[TRANS] 160615 The Excitement still doesn’t disappear, XIA’s successive grade concert behind

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.21.37 PM

The Excitement still doesn’t disappear, XIA’s successive grade concert behind

Every time it was successive grade~ successive grade~ but
this time I really thought that I would cease to breathe

From the beginning the heart rate was going thump thump thump,
Excitement overflowed, and broke through the Gymnastic Stadium,
Will do a big release of that day’s behind pictures!

Held at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
this time’s concert!
Rehearsals took place since the day before.

Doesn’t have fear of heights at all, Kim Junsu!
Regardless of the rehearsal with empty seats
like the fans are there together
stirred up the venue hall is (not) a secret!!

Seeing the audience seats from the projecting stage
regarding the concert opening on both days
thinking for the time being, Kim Junsu’s form!

Even the state of rehearsing
coolness is clinging [to him]!!!
kyaa~~~ there is not a moment when he is not cool!!

Before matching the ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ dance!

This day ‘ROCK THE WORLD’s
is the day with the dance version M/V was revealed!

After monitoring the dance version music video
‘will be fans be able to do the dance with everyone…’
Jun jjang’s form of while worrying about it captured!


Then, left the words in the SNS immediately!
not ‘dance with everyone’ said to let’s ‘sing together with everyone’
even assigned the official cheering method, Kim Junsu!

Thanks to him at the concert on both days
singing ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ together with everyone was
really great right!!!!

Finally the day of the performance saturday is du dung!!!!
before the concert starts, watching <Show me the money>
relaxing (?) Kim Junsu!
As expected it is a form of like MC XIA WAR rightㅎㅎ


“Is today okay?”

looking in the mirror here and there
cute cute Jun jjang captured!!!

whatever form as well all~~~~ is cute wink >_-

“Jun jjang, are you perhaps a mermaid princess?”


“No, I am a cute commanding officer!!”

cute commanding officer Jun jjang’s
lovely feet and small hands is seizing one’s gaze!

He is not blank!
He is currently gathering energy before the start of the performance!
energy wave~~~~!!!

Carefully checking the cue sheet, Kim Junsu!
reputation of ‘believe and see performance king’
did not arise without reason right!

eu ssha eu ssha!
Intermission exercise time before going up on stage!

There is a thought that comes everytime I see Jun jjang
Though jun jjang as well excercises like that
Why don’t i do it… lets reflect on my body ^^

Now finished preparations to go up on stage Kim Junsu!
Heart is pounding again!!!
It’s like I also will have to fly out together!!!!

To there, where you are
XIA will go! GO GO!!!

Gymnastic Stadium filled to the capacity by fans!!
Opening of the concert is ‘F.L.P’!
Preparations of my vocal cords exploding is complet!!!!!!!!!

I thought an earthquake of magnituded 5.5 occurred
that day’s Gymnastic Stadium!!!!!


Ah Ah!!!! seeing the photo
singing Incredible
want to run around again!!!

cheom cheom cheom!!! and
want to stamp my feet at Gymnastic stadium
heart is again, currently burning hot rising up!

Preparing for the next song Kim Junsu!
Just the form of preparing for anything as well
is it sexy like this?
Heart, will you quiet down just a bit…?
It’s just seeing the behind photos but
why is it frequently taking the position of jumping…^^;;

Calming a bit the heart that wants to run around,
Should we try and listen to Kim Junsu’s sensitive ballad?

All the audience holding their breath
the state while hearing Kim Junsu’s song!

Listening to Jun jjang’s song
is like your ears will melt…♥

Seeing the camera in the concert interval
Jun jjang who makes a face like of a mischievous kid!
In this vortex, the arm muscles is again…!!!

Doing a surprise entry in the audience seats and
a performance where breathing together with the audience
made it, Kim Junsu!

Finally it’s the ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ stage right?
making us totally anticipate, this time’s stage!!
Anticipating feelings X 1000000000000

Soon Pong! and jumped up
a louder scream and a fantastic stage
made it, Kim Junsu!

