[TRANS] 160223 JYJ mentioned in NHK Radio Program “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju”

[INFO] NHK Radio Programme 午後のまりやーじゅ (Afternoon’s Mariya-ju) is hosted by Mariya Yamada every mon to fri 13:05~16:55. 23rd Feb 2016 (Tues) show had guest corner by former Takarazuka actress Keaki Mori, titled “simply because there is love, simply because there is words”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.49.43 AM

15:33 – Keaki Mori’s
simply because there is love,
simply because there is words

16:06 – Evening Music
“Itsudatte kimi ni”




Today, in NHK Radio’s “Afternoon’s Mariya-ju” former Takurazaka (actress) Keaki Mori san talked about JYJ going through hardships, Junsu working hard in many musicals, and about though JYJ do not appear on TV, when they do concerts whichever venue hall it may be it is full house etc.  JYJ’s ♪Itsudatte kimi ni♪ flowed across the whole country^^

In Keaki Mori san’s words corner, she introduced those wonderful words Junsu recently said in his Ballad concert but… I don’t remember exactly [what it was], though at that time it was flowing in the tweets~ Keaki Mori san (said) about JYJ that their singing is really good right! and that there is a concert in Japan this time and definitely will go!^^

From 2:46 to 4:17
Junsu’s words as narrated by Keaki Mori san.

T/N: before this Keaki Mori san just mentioned about what happenned in the past when tohoshinki broke up and became two membered THSK and three membered JYJ. She said since she is a fan she is well versed in this topic.

to say why Junsu san said those words in his concert,
that he doesn’t appear on shows
“think that our precedents have not been able to do that
even now, like this many audience come to see our performance
this time as well, (will) not look back on the past.
The members are here, the fans who love me are here.
Received the miracle like cheers/support.
Well, though at that time I spend splendid youthful days as tohoshinki
but that, more than being discouraged by what i have lost,
I am grateful of what I have gained.
I really think that I am happy”
he conveyed these words

this, i really think these words are priceless.
definitely, confusion makes a person mature.
But that is for those who do not forget great efforts and their wholesome self.
for them only.
and the result of that
accepting everything that you have experienced and
to the point of being able to be grateful for that,
I thought that
he became a wholesome person, artist, man.
Since I am a fan, I think that I am happy (for that)
Man: you’d become a fan because of this
That is right. I became a fan because of this kind of way of existence as well.
Well, concert as well. he will be coming to Japan soon.
I as well, will for sure be going to attend.
Woman: oh to see Junsu?

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[TRANS] No Minwoo mentions Jaejoong in KNTV’s All about K

In KNTV’s programme All about K, Actor No Minwoo was interviewed and he mentioned the reason behind his friendship with Jang Geunsuk.


Q. What lead to you being close with Jang Geunsuk?

Minwoo: Originally Jaejoong and I were close but at the time Jaejoong was going to the military, “I will introduce you to a friend since you’ll be lonely after I go to the military. Wait a bit,” he said and Geun chan came, we started meeting since then. (T/N: Jang geunsuk is called geun chan in Japan) 

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[NEWS] 151220 BTOB Sungjae, emotionally sings JYJ Junsu’s ‘Yesterday’ at Concert… “100 times impressed”

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BTOB’s Sungjae emotionally sang JYJ Junsu’s (XIA) “꼭 어제(Yesterday)”.

BTOB, on the 19th afternoon, held their solo concert “BORN TO BEAT TIME” and met their fans at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.  Each member prepared for a solo and unit stage however, Sungjae sang ‘꼭 어제(Yesterday)’ for his solo stage.

The audience held their breath and listened to Sungjae’s touching stage. Sungjae’s emotional singing, filled with his sincerity towards the fans, gave it a deeply emotional impression.

Recently before this, the footage of Sungjae’s cover of the same song was played. In the video, Sungjae said, “I chose Junsu sunbae’s (senior) ‘꼭 어제(Yesterday)’, who I have really respected since I was very young.”

(T/N: parts unrelated to Junsu were omitted.)


Source: Kstyle
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[TRANS] 151028 Ueno Juri mentions Jaejoong, “I worked hard so as not to be conscious”

[NEWS] Ueno Juri, regarding “costars” Jaejoong (JYJ) and T.O.P (BIGBANG), “I worked hard so as not to be conscious” 



Ueno Juri costarred with Kim Jaejoong (29) in Japan Fuji TV series drama “Sunao ni narenakute” (2010) and T.O.P (27) in this time’s “Secret Message” (2015). Regarding this Ueno Juri expressed, “Jaejoong san was acting in Japanese so it felt like shooting again for a different (genre of) Japanese drama. This time because T.O.P san [acted] in Korean, as this work’s characteristic (feature), it was okay if the words could not be understood. In this aspect, I felt the difference.”

Following, she added, “the 5 days shooting period in Korea was tough. I thought 5 years ago shooting abroad (Japan) must have been tough for Jaejoong san as well.”

And, she added the explanation regarding [that] she worked hard so as not to be conscious of the two as popular idol members. Ueno Juri said, “though it is certain that Jaejoong san and T.O.P san are popular idols, I tried so as not to be conscious of that. I intentionally kept in mind to only think about the cast inside the script.”


Source: Wow Korea via Yahoo Japan

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[OTHER INTERVIEWS] 151008 Japanese actress Ueno Juri mentions Jaejoong in a magazine interview 

Admin note: Ueno Juri is a Japanese actress, who acted alongside Jaejoong in the Japanese drama ‘sunao ni narenakute’


Ueno Juri talked about JYJ Jaejoong, who she starred together in Drama “Sunao ni narenakute” (T/N: english title: ‘Hard to say i love you’). [She said] “quickly finish his military duty and return, [I] want him to do activities for his fans and want him to return safely without any troubles as well” (Magazine ‘HIGH CUT’ no. 159)

Source: @kor_celebrities (韓流ツイッター)

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[OTHER TWITTER] 150922 Matsushita Shuuto Twitter Update – Kind fans ^^

Note: Matsushita (Naoki) Shuuto is member of Love Me JAPAN soccer team, it seems that apparently he did a foul that lead to Junsu’s free kick if I’m not mistaken. Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.16.14 PM


Actually, yesterday after the match with FCMEN, lead by Junsu, I was insecure that I might be attacked with the likes of “what are you gonna do if you injure (him)!” however, everyone was kind and waved their hands, replied and followed me, today right now, I am very relieved. That’s good~ (sigh)





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[OTHER SNS] 150921 Deigo・Katou・Maradona Official Blog Update – FC MEN

Note: Katou Kentaro (stage name ‘Deigo Katou Maradona) is a Japanese comedian and soccer player and is member from Love Me JAPAN team


Today (I was able to) participate in the FC MEN versus LOVE ME JAPAN match at Yokohama stadium (^o^)/

It was a pretty high level soccer, in front of many audience, and was fun✨

Former Tohoshinki (member) Kim Junsu san as well was so good that we lost the match~

Damn it!!

I think charity match like today’s match was a wonderful activity!

I thought that if there is one (such match) again I’d love to be able to participate.

It was really fun♬


Source: ディエゴ・加藤・マラドーナ Official Blog

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[TRANS] 150901 FCMEN Youngpil mentions Junsu in FCMEN Charity match Press conference in Japan

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.41.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.41.14 PM


Q. What kind of response do you think Junsu would give, after listening to the contents of today’s Press conference?

Youngpil: I believe he would have thoughts same as mine. Junsu also has strong fixation over a game and, almost never has ‘FCMEN’ lost in an official match. So, this time as well, I believe the thought of wanting to win is strong so, there is no compensation to be thought about right (laugh).

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.42.01 PM


Q. How is ‘FC MEN’s team work?

Youngpil: Our team is gathering of people who really like soccer. Junsu, Kikwang, Doojoon is also like that and, the time we gather, it’s only talk about soccer. So, in the time we have a match, everyone has the feeling of wanting to participate however, schedule coordination is difficult, this time as well people who could not come due to schedule coordination, were disappointed. Members of the team, all have a feeling of family and get along well, teamwork is very good to the extent that we can even go to travel together! 

Source: Korepo

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