[NEWS] 161216 JYJ Junsu, Touched by 10,000 fans’ Surprise Birthday Celebration

To JYJ’s member Kim Junsu, 10,000 fans, who filled up Japan’s Saitama super arena, presented touching emotions.

On the 16th, C-JeS Entertainment conveyed, “Yesterday (15th), welcomed Kim Junsu’s birthday local fans, who came to the Tokyo performance of the Musical Gala Concert Japan tour, held a surprise event. The 10,000 fans, who filled the hall, holding a placard singing happy birthday song in chorus, to the sudden unfolding spectacle Kim Junsu’s eyes became red with the deep emotions and expressed his feelings.”








Kim Junsu to the unexpected fans’ surprise event, “I was quite surprised. To receive congratulatory words from so many people like this, I am really happy,” and, “I am really thankful and I am truly happy to be doing a concert on my birthday like this. Today seems like going to become a day I will definitely not forget,” he expressed his gratitude to the fans and warmed the atmosphere inside the hall.

Kim Junsu presented a perfect live together with Japan’s orchestra and with high acting of immersion level in each musical character kept up a stage of high degree of perfection. In the Tokyo performance held from the past 13th, 30,000 fans attended and were passionately enthusiastic in the acting and performance of Musical actor Kim Junsu, which had been difficult to get into contact with until now.

Especially, in the encore stage unfolding recent Kim Junsu’s solo album title dance song medley, all of the audiences stood up cheering explosively called ‘Junsu!’ repeatedly and directed making a wave spectacle by dancing together to the chorus of the 2nd full length album’s title song ‘INCREDIBLE’.

On this day after the concert ended, Japan tour team’s surprise birthday party continued as well. As Kim Junsu descended from the stage after the finale performance, the staff persons together with a large cake sang happy birthday song and Kim Junsu as well embraced a futhermore important memory.

Kim Junsu, “today, normally extrememly close people traveled together and even received the presents and feelings of congratulations, continued till surprises of the fans and the local staff, it was an extremely special day. I am truly a happy person,” and conveyed his happiness.

On one hand, sucessfully finished the Tokyo performance Kim Junsu plans to continue “2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan” from the coming 26th at Osaka, Osaka-jo Hall. 

Source: Newsen
Jap translations by XIA Wonderland
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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