This time’s concert that lasted for more than 3 hours,
the favourable reputation that was really successive grade
is continuing but! (presently progressing form)

Kim Junsu’s fantastic stage,
everyone’s screams,
as it was a performance anyone would have enjoyed together,
it was like furthermore enjoyable happiness!

To the 20 domestic and international dancers as well
a cute commemoration picture snap!

Everyone, really good job!
It was the best for all of those who came as well!!
Audience manner jjang jjang! Thumbs up!!!


Both days hot concert all has ended and
for the time being resting in the sofa Jun jjang!
hardships was the most [for him] ogu ogu (T/N: this word means ‘you are very adorable and I want to take care of you.’ via openslang dictionary)

At this time!
Somebody made a surprise visit to the waiting room!

that main character is, in person!

Sechskies, Kang Sunghoon nim!

On this day went up on stage together
dancing ‘Couple’, the hall
made it furthermore hot

Gladly to the sudden request
went up on stage, showed perfect chemistry
Kang Sunghoon nim, borrowing this place
Once again, thank you very much!

It is a warm friendship welcome like this!!!!!!!!!
From now on as well please be close always!!!
Friendship of these two forever-★

And, after the concert for the fans safe return (?)
held a surprise live Jun jjang!

“Thanks to everyone, the Asia tour’s
I was able to set a good start.
With the energy I received today from everyone
Remembering the cheers I received from everyone
neatly I will do so as to be able to bring to a finish.
Those who came today to the concert hall, thank you very much.
Will see you again next time~”

Kim Junsu held on June 11th, 12th, for two days
ended the performance in success
opened Asia Tour’s first embrasure!

Till the coming August Nagoya, Kobe, Yokohama, Guangzhou
Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc. going all around Asia
have plans to continue the tour, to Kim Junsu
please send many energy and cheers~~

Remembering the happy day of the concert,
lets meet again next time~~

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Source: CJes Naver Post
Kor-Jap trans by MY ONLY XIA
Jap-Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.48.08 PM

We are informing [about the] 2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN Official Goods (Kobe Concert).
Sale Time and Place: each performance 12:00~ / It is planned to be at 2F outside special tent.Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.49.09 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.49.20 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.49.27 PM

<Caution points>

  • Please confirm the selling price of the items at the venue.
  • Depending on the situation, there may be a restriction on the amount of each item [being bought]. We ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • There is a limited amount of each item so on each day sales will end once sold out.
  • The actual product may differ in design or color so we ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • Return of goods or refund will not be accepted. Please necessarily check at the place regarding the items you want, the quantity, change etc.
  • We will not deal with any enquiries regarding claims made after moving away from the selling place or on a later day.
  • Payment is only accepted through cash. Credit card will not be accepted for use.

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 160629 JYJ JP Line Update – special song added to Pacifico Yokohama added shows


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.48.34 PM


Pacifico Yokohama’s added performance is a live composed with a special song added as well!!

2016 XIA 5TH ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN began with Nippon Gaishi Hall but, the new songs of the 4TH ALBUM XIGNATURE are of course, from dance number till the ballads, which can be called the live’s collection till now, XIA who presented splendid performances.
At the Pacifico Yokohama’s added performance that was revealed due to favourable reception, it will be a live composed with a special song added!
The last of the tour, everyone lets hype up together!

Additionally, tomorrow 30th July (Thurs) finally is the day of Junsu’s special on TOKYO MX “Fondue”. At the same time, please surely check here as well!

Source: JYJ JP Naver Line + http://junsu-live.com/info3.html
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[FANCAM + TRANS] 160619 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT in Nagoya (Day 2) Genie time

First wish: OST medley


ya.. what to do..

till now in Korea in many various Drama’s soundtrack I have sang
as a medley, I will sing
the first one, Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s called ‘Too Love’

~Too Love~

second one
Scent of a Woman, You are so beautiful

= You are so beautiful ~

this is, the third one
From Nice guy, Love is like a snowflake

= love is like a snowflake ~

what was this one?
huh.. what?
hmm.. what was this?
Foolish heart
Foolish heart, was the ost from drama called [The fugitive of] Joseon
everyone do you know the chorus?
you don’t know so well right.
what was it..
ah this is.. a bit..
Mister Baek’s, called In the time that I loved you

