[OTHER INTERVIEWS] 151008 Japanese actress Ueno Juri mentions Jaejoong in a magazine interview 

Admin note: Ueno Juri is a Japanese actress, who acted alongside Jaejoong in the Japanese drama ‘sunao ni narenakute’


Ueno Juri talked about JYJ Jaejoong, who she starred together in Drama “Sunao ni narenakute” (T/N: english title: ‘Hard to say i love you’). [She said] “quickly finish his military duty and return, [I] want him to do activities for his fans and want him to return safely without any troubles as well” (Magazine ‘HIGH CUT’ no. 159)

Source: @kor_celebrities (韓流ツイッター)

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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