[NEWS] 151015 JYJ Junsu, “Without thinking of returning to the past, want to go towards the future”


Group JYJ member Kim Junsu revealed that (his) painful past laid the foundation for making himself.

Kim Junsu’s mini album “必ず昨日(Just Like Yesterday)”new song release commemorative hearing meeting, was advanced on the afternoon of the 15th [Oct], at “Hyundai card understage” in Seoul Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong.

On this day, Kim Junsu to the question, connecting to the new song’s title ‘Just Yesterday’, “is there a ‘Yesterday’ you want to return to again”, answered, “I feel yearning for the past, there were times when i reminisced with ‘those days were good’, I believe, I did not think (/never thought) of wanting to return.”

Kim Junsu expressed, “I think that, this and that events have gathered like sand and made a human called me. I believe, it is like I experienced many things, while I am young,” and, “even if I do it by last year, there was a time of ‘what might be that much wrong’. Though the end did not look hard on those days, after overcoming that, it seemed to become the nourishment that I could not put a price on, no matter what happens I am not afraid, I became able to think that I could overcome it. I do reminisce the good times, but without thinking of returning to the past, want to go towards the future.”

Kim Junsu’s new album title song ‘Just Yesterday’ as the first, and the title song of the three regular albums released up till now, arranged into an acoustic version track and (songs of) various genres, in total 8 songs are compiled.

‘Just Yesterday’ on the 19th, will be released through each online music site.

Source: Motto Korea もっと!コリア

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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