~In the time that I loved you~

this is from, called Empress Ki
ah you know?
ah, I don’t know what it is called in Japanese
Ki, Ko, Ko?
Anyway (laugh)
I Love you

=I love you~

This is six flying dragons

~Time only flows with you~

the next song after this I will be singing later on so
surely there is sense, over here it is not here
in this the next song is not here
till here the audience also know probably
and to add
recently drama ost for Lucky Romance
this week wednesday

is that the lyrics?
everyone has prepared everything right
But really the shocking thing is that still the first wish hasn’t ended
genie time has become mostly a time for training
the most recent one

~Lean on me~

yes thank you very much
It will be broadcasted from now on
so everyone please check it with the drama


Second wish: XIA teacher’s Korean language lesson


Please teach us

it’s too small (T/N: glasses)

I can’t wear it (T/N: partial trans)

isn’t this a bit (T/N: partial trans)

“It seems good to say it in Korean”
This is Kenpachi’s (T/N: dialogue)

I liked Bleach’s Kenpachi
Originally it was
‘If it’s you it seems good if you fight with all your might!!’
(T/N: Kenpachi is one of the character’s from the Japanese manga Bleach. Junsu learned this sentence from the anime, and use ‘it seems good’ in many sentence expression even though it doesn’t make much sense contextually) 

In Korean,
“It seems good to say it in Korean”
this is well

(T/N: in Korean) It seems good to say it in Korean!!

Am I not good
‘am I not good’ same meaning in Korean

(T/N: in Korean) Am I not good

is this really the whole time? (T/N: wearing the glasses)
it’s a bit dirty so I can’t see
I can’t see

‘On behalf of the moon, I will punish you’
pose, ah sailor moon

On behalf of the moon, I will punish you~

What is ‘oshiokiyo’ ? (T/N: I will punish you)

(Junsu asking someone, probably staff?)

ah,, it’s difficult

On behalf of the moon, I will punish you (pose)

I don’t know in Korean..
(fan helps out)
ah. ok ok.
ya~ till here (T/N: his ear) it entered.
On behalf of the moon, I will punish you

‘I’m becoming weird’
(T/N: in Korean) I’m becoming weird

‘it might be that I like you’
why do you say you?
(T/N: the word for ‘you’ is kind of an informal word that is why Junsu is saying why say this word here, but this phrase is common, the words used for you and I in this phrase are both informal words)
it might be that I like you
you, you, maybe it’s normal here..
you,  I, it might be that I like you
in Korean
(T/N: in Korean) it might be that I like you

this is difficult
I may be wrong
please forgive me

‘I have fallen for your eyes’
love is
(asking again)

(T/N: in Korean) ‘I have fallen for your eyes’

isn’t this too much (laugh)

‘lets do a sweet kiss to the point of ceasing to breathe’
oh, to the point of ceasing to breathe
‘lets do a sweet kiss to the point of ceasing to breathe’

(T/N: in Korean) ‘Want to do a sweet kiss to the point of ceasing to breathe’

Thank you very much.


Third wish: Tree covered in dew + drawing Handsome gorilla Shabani


There is one song and one of drawing
which is better?


the song is 이슬을 머금은 나무 (tree covered in dew)
I’m singing after a really long time

~이슬을 머금은 나무~

For the drawing what should I draw?
what was it?
ah [draw] shabani?
that’s good [one], ok I got it.
It will take a bit of time so everyone
what to say, [it’s ok] to go to the washroom (laughs)

Mr. Camera please don’t shoot me

It’s completed.
then i will reveal it.
It’s Shabani.
(Fans: it looks similar)

Honestly from the time of being a student,
music or what to say, tairyoku? taiyuku? that.
(T/N: Junsu is referring to Taiku meaning gym or phy. edu.)
I was pretty much no.1 or no.2 in school
I was always 1st or 2nd
But for art, there’s not a single one I have completed.
I didn’t have much interest and what to say
in the start I really seriously drew
but gradually I got bored
I have not even once completed and submitted to the teacher
not even one
I am a bit weak at drawing..
thanks to everyone I practiced.

