[NEWS] 151015 JYJ Junsu, “compared to other singers degree of exposure to general public is around one-hundredth”


Popular group JYJ’s Junsu showed his feelings of gratitude towards (his) fans.

Today (15th [Oct]) 2 p.m., at the new song release commemorative hearing meeting, held at “Hyundai card music library” in Seoul Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong, Junsu confessed, “I seem to be nervous all the time.”

He said, “Before, the actual spot feeling of the performance was there to some extent, (and) was not so surprised when became 1st place but, recently the thought of whether I can accomplish it, repeatedly (suddenly) appears.”

And, “thanks to the passionate support, the fact that I was able to do it for 6 years, I really feel grateful. I was able to put out this album is due to the people who were waiting eagerly for it.” While speaking of this, he clarified that, “I am filled with feelings of gratitude to the extent that I can not express it.”

He said, “there was [the fact] that I didn’t appear in [TV] programmes, I have reached till here while always thinking, ‘maybe it is till this year,’ when i think of that, I feel solemn,” and spoke about, “I believe that I am able to exist as a singer thanks to such people.”

Also, [he] conveyed his feelings of emotion, “compared to other singers’ frequency of performances and variety, I think I won’t even be one hundredth of that. However, it seems that better than last year (the popularity is) rising.”

Further, Junsu’s new album ‘Just Yesterday’ will be released on the 19th of this month.

Source: Korepo コレポ

Pic credit: @XIAinfo

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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