[NEWS] 160121 Receiving the SMAP disbandment uproar in Japan, ‘JYJ Law’ became a topic


To the point of thinking what would have happened if SMAP wasn’t there, even now the after math of the SMAP disbandment uproar continues in Japan.

Admin note: Recently Japan has been in an uproar with the rumors regarding one of Japan’s popular Jpop boy group SMAP’s dissolution. One member Kimura Takuya decided to remain in the agency, while the other 4 members are rumored to have decided to leave with the manager. However, SMAP themselves in a video message neither denied nor agreed to this. There is a rumor floating regarding how SMAP’s agency Johnny & Associates (Japan’s biggest entertainment agency) is responsible for this incident.

In this situation, in Yahoo Japan! a column was published claiming that South Korea’s legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ would serve as a reference extremely for Japan’s entertainment world as well, and attracted attention.

Admin Note: Original article by Matsutani Souichiro title; “JYJ Law” in order to not cause ‘public execution’ in television — entertainment world’s future pondered from SMAP’s uproar (link)

The writer of the column Souichiro Matsutani explained regarding SM’s system and JYJ’s present conditions. From there on, indicated that for JYJ for the passing 5 years and even now, it became so that they received strong pressure in the entertainment world. And, explained that while taking JYJ’s case as an example, in South Korea a ground breaking legal reform so called ‘JYJ Law’ was done to bring about the fairness characteristic in the entertainment world. JYJ Law’s content is to prohibit appearance interruption of a specific person by the broadcasting company upon the pressure of a third party.

However, Souichiro Matsutani explained that even after that, as usual JYJ’s situation of not being able to appear in music shows continued. Also added the incident of JYJ’s Junsu not being able to attend the recently held ‘Seoul Music Awards,’ even after becoming No. 1 in popularity vote.

Souichiro Matsutani continued on with, this time’s SMAP’s uproar was caused by the control due to Johnny & Associate’s whole family management, this overbearing form that the inside and outside of the business world directs, is surely like that of Showa’s small to medium enterprises. (T/N: Japan’s Showa era, from 1926-1986, I am not well versed about this but my guess is that the writer is indicating the oppressive atmosphere during the Showa era where the great depression, second world war and later on the economic growth was experienced.)

This column once published in Yahoo! JAPAN portal site, Japan’s net users while displaying aggressive opinions, showed an explosive reaction.

Source: Kstyle
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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