Note: Shabani is the name of the handsome gorilla in Nagoya zoo, refer to here



Uniform wearing Junsu


ah, since i am muscle training

Hi! (Laugh)
does it really suit me?
right now with my dyed (hair) i look like a yankee.

I am good at Maths the most.

(Laugh) it suits me!

sigh, thank you very much.

@INOUETAIGA_1220 母さんが今日ジュンスのコンサートに俺の制服持ってったんだけど、どうやらジュンス俺の制服を着てくれたらしいΣ(・∀・;)
Trans: Today my mother took my uniform to Junsu’s concert, it seems like somehow Junsu wore my uniform Σ(・∀・;)

Video Credit: ohmyjuncom
Pic credit: @makimaplexia
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[INFO] 160625 XIA Junsu Concert Official Site updates on Junsu’s appearance on Tokyo MX TV Fondue


TOKYO MX “Fondue” Junsu’s special broadcast decided!

30th June (Thurs), TOKYO MX “Fondue”, broadcast of Junsu special is decided!

TOKYO MX “Fondue”
AM 9:30~10:00

Interview talking about the album, live, thoughts on Japan etc. is being planned to be OA (T/N: on air) so do please surely check it.

※If you have the TOKYO MX’s application around the country anywhere you can be able to view it.

Note: Tokyo MX TV app download, I’m not so sure if it is possible to download from countries other than Japan.
For Google Play
For App Store

Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160624 Ikuo Hayashi shares a BTS shot of Junsu recording for Tokyo MX TV Fondue

[PHOTO] 地上波登場!6月30日TOKYO MXテレビで、ジュンススペシャル番組!MXのアプリ落とせば全国どこでも観られます!ジュンスのプロ意識の高さが伝わります。 #ジュンス #xia #junsu #jyj


Airborne signal appears! 30th June on Tokyo MX TV, Junsu’s special programme! If you download the MX app, you can see from anywhere in the whole country! Junsu’s high professionalism will be introduced. #ジュンス/Junsu #xia #junsu #jyj

Note: Tokyo MX TV app download, I’m not so sure if it is possible to download from countries other than Japan.
For Google Play
For App Store

Source: i.hayashi
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[FANCAM + TRANS] 160618 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT in Nagoya (Day 1) Genie time

Day 1 Genie time

First wish: Life after life (Dracula musical)


wearing this [cloak] on and

though it’s songs


ah sorry, without realising I said it in Korean.

Since I am wearing a Dracula like costume I will sing a song from the Dracula musical
Life after life
It is the last song from Act 1
woken up the dead humans and say
lets go!
Lets rule over the world!
Right now was amazing right?
“Rule” was amazing right?
Right now while saying it myself, I was surprised. (laugh)
while saying it, ‘yah, rule, you’re good!’
(T/N: that he knew the word ‘rule’ in Japanese he was really proud of that)

~Life after Life~


Second wish: Q&A on Nagoya
Original video here


Third wish: I believe, 지나간다 (It will Pass)


all of sudden

~I believe~

ah, it’s made into a musical
then, since it’s been done into a musical [I will do] one more
One track

which song is it?
this maybe wrong
Is it the starting track? is this the first track?
I think the song is wrong, probably.

~지나간다 (It will Pass)~

Note: Unlike in previous concert genie time, the music played through the usb given by the fan was recording of the fan playing the piano by herself.

@cima_cima12 病気で活動を停止して8年ぶりの演奏でした。ジュンスの歌に励まされここまで来ることができました。感謝の思いを込めて弾きました。伝わっていたらよいのですが
Trans: [..] due to sickness I stopped my activities and it was a performance after 8 years. Encouraged by Junsu’s songs I was able to come till here. Filling it with feelings of gratitude I played [the piano]. It would be good if it got conveyed..

Video Credit: ohmyjuncom
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER