbye to his fans for a short while.

Kim Junsu just before enlisting in the morning of the 9th through his personal SNS, with the short words of, ’13 years of unwavering love. Thank you very much for all the unforgettable memories.’ and, ‘I feel like I haven’t greeted you properly before going. So here’s a proof shot. Be healthy and let’s meet with a smile next time,’ and posted together a picture with the hair cut short and conveyed his greetings to his fans.

21 months is by no means are short period. Additionally, Kim Junsu just before his military enlistment wrapped up in discussion. Farewell for a short while, the 21 months in the military may become a revitalising like time for him. For 13 years doing activities without any rest, Kim Junsu it is a relief period where he can re-prepare himself and is a preparatory phase in order to jump further the distance. Fulfilling the obligation of national defence, gallantly return back, together with the fans, becoming stronger, looking forward to [that] tomorrow’s Kim Junsu.


Source: OSEN via Naver
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Junsu SNS cap trans by @ohmyjunsu

[OTHER TWITTER] 170111 Yoochun starring Dramas ranks in top 4 in Kandoradaijiten App 2016 Review Ranking

Note: Kandoradaijiten (The Great dictionary of Korean Dramas) is a search app for Korean Dramas


#KoreanDramaDaijiten 2016 Review Ranking
1 #RoofTopPrince 105 cases
2 #Healer 93 cases
3 #TheGirlwhoSeesSmells 86 cases
4 #SungkyunkwanScandal 84 cases
5 #Heirs 82 cases

Source: @kandoradaijiten
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[PICS + TRANS] 161230~31 Junsu answers XIA Space Q &A Sheet

<XIA SPACE> was organised and held by Junsu Korean fansites Ohmyjun and With XIA in Seoul on 30~31 Dec 2016









NOTE: The english translations are done through Japanese translations, there may be some discrepancies.


0. Even if it’s troublesome or difficult, like a man with charisma do you have the intention to answer these questions directly?
① of course
❷ call!!!
③ of course! (in Korean)
④ of course (in Japanese)
⑤ I’ll see first

1. Current time is? < PM 7:09 >

2 Usually what do you do at this time ?
① Composing!
② (Playing) Soccer!
③ (Playing) Game!
④ Singing!
❺ Other ( Don’t try to know! )


3. From amongst the two, please choose the one you like more.
Note: Junsu’s answers are indicated as bold

Angel XIA VS Sha Sha Sha
Genie time = Junsu time
③ Blueberry VS Pomegranate
④ Pan(/bread) Vs Ddok (Korean rice cake)
⑤ e-cigarette VS peropero candy 
 내게 기대 (Lean on me) VS 길 (Road)
⑦ Blonde hair VS Black tank
Jun jjyu VS Jyun jjyu
Americano VS
스치다 (Brushing past) VS 다시 돌아온 그대 (you who returned back again)
⑪ Waltz VS Tango
Dance without music accompaniment VS Twice [speed] fast dance


4. From amongst the following, please pick the hair color that you liked the most this year.

Blonde hair Junjjyu 
② Red hair
③ Black hair Junjjyu
④ Wine Junjjyu
⑤ Brown hair
⑥ Pink hair


5. Refer to the example below and complete the graph of 2016 “Kim Junsu”

Major arc: Charisma; Minor arc: Lovely❤


6. From the following select all of your nicknames that you like.

a. Intelligent Junsu                                                h. Piyo (T/N: chick)
b. Unequalled handsome man Kim Junsu       i. Jun jjang
c. MC XIAWAR                                                        
j. Kim Mae
d. Shi at                                                                    
k. Fairy nim
e. Sha                                                                          l. Angel XIA
f. Calm person                                                        
m. Kim maknae
g. Scenery bot                                                          
n. Shawoongie


7. From the following choose the costume of the year end concert that you like the most.

number 9.


8. In 2016, the times Junsu has sang Loving you keeps me alive, in total how many times is it?

1~10 times
② 11~20 times
③ 21~30 times
④ 31~40 times
⑤ more than 40 times

9. When did the fans feel the most unfamiliar to you?

❶ When they go as far as [treating me] like an elder when i called blue day blue berry
(T/N: thought hard about this trans and i’m afraid I don’t understand, it could be my misinterpretation or mistranslation)

10. In 2016, which of these words were not said by Junsu

❶ This do you know this? you should know this

Note: as far as I know, I am only certain that no.2 option was said by Junsu in Seoul Concert.


11. From the below which does Junsu [think] is a boring gathering.

a. Do you remember that winter’s Sejong <Mozart> I am, I am Music Gathering.
b. World with no war created by a Vietnam War veteran from the fierce tiger unit <Tears of Heaven> Soldier Gathering
c. Merger as Death! <Elizabeth – First show> Death Gathering
d. Inside of me find my dream <Elizabeth – rerun> Death Gathering
e. World where people are happy <December> Cry baby Gathering
f. Don’t doubt me Don’t disappoint me (T/N: lines from Dracula number Life after Life I believe) <Dracula> Grandfathers Gathering
g. Crime rate 0.00% <Death note> I after all did not hear it Gathering
h. Youth! Beauty! Joy! Everything is to be decided by me (T/N: Dorian Gray dialogue) <Dorian Gray> Pretty and the best Gathering

Junsu chose c and d, “Proper is boring!”


In the musical <Dorian Gray>, you have disguised yourself as the most beautiful man in the world, from the form of a pure boy to the dropped down form, by presenting various acting spectacle you perfectly turned into ‘Dorian Gray’.
From the below choose the one which is not do an adlib that you did in the musical <Dorian Gray>

❹ Just joking


Next are neologisms related to Junsu. Please write the meaning as you see.

① ㅇㄹㅇㅆ: ?
② 언감언순: Always – be grateful – Always – be gentle
③ 가가오오: If said go – go – If said come – come
④ 세젤귀: The most – cutest – in the world
⑤ 준또러: ??
⑥ 디셈버 걔: What is this….
⑦ ㅅㅇㄹㅇ: XI – A ?? (T/N: from Jap translator, she thinks it’s XIA Leo)
⑧ 막고: ??
⑨ 55555: Go Go Go Go Go !! 
⑩ 덩어리: The fans
⑪ 부스러기: Fallen down fans?
⑫ 불사꽃: Love is like a snowflake

T/N: Each hangul character corresponds to a phrase or word, they are seperated by hyphen. I’ve just translated Junsu’s answers however, I’m afraid I can not interpret this question any more than this.

In 2017 and 2018, what do the XIApwa wish from Junsu the most?

① For Junsu to be happy every day every day
② 32 year old Junjjyu too 33 year old Junjjyu as well to be always healthy
③ To eat well and sleep well
④ To remember the fans’ gaze when going to sleep
To not forget that the fans are always waiting 

Reaching the new year, select all of the tidings that you would like to do for the fans.

① In 2017 and 2018 as well, be affirmative!
② Everyone to properly cover in a warm blank, Good night ^^
③ Lets meet again! wink ~ >_-
④ I will only offer you happy things >_<
Till always while growing old lets go together

17. If you were to assess XIApwas acting and singing?

Acting: Good!
Singing: So So..

18. As the fashion leader who ahead of the times, if you were to predict the fashion trend of 2017?

Kimstoradamus… Perhaps removing one sleeves when wearing a T shirt
(T/N: Kimstoradamus is a play of Kim and Nostradamus, click here for more info)

19. Write a three sentence poem with “사랑해” (Saranghae)

Truth is you and I
Floating on that sky
Will be together till that sun burns out!

20. Well, from here on it’s Junsu time.
Finishing the trial examination to sum up the impressions of 2016 and the nearing 2017
write the words you want to most say to your fans.

Please wait for only 2 years I will come back healthy soon…
Dating. marriage.. I approve..

But when I return, with your lover or husband
hold hands and come ㅋㅋㅋ Truly Thank you..♥

Pic credit: @sk_xiah1215 + @dhdh1215 + @leoXIAleo + @dbghk2 + xia_onigiri1215 + @listenxiah
Jap Translations by @08JYYJ02 + @summersnowxia
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[OTHER TWITTER] 170205 Tokyo Tower official characters Noppon Brothers tweet about Jaejoong

To Jaejoong’s tweet, noppon younger brother tweeted: 

[TRANS] Welcome Jaejoong 🗼

{TRANS] #TokyoTower #tokyo_tower

To Noppon younger brother’s tweet above, Noppon older brother tweeted: 

[TRANS] Who is Jaejoong?

Noppon younger brother replied:

[TRANS] To not know who Jaejoong is
it’s unbelievable older brother.

Noppon older brother 

[TRANS] Jaejoong remembered.
My character overlaps. (T/N: i.e. with Jaejoong)

Source: @bornfreeonekiss + @nopponotouto + @nopponani
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER