[OTHER NEWS] 160508 Member of the Diet Uenishi visited Korea and met with JYJ representatives… ‘accomplish’ the preliminary preparations of JYJ Law in Japan as well

Note: I previously translated and shared this article titled, “Receiving the SMAP disbandment uproar in Japan, ‘JYJ Law’ became a topic” (here)

Lower house lawmaker Sayuri Uenishi through Twitter raised the amendment of the Japan’s broadcast act, it is also reported that within the Golden week she visited South Korea and met with the agency representatives of popular group ‘JYJ’ who became the beginning of the amendment of the broadcast act that protects from pressure and obstruction regarding Korea’s celebrity TV appearance. (T/N: Golden week in the first week of May is national holiday in Japan) 

Uenishi on the 5th tweeted, “Regarding the matter (I have been) investigating since the end of last year, I am going to South Korea for observation from now.” “Though these past 5 months I met with various people concerned with Japan’s entertainment [industry], in order to resolve that contradictory point, I will go to listen to the opinions of the neighbouring country who amended the broadcast act before (T/N: Japan).”

She explained the purpose of going to South Korea, “I am going to South Korea to survey about which is being called the ‘JYJ Law’, not just in Japan but it is the preliminary arrangements for a legislative path for all the artists with talents to be able to give their best performance in that country.”

Returning back to ‘JYJ’, difficulty in making TV appearance due to trouble with their former belonged agency became a problem. In last year november, South Korea’s parliament approved the broadcast act’s reform bill, which prohibits conducts of obstructing celebrities’ TV appearance and is being called the ‘JYJ Law’.

Sayuri Uenishi said, “Because I am a member of the National Diet, making law is my work,” “using the ability to convey my opinions that I acquired by chance, I think it is important to spread the word around (?),” and, “I am like conceited but I will accomplish it so please look over me.”

Note: After reading this article I checked up on Sayuri Uenishi, it appears that she is surrounded by many controversies, in April 2015 she was expelled from the Opposition Party Isshin no To (Japan Innovation Party) from having skipped the vote for the 2015 fiscal budget and was reportedly dining with another lawmaker (Source: Japan Times).  

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER