[VIDEO][TRANS] 150901 Junsu’s Press conference greeting for FCMEN JAPAN Charity match

Note: The Press conference for the FCMEN Charity match with Love me JAPAN was held on 1st September in Tokyo, attended by FCMEN Youngpil, Shim Jihwan and Kiu (K-MUCH), where Junsu didn’t attend and this greeting video was played.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.56.39 PM


(T/N: the following translations is that of the provided Japanese translated subs in the video, with my some what Korean knowledge i have deemed the translations accurate. Sentence formation and structure of Korean and Japanese are quite similar so the translations were highly word to word translated, so I believe. ><)

Hello, I am JYJ’s Kim Junsu.
I am really sorry for not having participated in a press conference in Japan, this time.
In addition, this time’s FCMEN match is a charity match prepared so that
it becomes a strength for the victims of Nepal earthquake.
As much, I believe(/think) everyone’s assistance is needed.
If you come to this time’s charity match, there are various events,
corner in which you can meet me etc. is being prepared, so
everyone please come,
to become the strength for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.
Praying to meet on the 21st at the match venue, I will be greeting (you there).
Thank you very much.

Video Source: 2015 FCMEN JAPAN

Image source: Korepo

Jap-Eng (from video sub) Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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