[NEWS] 150115 JYJ Junsu, “though i am called handsome…” mentions about his appearance


Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu talked about an episode from the time of magazine photoshoot.

On the 14th, shown through the Naver V app, Kim Junsu held a time to review his own selcas.

Kim Junsu said, “this photo, was in Hawaii for the magazine photoshoot filming, this is, is the photo i took by myself in the hotel corridor.”

Continuing on he expressed, “I will be revealing this for the first time, but there is a behind [story] (T/N: of the photo). Looking at the picture you can’t tell if it was in Hawaii or not but it was really hot. Under the blazing sun of hot Hawaii, putting on a sweater, coat, I thought of whether i will get a heat rash.”

Kim Junsu revealed that, “like this, i took a bit of hardships in a hot place. To that extent a good resulting product was made.”

Additionally, on this day, to the message, ‘hopeless with gadgets/machines but still cute, Kim Junsu said giving a big laughter, “If called cute at 31 years old with an appearance of this degree, then I don’t think it is embarrassing.”

In addition, “I have read a declarative statement that I am handsome at the time of the concert in front of 7000 people. I will say this one more time, I am not handsome. [They tell] me to change my thinking and to recognise it but it’s impossible. I am not handsome but i have a heart softening face.”

Laughing hard, Kim Junsu honestly said, “in actuality my appearance is just of that degree that can be looked at,” and, “it is true that i have a baby face. Looking at my dongsaengs who call me Hyung, though there is no special management, I think ‘I did very welll.’ ”

Source: Motto! Korea
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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